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The Astrologer’s Process: Dirty Data, Rectification and Amy Winehouse’s Birth Time

Every astrologer has had this conversation with a client at least once. “My mother said I was born at 10:00 o’clock.” “AM or PM?” asks the astrologer. “Not sure, I’ll have to ask my mother.” In an astrologer’s perfect world … Continue reading

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The Astrology of Substance Abuse: Amy Winehouse’s Addictions

It is more likely than not that vocal artist and songwriter Amy Winehouse lost her life through her use of drugs on July 23, 2011. Amy’s addiction was apparent to everyone but herself. In her 2007 hit “Rehab” she sings: … Continue reading

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The Astrology of the Twelfth House: It’s Just a Transit, Maybe

In a recent dream, I come back from lunch and tell my boss that I am sick (true, in the dream I had a heck of a cold) and that I’ll hang around to get some critical tasks done, but … Continue reading

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