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One of the things that I’ve delved into was financial astrology. I even wrote the yearly astrology column for the e-Financial News for a number of years until a new editor decided that astrology was rubbish and ditched the column. That’s okay. It was a once-a-year gig, anyway.

But there are people who still come to me and ask how their investments will do, one of them being my sister. Her husband and she have a bit of money tied up in the market, and she manages it. She’s tracked my predictions and tells me that almost all of them are on the money, and regularly asks me, “when will the market crash?”

On exactly one occasion, I looked at specific money market funds they were in, did the research, and told her which ones would do badly. She divested those funds and reported back to me that though they still lost money (everyone did—badly), they didn’t lose as much as they would have, so she considered it a win.

I got that question today.

Now, how do I make these predictions?

I used the birth chart of the US, the Sibley version (there are many), and look what’s going through the US House of Money. That’s the second house. Then I look at the transits—the positions of the planets in the sky. If I feel especially ambitious, I throw in secondary progressions. (Don’t ask. It hurts the head.)

Chart by Astro-seek.com

And I know most of you don’t know what it means, and even professional astrologers can inspect a chart and not grasp all that it portends. But when if comes to money, Pluto, the planet of transformation, rules the money sector of the US chart because that planet sits firmly in the second house. Did you think that it was a coincidence that the superwealthy in this country are called Plutocrats?

Pluto in the sky right now just conjuncted Pluto in the US second house and the next result was this:

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 38,000 for the first time on Monday, setting a record high and capping a steady rise that stretches back to last week. The S&P 500 also reached a record high, closing at about 4,850.23 hours ago

Dow closes above 38,000 for 1st time, setting record high — ABC News

The media say this happened because:

The recent surge follows a stellar showing for markets in 2023, driven in large part by optimism about the prospects for a “soft landing,” in which inflation comes down to normal levels while the economy avoids a recession. Investor enthusiasm about AI also helped drive returns.23 hours ago

Dow closes above 38000 for 1st time, setting record high

Is this the whole story? No.

Transiting Neptune, the planet of illusion and delusion, opposes the eleventh house cusp of corporations. Let me unpack this for you.

Neptune, used in the worst way, is always up to something shady. It can indicate enthusiasm but most likely tells a tale of backroom deals and money passed under the table. I can’t tell you exactly what these are because parsing the stars’ language is like trying to write a story where each word means a slightly different thing—sort of like Japanese in the three different alphabets they have.

But what I can tell you is this.

Transiting Mars, the planet of trouble, is coming to conjunct, which means conjoin, the United States Pluto, and that happens on Valentine’s Day.

Some astrologers will say this is a sign of the apex of achievement, but I don’t trust Mars as far as I can throw him. Mars acts in his own self-interest when it comes to the affairs of life, and usually not in the best interest of those living on this spinning blue ball.

And make no mistake, there are gains to be made before then. The planet of commerce, Mercury, will join the US Pluto position on Sunday, the 4th, to realize gains on Monday, the 5th. Venus, the planet of money, will do the same on Monday, the 15th, and the 16th, but then Venus changes signs to unpredictable Aquarius on Saturday, the 17th, resulting in a market tumble on the 19th.

What prudent financial actions might you take on or before this day?

Don’t buy new stocks.

Ditch underperforming stocks.

If you’ve done really well on the stock in this upsurge, consider selling by Friday, February 16th (unless it’s a stock you go long on) and bank the profit.

Just be ready for the dip and protect yourself in the clinches.

It promises to be a bumpy ride.

Zodiac Wheel image from Deposit Photos. Horoscope chart by Astro-Seek.com

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