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The Astrology of Halloween: Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is here and you are thinking about what you are going to wear to the party. Well, you don’t have much time, and surely haven’t had a clue so far. Let your astrologer lead the way. Fires signs, Aries, … Continue reading

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The Astrology of Halloween: The Moon, Witches and Samhain

(Astrology Explored) Our tradition of Halloween was passed down from one of the ancient Celtic Fire Festivals, Samhain, (pronounced sow’ in). Each of the 4 fire festivals were celebrated at the midpoint between the 4 equinoxes, representing the Celtic view … Continue reading

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The Astrology of Books

It was a Uranian utterance. I was talking with Roxanne Coady, owner of R. J. Julia Booksellers about categorizing books. “Oh,” I said blithely, with utter Aquarian disregard for the consequences, “That isn’t hard with astrology. I would assign the … Continue reading

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Astrology, Synchronicity and an Informal Experiment

(Astrology Explored) One day I was discussing at lunch a piece I was working on about fashion and astrology. “What does astrology have to do with it?” said a person at the table. “Astrology has to do with everything!” I … Continue reading

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Unlocking the Secrets of Your Twelfth House: An ASC Workshop

My good friend Janet Booth is giving a workshop on the often misunderstood 12th house this coming Saturday, sponsored by the Astrological Society of Connecticut. Janet will take us on a journey through the murky waters and dreamy depths of … Continue reading

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Astronomy and Astrology: The Celestial Light Show of the Orionids and the Hunter’s Moon

(Astrology Explored) A meteor shower and the Full Hunter’s moon combine on Thursday October 21 and Friday the 22nd. to provide a celestial light show. The annual meteor show is thought to originate from the leftovers of Halley’s comet, and … Continue reading

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Moon Astrology: The Hunter’s Moon and the Month of Ivy

(Astrology Explored) The Full Moon after the Harvest Moon is what the American Indians called the Hunter’s Moon. The Moon at the full is reddish orange and the indigenous tribes gathered and prepared the meat that would sustain them through … Continue reading

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Tracy Marks Speaks At The Astrological Society of Connecticut

(Astrology Explored) Tracy Marks, licensed psychotherapist, astrologer and astrology author, comes to the Astrological Society of Connecticut for a lecture and workshop that will delve into challenging aspects of our personality. Thursday, October 21, 2010 7:00 PM
Tracy with give a … Continue reading

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The Astrology of Venus in Scorpio: Persephone and Pieces of Rose, Part 3

Persephone (Astrology Explored) Daughter of immortal deities, called the Goddess of Spring, Persephone’s story is Scorpionic in nature. Her birth, her life and her eventual role as Queen of the Underworld speaks to us about unrelenting forces that transform our … Continue reading

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Far Reaching Effects

(Astrology Explored) The recent controversy over the “robo-signing” foreclosure scandal which has halted foreclosures in some states and may facilitate a 90 day foreclosure moratorium by the governent shouldn’t come as a shock. These news comes just before the new … Continue reading

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