Weekly Horoscope Forecast: Almost Lucky

Weekly ForecastFor December 16 to December 22

The Sun in Sagittarius is winding down its travels through the zodiac sign of the Archer making friendly energetic connections with relationship oriented Saturn in Libra, the planet of glamour Neptune and the planet of prophetic visions Chiron. Maybe we are looking through rose-colored glasses this holiday season. Because of the economic down trend (read economic depression) many, many people have less and are living a downsized lifestyle. But the losses have happened, adjustments made, the banks and credit card companies paid off and all that is left to do is solidify our positions and try to make ourselves stable again. Maybe its because we’ve been through the worst, we are feeling that we are OK where we are right now, so at least lets enjoy our families. It’s a time where we feel almost lucky.

The day of the winter solstice, four days before Christmas features a basalmic moon in Scorpio. Due the presence of Pluto in Capricorn in early degrees this year we’ve spent the year dredging though issues of financial security. The markets have been (overall) horrible and over ten percent of the people who want to work can’t find jobs. Since Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio, we are finishing up sorting through the muck and mire of why things are the way they are. There is a sense we should put a period on the whole ugly mess and find ways to move on. But because Scorpio is a private zodiac sign this is an internal not an external process. Still it seems a healthy way to wind down 2011 and prepare for 2012. Mars in Virgo supports this moon, so expect to spend a lot of activity tiding up your affairs in preparation for Christmas and the New Year.

Aries–The ram always has itchy feet, ready to split town on a moment’s notice. Many of you will get your wish this year, as you head out to spend some quality time with the folks. Resist the urge to spend so much time with your hometown buddies. Your loved ones want to see you too.

Taurus–You’ve had a pretty good year Taurus, though curiously around the holidays you are feeling you are missing something. Its not that you aren’t getting enough from other people, dear Bull, but that you need to spread around the bounties the Universe has shared with you with others. When that happens you’ll feel more in tune with season.

Gemini–Home for the holidays! Yes! Happy about it, no! Gemini you love a good party but you simply put too much into it to enjoy it. Slow down, don’t expect everything to be perfect and enjoy the people you have around it. If all else fails, a good shot of rum in the eggnog helps.

Cancer–There is nothing you love better than to spend time with your family. However, everyone seems to be too busy to rushing around to spend some quality time with you. Worries about finances dampen your mood as well. Remember, its not what you spend but the thought you put into the gift that counts. And at that Crab you are aces!

Leo–Your extravagant nature may get you into trouble as an expansive mood leads you to spread that plastic around a little too much. You love your family and your friends and you are truly grateful they are in your life. So show them that by spending time rather than your money on them. (Everyone really does understand that Santa had to scale down his operations this year.)

Virgo–You start this week off in a flurry of holiday activity, but of course, you overdo it and are left feeling overwhelmed, cranky and exhausted. Break up what is left to do into small tasks and prioritize the “must dos” from the “that would be nice” jobs. This holiday is meant to be fun, but it will do you or others no good to have you laying wasted on the couch with the flu while others open their presents.

Libra–Is that you yearning for independence? Does relationship king or queen desire to have your own space? What has happened? Has the world ended? No, dear Libra. Its just the Universes way of helping you create balance in your life. Don’t think of this as a time lacking something, but as a time to create more of what fits your life now.

Scorpio–Where you are home for the holidays or keeping some special holiday plans, life right now seems pretty sweet for the Scorpion. You’ve worked hard for the past year, and things haven’t gone your way for much of it but now at least you feel like you’ve wrapped up some important items and now is the time to party. Do so! (Responsibly.)

Sagittarius–It’s just no surprise that the party animal of the Universe arranges to have his or her birthday smack dab in the middle of holiday season. And don’t you like to spread that holiday cheer! Holiday shopping lands you in the middle of electronics departments with charge card in hand. Restrain yourself from wilder, more pricey purchases if at all possible.

Capricorn–Review your investments and downsize the riskier ones. The planet of money, Venus, heads into wild and wooly Aquarius December 21 so that string of good luck you’ve enjoyed lately is not likely to last for you. Investing in and giving gifts made of silver and precious stones strikes the right note this holiday week.

