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Weekly Astrology Horoscope: Venus in Gemini—I will, I will, for now.

April 30 to May 6 The planet of our desires, Venus, has tripped into the sprightly sign of Gemini. I guess after her sojourn in the zodiac sign of earthly delights, Taurus, she needs a little break from all that … Continue reading

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Astrology and History: Are We Going to Have a Revolution (Again)? Part 1

Are the sixties, the decade of flower power and protests really over? According to Priscilla Costello, speaker at the latest Astrological Society of Connecticut meeting, the same cosmic influences that visited an expanding personal consciousness on a generation have swung … Continue reading

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Weekly Astrology Horoscope: Week of April 25, 2010 to May 1, 2010

Aries—With Venus making favorable aspects into your sign this week, get ready, set, go for a solid up tick in your love life. Your step is especially sprightly and you have that spring fever glint in your eye. You don’t … Continue reading

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Mercury Rx: Your Concerns For the Next Three Weeks

Mercury stopped in its tracks last Sunday at 12 degrees of Taurus, and will move back to 2 degrees of Taurus before he turns direct. This area is activated for the next month, until May 11, when we get think … Continue reading

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Mercury Retrograde: Thinking Over The “Big Problem”

What haven’t you accomplished in the past two months? Is there something that is on hold? A career decision, a critical task, a relationship? Mercury handles many of our everyday activities, reading, writing, banking, buying, and selling. It is how … Continue reading

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Week of April 16 to April 23

Aries—The surge of energy you felt with the recent new moon carries you forward in considering new plans and ideas. With Mercury appearing to be going backward in its orbit you may be forced to retrace your steps and rethink … Continue reading

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The Astrologer’s Process: Was It A Cat I Saw?

My boss at my day job bounces into my office and wrote a sentence on my white board. Was it a cat I saw? “What, “ he said, “is unique about that sentence?” Mind you, this has nothing to do … Continue reading

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Astrology and Fashion: Saturn in Libra Equals Denim!

Sssh! Few know this, but in my college years I studied Fashion Design. As a budding fashionista I learned about the pendulum of fashion, of how hems lines and skirt styles go up and down, in to out and then … Continue reading

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: April 9 to April 15, 2010

Aries—New starts are especially difficult to get off the ground as you keep being drawn back to old responsibilities and obligations. There is a burning need to transform your attitudes in these areas as you are missing new opportunities by … Continue reading

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Astrological Society of Connecticut April Lectures: Priscilla Costello

Lecture: Thursday, April 15 7 PM Keeney Center 200 Main Street Wethersfield Priscilla Costello The ‘60s Are Coming Liberation movements, protests, dramatic social and cultural changes–if you remember the 1960’s, it was a dynamic decade whose influence is still felt … Continue reading

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