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#Astrology and #Election2020

(Astrology Explored Blog) Democrats, after the defeat of 2016, are suffering a bit of PTSD over the electoral map. Though polls in 2016 saw Secretary Clinton leading, and pundits forecasted a win, the electoral map came up much different from than … Continue reading

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Interview with #Venus in #Virgo: Don’t Blow My Glow, Gurl

(Astrology Explored Blog) Venus, the goddess of love and money, moved into the Virgo Suite of the Zodiac Hotel on October 3rd, and ever since, there’s been trouble. I got this message from one of my friends on Facebook: Friend: … Continue reading

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The #Astrology of Anaretic Degrees

(Astrology Explored) Why Is The 29º Of A Planet (the anaretic degree) considered More Than All The Other degrees? Mercury is retrograde which is my excuse. I have bunches of good astrology articles on Quora that aren’t getting as much … Continue reading

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Astrology, Conspiracy Theories, & Calling Them Out

Astrology has enough of a credibility problem. This is why I despise, yes, despise, when an astrologer uses his or her platform to promote conspiracy theories. Recently, at the above mentioned Facebook group, I called out one such conspiracy theory … Continue reading

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The #Astrology of the Whitmer Kidnapping Conspiracy

(Astrology Explored) Shockingly, the FBI and the Attorney General of Michigan announced 13 arrests in a conspiracy to kidnap and murder Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The men arrested belong to the militia group Wolverine Watchmen. The extensive investigation, court documents showed, … Continue reading

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Trump Health Downturn?

(Astrology Explored) As a forensic astrology technique, I often put the event chart in the center and the person’s chart in the outer ring. The Sun, according to Rex Bills in The Rulership Book represents the President, along with the … Continue reading

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Is This Date Trump Got Infected with #COVID-19?

I’ve traced back where I believe President Trump first got infected. You can see my timeline here in a Google Sheet:…/1QXsugRrSHkNl…/edit…

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