Aquarius–2011 sucked for you and you know it, despite the New Age platitudes you love to spout. However, things have turned turn way again, with your ruling planet, Uranus, moving in a zodiac sign friendly to you and the planet of money moving into your sign. Asks friend in the know the best way to handle practical matters as you are too busy dreaming new dreams to think on a practical track.

Pisces–What can I say, Pisces. This season just drains you. With all the rushing about and trying to nail down things that need to be done, your battery is all out of energy. You are just going to have to let it go, Pisces, and find your way back into the flow. When people ask what you want to Christmas (because no one knows what you’ll like at any given moment) ask for gift certificates for massage sessions. In the meantime, good long soaks in the tub eases frayed nerves.

Weekly Astrology Forecast: Pie Eating and Button Pushing

Weekly ForecastFor the Week September 10, 2011 to September 16, 2011

Unless you are an earth sign you might be feeling that the Universe is working pretty hard to push your buttons.

If you are Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn the world is a hunk of (insert name of favorite) pie as a Grand Trine forms between Jupiter in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Virgo. You have a choice here to either make some sweeping, life altering changes, or sit on your couches and eat pie. Mind you, with that Jupiter hanging in there eat too much pie and you’ll find it hanging around your waistline.

For the rest of us it is just one annoyance after the other.

Annoyance # 1—Your love life

Venus the planet of love makes an entrance into the partnership-oriented sign of Libra. She makes a stress aspect to Chiron. Imagine a wounded Centaur cavorting with the high priestess of romantic love and you get the picture. Actually this was one character Venus didn’t go to bed with, which was a pretty small soccer field. So the image here is wanting something and hurting because you can’t have it. Or hurting because you do have it. It’s all the same with Chiron.

Annoyance # 2—Your responsibilities.

Saturn in Libra has been tugging at all of us to “play nice” when it comes to our responsibilities and our partnerships. “Can’t we all just get along?” Big fatso Jupiter makes a stress aspect to Saturn asking us to “make an adjustment” to accommodate the other guy. I don’t know about you, but I’m a little tired taking it for the team. I imagine many of you are too. My advice though, suck it up just one more time.

Annoyance #3—Your home

Mars is getting ready to wind up it tenancy in the zodiac sign of home loving sign of Cancer. You may have noticed, with the Eastern seaboard hurricane, flood waters and continuing rain that you’ve had to pay more attention than usual to water issues in an around your home. The aspects make it look like there might be another major blow at the end of this week. I say this because Mars moves into the 29th degree, what we call a critical degree, and it is in stress aspect to Neptune, which makes a friendly energetic connection (sextile) to Pluto. Only anytime Pluto is involved its not all that friendly. That Pluto is at the apex of T-square to Venus and Uranus. Stock up on batteries and haul out your wet-dry vac. I think you’ll need them

Aries—If a sudden love interest captures your attention you might want to tread cautiously. As if Aries could. Pluto making challenge aspects to the planet of love shows that there is more to this situation than meets the eye.

Taurus—Use it or lose it sweetie. If you’ve been holding off on an important communication now is the time to let it fly. This is an important week, if you take advantage of it. Don’t let other people discourage your vision.

Gemini—You’ve got issues, Gemini and you keep mulling them over. While other people seem to be coming out on top you feel mighty dissastisfied you aren’t there too. Whether it is someone or yourself nagging you to do better, the real issue is that you aren’t honoring who you really are. Don’t expect to be something you are not and have everything work out just hunky dory. Just saying.

Cancer—Unlike you, you are willing to do some things that are quite unexpected. Like you, you are anxious things aren’t going to work out. Luckily you have some good friends to support you. Look to them for advice.

Leo—Usually center stage, Leo is a bit put out that your starring role has morphed into a bit part. Be patient dear Leo. You’ll be called to action very soon.

