February 2024 Astrology Financial Report

Zodiac Wheel with US Dollar Sign

logo of money the horoscope concept.

(Astrology Explored)

One of the things that I’ve delved into was financial astrology. I even wrote the yearly astrology column for the e-Financial News for a number of years until a new editor decided that astrology was rubbish and ditched the column. That’s okay. It was a once-a-year gig, anyway.

But there are people who still come to me and ask how their investments will do, one of them being my sister. Her husband and she have a bit of money tied up in the market, and she manages it. She’s tracked my predictions and tells me that almost all of them are on the money, and regularly asks me, “when will the market crash?”

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Embrace Your Inner Eclipse—October 2023 #Eclipses


Eclipse October 14, 2023

Embrace Your Inner Eclipse

(Astrology Explored) Two eclipses will dominate our personal lives for the next six months. The first was a solar eclipse on October 14, 2023, while the second is a lunar eclipse on October 28, 2023.

The primary themes are relationships, balance, harmony, and communication with the Sun, Moon, and Mercury, all in Libra, during the Solar Eclipse of October 14, 2023. Libra is an air sign associated with diplomacy and a desire for fairness and beauty.


The Solar Eclipse On The Libra/Aries Axis

Solar eclipses are often seen as opportunities for new beginnings. With this eclipse in Libra, there may be a focus on starting fresh in matters related to partnerships, communication, and aesthetic pursuits. eclipses are often seen as opportunities for new beginnings. With this eclipse in Libra, there may be a focus on starting fresh in matters related to partnerships, communication, and aesthetic pursuits.

This solar eclipse in Libra on October 14, 2023, emphasizes themes of relationships, communication, balance, and harmony. It’s an opportune time for personal growth, particularly in the way you approach your connections with others and express yourself. Be open to making positive changes in your relationships and addressing any imbalances or unresolved issues. The presence of Mars in Scorpio suggests that this eclipse may have a transformative and intense quality, allowing for deep self-reflection and personal growth.

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ASC Workshop: An Overview of Primary Directions (Hellenistic)

Anthony Lewis

This Saturday, March 18, 2023, Anthony Lewis is giving a Zoom lecture on Primary Directions, and I’m psyched. Anthony is an absolutely top-notch astrologer we can all learn from. And since this is a zoom lecture, no matter where you are, you can attend, too.

Just to show you how absolutely fabulous Anthony is with Primary Directions, here an article he wrote explanation how he determined my birth time (I had not given it to him though, of course, I knew it) https://tonylouis.wordpress.com/2013/09/28/searching-for-a-time-of-birth-based-on-an-interest-in-tarot/

So, yes. Come and learn something new about this ancient art.


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#Astrology and the Skeptics: When a Skeptic Jumps on My Quora Post

Transcript of a Quora discussion with a physicist: (I’m not erasing his name. He posted on Quora using his name connected to his profile.)
This physicist jumped in on one of my astrology articles on Quora.
Ilkka Vuorio
· 23h
You have drawn the correct conclusion. Astrologers are good at talking a lot without really saying anything. Astrology is a pseudoscience, only fools believe in it.

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#Astrology Orginizations: November Events: ASC Fair, Lecture & Eclipse Workshop!

(Astrology Explored) The Astrological Society of Connecticut has three events scheduled, two that you can attend by Zoom.

Astrological Society of Connecticut Logo

The second and usually most attended of the ASC’s New Age quarterly fairs is this coming Sunday! Get a reading from our highly vetted psychics and astrologers, or attend one or more of the free hourly lectures.

New Age Fair THIS SUNDAY, November 13, 2022
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Keeney Memorial Cultural Center
200 Main St., Wethersfield, CT

For questions, email NAF@myasc.org
or leave a message at 860-568-8617

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#Astrology and the #US Midterms: Not A Runaway Red Wave

(Astrology Explored) The US Midterms turned out not to be the runaway red wave that the Republicans wanted. Nor did the Democrats bat this election ball out of the ball field. It is disappointing to Democrats with their message democracy is at stake didn’t hit home with more of the electorate, many of whom are voting with their pocketbooks. They are caught in the Republican Neptunian delusion demonstrated in the eclipse moon chart.

As of 6:30 AM November 9, 2022, the Democrats and the Republicans are tied in the Senate, and the House while seeming to lean Red is not a lock.

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#Astrology, #BloodMoonEclipse, and #FixedStars: Oh, My!

If you were patiently waiting for Monday night’s Powerball numbers to be drawn, you’ll have to wait a little while longer.

A technical error has caused a delay in Monday’s numbers being drawn, a games spokesperson said during the scheduled drawing at 10:59 p.m. ET.

According to the California Lottery, Monday’s drawing has been delayed “due to a participating lottery needing extra time to complete the required security protocols.”

“Currently, one participating lottery is still processing its sales and play data,” the Multi-State Lottery Association said in a statement late Monday night. “Powerball requires all 48 participating lotteries to submit their sales and play data prior to the winning numbers being selected. Once Powerball receives the outstanding submission, the drawing can proceed.”

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#Election 2022: Trouble’s Coming

The word Vote in 3D in the American flag colors the a check mark isolated on white, American Vote

(Astrology Explored) The November 8, 2022 United States Midterm election, of the most significant midterms in our nation’s history. The Democrats are fighting ennui and a general lack of recognition of what they’ve done with a Democratic president in the Whitehouse. The Republicans revel in the inflation rate, which they blame on the president, but is, in fact, the result of Big Oil price gouging the American public.

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November 8, 2022 Blood Moon Video

(Astrology Explored)

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Eye on Aspects: Venus Opposite Uranus—Tilted

Venus Opposite Uranus

The illustration, the fine queen sits on snow-white clouds

Hesiod, Theogony 176 ff (trans. Evelyn-White) (Greek epic C8th or 7th B.C.) :
“Ouranos (the Sky) came, bringing on night and longing for love, and he lay about Gaia (the Earth) spreading himself full upon her. Then the son [Kronos] from his ambush stretched forth his left hand and in his right took the great long sickle with jagged teeth, and swiftly lopped off his own father’s members and cast them away to fall behind him . . . and so soon as he had cut off the members with flint and cast them from the land into the surging sea, they were swept away over the main a long time: and a white foam spread around them from the immortal flesh, and in it there grew a maiden. First she drew near holy Kythera, and from there, afterwards, she came to sea-girt Kypros, and came forth an awful and lovely goddess, and grass grew up about her beneath her shapely feet. Her gods and men call Aphrodite, and Aphrogeneia (the foam-born) because she grew amid the foam, and well-crowned (eustephanos) Kythereia because she reached Kythera, and Kyprogenes because she was born in billowy Kypros, and Philommedes (Genital-Loving) because sprang from the members. And with her went Eros (Love), and comely Himeros (Desire) followed her at her birth at the first and as she went into the assembly of the gods. This honour she has from the beginning, and this is the portion allotted to her amongst men and undying gods,–the whisperings of maidens and smiles and deceits with sweet delight and love and graciousness.”

Cronus, AKA Saturn castrated his father because Ouranos (Uranus) raped Gaia, Mother Earth, each night. After making his father a eunuch, the Lord of Time cast the offending genitals into the sea, where the god’s regenerative power mixed and frothed with the life-giving sea. From the quixotic stew of sea and discarded godly DNA rose unexpectedly a new god, Aphrodite who shared her father’s lustiness and wild, unpredictable nature.

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