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Guest Posting At: Intoxicated Zodiac

Out of my library of pieces is one of favorites: Jell-O Shots for the Soul. It needed a home and Intoxicated Zodiac very kindly put it up. Thanks, IZ! Jell-O Shots for the Soul

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The Astrology of the Debtor’s Revolt: Power To The People

The American people have had all that they can swallow with the reasoning that they are the root of the economic troubles of this nation. No longer do the citizens believe that had they managed things better the result will … Continue reading

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How Chiron Parties in the Houses

Centaurs have a racy reputation since being half beast they are governed by their animal natures. But Chiron, has a more divine origin than the other Centaurs, being the half brother of the King of gods, Zeus. Driven by the … Continue reading

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The Astrology of Success: The Ever Popular Mr. Potato Head

The striking cardinal nature of the chart of the United States, centered on a core of planets in the zodiac sign of Cancer, underscores the entrepreneurial nature of its citizens. Certainly an impressive array of American personalities can be named … Continue reading

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Adventures of Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury appears in it orbit to going backwards in is orbit, an optical illusion created by Earth shooting temporarily past Mercury’s position. This condition lasts about three weeks, until Mercury can claim a post position next to the Sun. During … Continue reading

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Astrology and Psychic Ability

In the long shuttered television series, Babylon 5, psychics were a hot topic. You had two choices if you were found to be a “telepath”, work for the government sponsored, quasi-military group, the Psi-Corps or take “the drugs”, which had … Continue reading

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The Astrology of Evolution: Saturn, Uranus, Pluto At It Again

The Sun in Virgo marches on the join Saturn in his long-term position, shining its light on Old Man Time who is and has been in opposition to Uranus. At the apex of T-Square is the original change agent, Pluto, … Continue reading

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Shelley Ackerman at the Astrological Society of Connecticut

From the ASC September Newsletter September Lecture Thursday, September 17, 2009 7:00 PM Shelley Ackerman America’s Eighth Saturn Return Keeney Center 200 Main Street Wethersfield Lecture 7PM FREE for ASC members $10 for non-members Half price for students with valid … Continue reading

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The Astrology of Saturn: If You Care, Don’t Touch Me There

Your Saturn points are deepest fears and your best keep secrets, stuff that runs deep to the core of our emotions. We don’t want to discuss these things; the anxieties that make us melt into a puddle of tears. Anyone … Continue reading

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The Astrology of Physical Appearance

Maureen wrote: Hi, I am very interested in astrology and physical appearance. I was born on May 23 1983 at 22:20hrs in Valletta, Malta. Sun Gemini conjunct Mars in Gem Asc Capricorn conjunct Neptune in Sag Venus in Cancer in … Continue reading

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