Virgo—All the things you like to do are likely to go well so plan your week well. You might think that you can get “everything” done which is unlikely. Prioritize your week and you’ll come out feeling accomplished and energerized. Overwork yourself and you’ll dissolve at the end of the week into a complete mess. Word to the wise.

Libra—Ooh la lah, Libra! Always attractive to the opposite sex, you manage to be even more appealing. How you choose to handle this energy is up to you. Mind what I said about the Chiron connection. You don’t deserve to fall into a hopeless love affair.

Scorpio—So everything just right and everything will get straight. The stars favor measured and precise actions. Look to the things that need to be improved and implement a plan of action for achievement.

Sagittarius—The Archer always has a lucky star shining on his or her shoulder, but right now that star might miss the mark if you don’t focus on the issues. Look to your significant other for clues.

Capricorn—The Seagoat is always willing to work but this week lulls you with its easy aspects. If you put effort into your work you’ll see the gains for which you’ve been looking.

Aquarius—This week has you working on defining your goals. Just who do you want to be when you grow up? This seems to be the burning question as you beat yourself up for what you haven’t done. This is unproductive, but if you need an outlet for your angst try writing to express your feelings.

Pisces—A sense that a situation has come to a head follows you this week as the full moon for this month is in your sign. You are feeling responsible for someone or something, but also find that things are quite out of your control. Keep a tight watch on spending and try not to do a salsa dance on your own head.

Weekly Astrology Forecast: Hold ’em or fold them-the hand of destiny

Weekly Astrology Forecast(Astrology Explored) Astrology for the week of April 22 through April 28

Pluto, the planet of transformation. Saturn, the planet of lessons, and the whole stellium of planets in the sign of Aries continue the cosmic dance of the T-Square sharpening our lessons about relationships with rasp of this difficult energies of this aspect configuration. The opposition of the T-Square is in the relationship axis of Aries/Libra representing “I” versus “We. Pluto applies his special persuasion with the challenge aspect to each of these points.

As the Sun progresses further into the inconjunct aspect with Saturn, a yod, called the finger of God is formed with the Sun, the Moon in Pisces sitting with Chiron and Neptune and Saturn in Libra. With the introduction of the Pisces zodiac sign, spiritual values need to be applied to get the best result. But whatever happens at the end of the week is fated or feels like fate, or aligns synchronistically with fate. However, you look at it, destiny plays a hand. Are you going to ante up or fold yours?

Aries—the pressure is on, Aries and you need to produce! Whether it money, love or a really good story to throw your competitor’s off the scent, make sure you put on your best performance.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Redux of Last Winter’s Solstice

Weekly Astrology ForecastThis past weekend’s new moon mirrors many of the themes of last December’s winter solstice eclipse. In this eclipse we saw the energies of the home loving sign of Cancer in tension aspect to Mars and Pluto, war and death in their most concentrated of meanings. Mars also stands for action, and Pluto for transformation, and as we’ve seen since that event action and transformation are the keywords for the first quarter of our year. In the previous sojourn of Pluto through Capricorn, the United States form. France cut the head off its monarchy, and the process of divorcing European royalty from their governments began. This go round, starting with Egypt and spreading through the Middle East is the spirit of revolution, of turning the old order out and ushering a new one. From Mubarak to Quaddaffi, the call went out to hand power back to the people. At this new moon, transformative Pluto sits in challenge aspect to Saturn and Jupiter. The old order of Saturn, the established authority is in opposition to the fresh new players. There are five planets in Aries, the sign of the Ram, ruled by the planet of war, Aries. These are Mars, itself, Uranus, Sun, Moon and Jupiter. If it seems like the whole world is joining in you aren’t too far off.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Out of the Blue

Weekly Astrology ForecastAstrology for the Week September 10 to September 16

Sudden things hit us out of the blue regarding love and money. With Venus sliding into Scorpio, we don’t necessarily need to have these episodes to hit the light of day. Just what have you’ve been up to?

Aries—Other people do outrageous things to get your attention. It does no good to hide your latest romantic encounters from old lovers.

