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Weekly Astrology Forecast: The Cardinal Grand Cross

(Astrology Explored)–Astrology for the Week of July 30 to August 6 The long awaited Grand Cross in Cardinal signs forms at the end of our forecast week. Jupiter/Uranus, Pluto and Saturn are the heavy hitters involved. Uranus and Saturn are … Continue reading

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Come to the ASC New Age Fair on August 15, 2010!

(Astrology Explored)–Mark your calendar! The Astrological Society of Connecticut is holding its quarterly New Age Fair in a few weeks! WHEN: August 15, 2010 10 AM to 4 PM WHERE: The Keeney Memorial Center 200 Main Street Old Wethersfield, CT … Continue reading

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Techniques in Astrology: Delineating a Chart

(Astrology Explored)–Many a beginning and mid-level astrology student agonizes over how to put all the pieces of chart together to read it. Much of this can not be taught. Oh we can go through the delineations of various signs, house … Continue reading

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If We All Used Astrology in Our Job Interviews

“ (Astrology Explored)–I see you are an Aquarian.” A statement not a question. “Yes, “ I say, a bit nervous despite my outer bravado. No one likes job interviews. “And before your last position, you jumped around at jobs every … Continue reading

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Walk on Eggshells

(Astrology Explored)–Astrology for the Week July 16 to July 22 I don’t know about you but Pluto worries me. Pluto is the planet of transformation and as I wrote previously, it was sitting smack dab on the Lunar eclipse not … Continue reading

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George Steinbrenner: The Need For Intensity

(Astrology Explored)–Even Red Sox fans have to mourn the passing of the iconic owner of the New York Yankees. “The Boss” was known more for his frequent hiring and firing of players, managers and off field personnel than for his … Continue reading

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