The #Astrology of the Whitmer Kidnapping Conspiracy

Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan
Governor Gretchen Whitmer

(Astrology Explored) Shockingly, the FBI and the Attorney General of Michigan announced 13 arrests in a conspiracy to kidnap and murder Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The men arrested belong to the militia group Wolverine Watchmen.

The extensive investigation, court documents showed, relied on confidential informants, undercover agents, recorded conversations, text messages and social media, with federal agents detailing what it called a plan to violently overthrow the government, which included a conspiracy to kidnap the governor, take her to Wisconsin and put her on trial for “treason.”

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Trump Health Downturn?

(Astrology Explored)

As a forensic astrology technique, I often put the event chart in the center and the person’s chart in the outer ring. The Sun, according to Rex Bills in The Rulership Book represents the President, along with the 10th house and the zodiac sign Leo. Trump’s Chiron, “the planet of something wrong,” and Trump’s Jupiter (the king) sits on the ascendant of the event chart. The ascendant is dawn, the first rays of the sun shining at the beginning of the day. Trump’s Neptune (the planet of infections) buries itself further into the twelfth house of secrets. It is in opposition to the day’s Chiron in the sixth house of health. Chiron is in Aries, which is ruled by the planet Mars, the planet of trouble. The president is, indeed, “not out of the woods.”

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Is This Date Trump Got Infected with #COVID-19?

I’ve traced back where I believe President Trump first got infected. You can see my timeline here in a Google Sheet:…/1QXsugRrSHkNl…/edit…

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The #Astrology of #Infectious Disease

(Astrology Explored) I spend way too much time on Quora. From time to time a card-carrying skeptic wanders over to one of my responses and throws the “astrology is rubbish” spear, and of course I reply. After one such heated debate the skeptic got down and dirty. “Taking a current example, can you name ANY astrologer (or “psychic” for that matter) who predicted the corona outbreak and could say how serious it would be? NO, YOU CANNOT, because NO ONE EVER DID!”

Well, I guess he showed me.

Prediction is not an easy job, especially in astrology, because it requires hours of research, and most of us astrologers, not all, but most, don’t earn our main incomes from astrology. It requires digging up data, studying charts and putting together the date sets that proves or disproves our theses.

THESIS: There is an astrological pattern that repeats with enough regularity that reliably predicts infectious disease within a nation.

We do not have a horoscope of the world. Mother Earth, being a wise woman, is not telling us her age, though we make guesses, so as a result, we do not have her birthdate. But what we do have are the birth dates of nations, and these dates you can use to study the transits of events.

I use the Sibly Chart of the United States. It’s worked for me reasonably well in the past, so it’s my go-to despite the plethora of other charts advanced by other astrologers.

METHOD: I inspected the charts of three different major epidemics in the United States, The Spanish Flu Pandemic, The Swine Flu Pandemic and the Covid-19 Pandemic. I used the date of the official first report, if I could find it, or the first day of the month listed, and used sunrise as the time. While we can’t use the moon position, the other planetary positions placed within the houses of the US Chart are accurate enough for analysis.

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What’s the birth time?

It started with an innocent text (by someone I won’t identify,) but it went, “so and so wants to know what a rising sign means.”

How can an astrologer resist?

I replied:

The rising sign is the zodiac sign that was on the horizon at the time of your birth. The rising sign is the first impression that people have of you and is supposed to be qualities you need to incorporate into your personality. 

The rising sign is one of the first indicators of the appearance of your body and depending on aspects with the other planets how you feel about your body image. 

The rising sign can also indicate certain physical ailments. For instance, someone with Saturn on the ASC often have severe back and or bone problems.

Also, the planet that rules the zodiac sign of your ASC can be your chart ruler.

So, of course the next question is, “What is her rising sign?”

Now it gets interesting, and since my astrology program is perpetually open, I ran the chart with the information my correspondent gave me. And this is the chart I got.

Now wait. See that Sagittarius ascendant? That wasn’t right. Sagittarian ascendants are usually tall, act socially extroverted, and mostly, (but not always) are fair-haired. The individual is short, has dark hair, and has a very reserved demeanor in public.

So nope. This birth time is flat out wrong. Which I announced. They gave me another time, forty minutes later. In the PM.

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The #Zodiac: The #WSJ Prints #FakeNews

The zodiac

Just when you think that us astrologers have knocked back the ridiculous assertions of Professor Park Kunkle that the zodiac changed and you aren’t your zodiac sign anymore, we get, from the Wall Street Journal’s Jo Craven Mc Ginty the same song and dance nine years later, but this time from a newspaper that supposed to be about truth and fact-checking.

So this astrologer got my rant on and wrote Ms. Mc Ginty the following letter:

Dear Ms. Mc Ginty,

The article you wrote about sun signs changing is wildly inaccurate. 

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The #Astrology of the #MuellerReport

(Astrology Explored)

Robert Mueller

As of today only a handfull of people know what Robert Mueller found in his investigation of the Russia’s involvement with Donald Trump’s campaign for president. As people wait for William Barr to release a redacted version of the report can astrology give a heads up as to what Robert Mueller found?

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The #Astrology of the #NotreDame Fire

Fire of Notre Dame 4/15/2019
By Julie Anne Workman – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

(Astrology Explored)  

Paris and the world suffered an inexplicable loss with the destruction of much of the 850-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral. Starting at around 6:50 PM, Paris time, initial reports stated that the fire started on the roof. Four hundred firefighters battled the blaze for nine hours before they extinguished it.

The great Medieval churches weren’t just the sign of the Roman Catholic Church’s wealth, power and might. They had a divine mission.

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#AmericanGods: Hallajeuh! And who screws ‘ya?

(Astrology Explored)

Something shifted here in America. It’s been long and slow. I suppose I should have gotten the hint the day 25 years ago when here in my hometown a teenage boy was shot in the back of the head for resisting arrest while face down. Three officers at the scene could not contain one seventeen-year-old and he ended up dead. As the mother of three now adult men who were boys and teens at the time and a woman who supervised literally hundreds of youth newspaper carriers from all parts of this town “nice” and “rough,” the incident was thoroughly unconscionable. Yet, the police involved were cleared by an internal investigation and the mother’s lawsuit seems to have been dropped. Two years after the incident the Middletown Police Chief complained that the lawsuit wasn’t “fair to the officers or the department.”

The kid had a gun. And it was wedged under his body as the police subdued and in the middle of handcuffing him when a police officer shot him.

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#Astrology & The #Skeptics: #TheOrville Misfires.

(Astrology Explored) Seth MacFarlane misfires across the bow of astrology in January 24, 2019 episode “All the World’s a Birthday Cake.” Ed Mercer and crew make first contact with a pre-spaceflight society who SETI like, zapped an invitation for any and all to visit. What should have been a party moment turned deadly serious when at a state dinner First Officer Kelly Grayson mentioned that next week was her birthday. You would have thought someone dropped one hundred cobras on the dinner table for the natives’ reaction. Kelly and Bortus (who share the same birthday) are summarily arrested and put in a detention camp, while feckless Ed tries to figure out what caused the native’s reaction.

Come to find out that Kelly and Bortus were born under the “Sign of the Geliac,” an astrological sign that is supposed to be dangerously violent. The society goes so far as to perform medically unnecessary c-section on mothers dangerously close to giving birth to a Geliac child, even if the procedure is dangerous to both mother and child.

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