Taurus—An old love, or thoughts of one, can haunt you now. You don’t need any changes but you might need an attitude adjustment.

Gemini—Light and breezy Gemini find a little adventure in secret communications with someone you should not be trysting with. Careful now. Don’t let your head run ahead of your heart.

Cancer—You can loosen up a little mid-week and let your honey in on some secret desire. You both can have fun filling it.

Leo—Secrets can open up some relationship wounds. Either be very forthright in what is happening or make sure your secrets are locked up tight so you don’t hurt the ones you love.

Virgo-Quirky Uranus and Jupiter have been sitting in the sky for a while, but this month you feel their effect keenly. You don’t need to run away to fulfill your heart’s desire, just add a bit of unpredictability to your routine.

Libra—You juggle your to do list, but it just isn’t helping. While it pays to play nice, sometimes too nice doesn’t help. Ask for help nicely for help before you demand it angrily.

Scorpio—Throw caution to the winds and toss the dice. You have a unique opportunity to come out on top if you let go of some of things you try to control.

Sagittarius—Sometimes it is best if the spotlight isn’t on you, Archer. Take advantage of this quiet time to get some much needed R and R.

Capricorn—No prison breaks here! Jupiter retreating back into the sign of Pisces scrambles your well laid plans. Wait a few weeks before trying again.

Aquarius—The past continues to be your present. It won’t be until the end of the month before you can break free of restrictive situations.

Pisces—A decision must be made, yet you aren’t sure of the correct course of action. Carefully examine your motives and the motives of another person before you decide to take a leap into an unalterable course.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: The Cardinal Grand Cross

(Astrology Explored)–Astrology for the Week of July 30 to August 6

The long awaited Grand Cross in Cardinal signs forms at the end of our forecast week. Jupiter/Uranus, Pluto and Saturn are the heavy hitters involved. Uranus and Saturn are still in tension aspect. Saturn is in challenge aspect to Pluto with Pluto in challenge aspect to Uranus. Think of this. Uranus opposite Saturn works to break down structures. Certainly we’ve all seen this as the economy has melted away. Pluto is about transformation. In Pluto’s process, things or thoughts about yourself are stripped away, making way for a new way of being.

This Grand Cross starts in an out of sign Moon in Gemini, representing two different ways to look at the situation. A Gemini Moon is about communication, often without processing the emotional content. That comes later. The Moon moves in the cardinal zodiac sign of Cancer where it moves until it hits the South Node of the Moon in the same zodiac sign. The south node represents what we have done before. Some people assign fate or karma to this mathematical point. It actually does sum up the past very well. Whatever happens will result from actions that have already happened. In the cardinal mode of expression, it will happen very quickly.

What is caught up in this Grand Cross is the relationship axis, Aries and Libra, and axis of material security, Cancer/Capricorn. If you find yourself having to make a decision between the career and family, this is only natural. On the national level, our leaders will have to decide what is in our best interests, our relationship with the world, or the people of the nation. Whatever is decided, what action is taken will transform the nature of this country for many years to come.

Aries—Hit the road Jack. Or at least that is how you feel. You’ve had it with useless people and situations. The question is—where will you go now?

Taurus—If you’ve been ignoring a health issue, now is the time to address it. Something needs to be healed and the good doctor can help you.

Gemini—Don’t waste your breath trying to smooth things over. People are only interested in their own point of view.

Cancer—While larger forces make havoc of your life, it is the relationships you have with younger people that provide a balm for your soul.

Leo—Take advantage of social situations to make improvements in your life. You are especially appealing to both genders and all ages right now.

Virgo—You have the ability right now to sway loved ones to make positive changes if you so choose. Appeal to their heart, not their head.

Libra—You are under pressure to change your level of commitment to certain people. Since Libra hates making these kinds of decisions, this week may be rather stressful for you.

Scorpio—You may be faced with a situation that requires that you change your attitude about certain people in your life. You can’t keep cutting people off because you don’t like something they do. You do plenty other people don’t like and they still like you anyway. Understand?

Sagittarius—Your high-handed views of ethics and morality seem pretty funny to people that know you, considering crazy stuff that you do. It is best not to stand on your soapbox right now.

Capricorn—You are either feeling sadness at recent separations or feeling the stress of trying to maintain certain relationships. Though Capricorn, once committed is in for the long haul it really is OK to expect that others hold up their end of the bargain.

Aquarius—You aren’t alone in your problems and shouldn’t think that you are. Discuss issues with people who can see the forest for the trees.

Pisces—You are feeling that people don’t understand you, but the reality is that you are not seeing issues clearly. Is this a surprise, Pisces? Try putting on your listening ears.

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Weekly Astrology Horoscope: Week of April 25, 2010 to May 1, 2010

zodiac-and-starsAries—With Venus making favorable aspects into your sign this week, get ready, set, go for a solid up tick in your love life. Your step is especially sprightly and you have that spring fever glint in your eye. You don’t blame people for finding you so adorable, do you? But it will be up to you to make the first move. If you don’t, well, opportunity doesn’t knock twice, you know.

Taurus—Social activities dominate this weekend as planetary forces align to make your presence in demand. You seem self-possessed and in control and people seem to want to hear what you want to say. If there was any time for that power lunch with the boss, this is it.

Gemini–If you happen to stumble upon the love of your life, you just might not recognize him or her when you see ‘em. So bedazzled are you by the danger boy or danger girl in your orbit you just might overlook the one you can bring home to mother. Do realize that the opportunity to be with you shouldn’t be wasted on the totally unsuitable.

Cancer–Though you may realize that you have to change past habit patterns you are totally befuddled as to how you should. Your best bet in this case is to get thee to some suitable care provider, be is a psychologist or holistic practitioner and get some solid guidance as to the best way to approach your situation.

LeoSometimes being the strong silent type is a plus. This is one of those times. Why? Your efforts to charm fall flat as you, yes, you, fail to find the right words. Indeed, you are more apt to find the wrong words, which center on “I want”, “You need to do this for me” and variations of the same. Tone it down, please.

Virgo You are feeling romantic and restless at the same time. You want something to happen, NOW. Here is what you must resolve for that to happen. You must shed some of your illusions about what is possible and what is not. Separate the can from the can’t dos. Remember the say “Less is more.”

Libra All lights are green, all systems go. There is no sense in even trying to make a decision, because whatever you do works all well. Don’t waste this energy even trying.

Scorpio Plans or activities are stalled as other people can’t seem to get it together. If there is something you want to accomplish its best that you to work on your own until other people come around to your way of thinking.

Sagittarius Do it, don’t do it. This one or that one. Life is such a drag when you have some many choices to make. The Archer likes to go with flow rather than direct it. The truth be known, Sagittarius has much more important things to do than be responsible for results. Poor baby.

Capricorn You would be wise to be careful about your financial affairs. What seems like a sure fire deal isn’t as solid as it appears. Don’t let someone cajole you in something that your gut tells you is a bad bet.

Aquarius Keep your head down and keep your mouth shut. This is no time for Aquarian displays of bravado or genius. You’ll have your pick of choice situations soon if your only you keep out of the crossfire. Good luck.

Pisces Your to do pile is larger than your done pile and it isn’t getting any smaller. Is this because you just can’t say no? There is no swimming away from this mess, so you better step into your hip waders and start shoveling. And while you are at it practice this saying, “Sorry, I’ve too much on my plate right now.”

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: The Drumbeat of the Heavens

drumbeatsAstrology for the Week of March 12 through March 18

Astrologers have been going on about the Cardinal Grand Cross that appears on and off in the heaven through out this coming year but especially prominent this coming summer for a variety of good reasons. The very nature of the Cardinal mode of expression demands that action be taken. That it is locked into energy that places the planets in challenge and at odds with each other suggest situations that threaten to explode with pent up energy. Since Pluto in the zodiac sign of Capricorn is involved this suggests a nuclear process, a chain reaction of events that shake the very foundation of our lives and our souls. It is all heady and dramatic stuff, the material that dire predictions are made of. Considering the wide world we live in no doubt that some of it will come true.

But this astrologer is more concerned with the Cardinal T-Square in the heavens, locking Pluto the planet of transformation, Saturn the planet of duties and responsibilities in the relationship oriented zodiac sign of Libra and now Venus, the planet of romantic love, in the dreamy zodiac sign of Pisces.

There is an assortment of planets that follow Venus in the sky right now, so even as Venus moves out of the tension aspect to Saturn, another planet will follow in its place, a sort of “boom, boom, boom” that highlights yet another aspect of the challenge of transforming our ideas about relationships, which I believe is the real theme of this year. Forget about the financial crisis, two wars on two different fronts, the mounting national debt, record unemployment and all the rest. What really occupies our attention is our relationships.

Venus in the primary slot right now has us focusing on our desire natures. This can take a variety of forms, from secret love affairs to ignoring our relationships in favor of money earning opportunities. Something has got to give, and with Pluto involved, most likely it is your resolve.

Around the middle of next week Mercury moves into position and either communications opens like a dam or clams up. The issues are forced upon you and cannot be ignored.

Maybe the Universe is giving us some time to recover because the next step is in the middle of June, when we are hit with a double whammy of Uranus joining Jupiter. Saturn temporarily slips back into the zodiac sign of Virgo, which is looking for perfection and actively involved in the T-Square finds it lacking. Uranus wants freedom and Jupiter the planet of expansion eggs him on. Things aren’t perfect, fine! Let’s motor on Uranus says, “I’m too good for you anyway!” But again Pluto trumps all odds and you are drawn back to examine what went wrong.

“Boom, boom, boom.” Do you hear it? It’s the drumbeat of the heavens.

Aries—Sometimes Aries, you don’t see the forest for the trees. Loving good times are possible if you stop resisting the things you have to do to make a relationship work. If you do, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how it will all work out.

Taurus—Overdoing physical activity could stress your bones and possibly even your spine. The Universe is calling on you to rest, so do it, for heaven’s sake!

Gemini—You are feeling especially flirty caught as you are between a playful Venus in Aries and an amorous Mars in Leo. Take aim carefully with your witty barbs, Gem, because you might land in the sights of someone who is far more serious (and skilled) in the games of love than you are.

Cancer—I don’t know whether to feel sorry for you, or slap you upside the head. You are feeling especially cranky because you want some thing you think you can’t have. Maybe if you talk about with someone, you find a different perspective.

Leo—Won’t do much sense to tell you anything right now Leo, since it is full steam ahead, whether or not you have a full load of fuel. Do chill down for the weekend though, as there are likely to be tricky relationship waters to navigate then.

Virgo—You should be used to this by now. People are flaking out on you again. Nagging will only make it worse, so maybe you should consider telling people how that makes you feel rather than pointing out how badly they have failed you. Might work.

Libra—You are the sensible one in the relationship right now, but demanding that someone buckle into harness with you isn’t going to work. Try giving some lead to the lease of your relationship needs. As they say, “If you love something, set it free.”

Scorpio—Cut the “I only fall for people who are unavailable” nonsense. How many times do you need to spin your wheels on that one? Instead create a vision of the loving relationship you desire and hold it as a hologram in your heart. Until then, same old, same old.

Sagittarius—“To hot to handle” is your theme song this week. Everything is rock and roll. Finally.

Capricorn–When fireworks fly in the relationship department you are caught seriously off guard. The love of adventure calls out to your sweetie, and if you aren’t there to share in the fun, you could find yourself on the outside looking in. Make some time to share some time if you want to avoid this.

Aquarius—With Mars direct in your opposite sign, there are sure to be some fireworks, some of it in the workplace. Its not all bad though, if you take some time to shower some attention on that someone special. Then some fireworks of the more pleasant variety can be showered on you.

Pisces—You’re a butterfly, Pisces and as beautiful as you are, you demand in your oh so sweet way to take you as your are. However, other people want to see a little more substance to your protestations of love, so give already!

Image remixed under a Creative Commons License from Flickr

As printed in the Shore Line Times.

If you would a question answered on these pages, please send your birth date, birth time, and birth place to starrynightastro@aol.com. I regret that time limitations do not permit full horoscope readings on these pages. Queries without all the required information will not be answered.

Photo remixed and used under a Creative Commons License from Flickr

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: The Warrior Queen

warrior-queen2Astrology for the week of March 5, 2010

An unusual Grand Trine, the big daddy of lucky aspects, forms with two planets in Fire Signs and one in a Water Sign at the start of our forecast week. One is Mars is in Leo, about to go direct in its motion, and the Moon is in adventurous fire sign Sagittarius. Both form harmonious connections to the planet of our love nature, Venus.

Venus is in romantic Pisces, the hearts and flowers sign, sitting next to quirky Uranus. Uranus, sitting in the sign of spirituality, is trying to merge the energy of the collective with higher spiritual goals. Love, should it take flight this weekend, will be a grand adventure of love and higher purpose.

The rest of the week finds us questioning the commitment of our partners as they take off and do their own thing. Very unsettling especially since Venus clothes herself in the garb of the Warrior Queen as she moves into the freedom loving and adventurous sign of Aries. Oh, kind sirs, as your women leave you to your own devices, do you now realize what you are missing?

Aries—You are about to embark on a grand adventure though you find yourself at odds at whether or not this is a wise choice. Commitments and relationships weigh heavily on your mind now.

Taurus—OK you slacker. Back to work! What? You’ve been working all along?. Not as hard as should, Taurus, but you’ll find that out soon enough. Important people count on you to pull the bacon out of the fire.

Gemini—You don’t need much to flirt, but with Venus in Aries, your flirty engine is on overdrive. Take care and don’t give your sweetie a reason to doubt you. For single Gemini, be prepared to deliver on your suggestions.

Cancer—Bosses, fathers, and husbands figure big in this week’s scenario as issues from the past loom large. Don’t bury your head in the sand. Take a good look at what is coming up.

Leo—Full speed ahead! Now that the planet of action, which has been backpedaling through your Sun, has gone direct you are free to move ahead on your plans.

Virgo—Try a little tenderness Virgo. Others are feeling mighty romantic toward you. You would do well to return the feelings.

Libra—Just when you are ready to make a commitment, your intended suddenly takes off. This isn’t about you, Libra, and you would do best not to force the issue.

Scorpio—Maybe it is best that you like to skulk about in the shadows right now. Money and love are iffy right now anyway, and anything you are likely to do may backfire.

Sagittarius—with the planet of love , Venus and the planet of lust, Mars in harmonious energetic connection with your Sun, its not too hard to figure out what you are thinking of, Sag. Oohlala!

Capricorn—Putting the hammer down, trying to lock in issues and in general trying to boss people around will only strain relationships with friends and associates. Let others do their own thing and things will work out better.

Aquarius—You will need to wait awhile before you can get a lock on relationship issues. Other people have their heads in their own places and don’t see things from your perspective. While you are waiting take the Aquarian version of a vacation and do your own thing.

Pisces—With a ton of planets in your sign, you are feeling like life is a bowl of cherries. Now, however, is not the time for idle dreaming. Put some effort into your plans for spectacular results.

As printed in the Shore Line Times.

If you would a question answered on these pages, please send your birth date, birth time, and birth place to starrynightastro@aol.com. I regret that time limitations do not permit full horoscope readings on these pages. Queries without all the required information will not be answered.

Photo remixed and used under a Creative Commons License from Flickr

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Weekly Forecast: We Don’t Always Get What We Want

butterfly1When I was first learning astrology, I was introduced to a system, channeled by a man named Frank Wharton, of past life symbols generated through the birth chart. Different configurations marked a lifetime or a series of lifetimes, the energies of which are brought forward for use and expression in this life.

Our week starts off with a butterfly, formed by the potent symbols of Pluto, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. Pluto as ruler of this symbol talks about transformative acts, Mars, resistance to action. Jupiter in the zodiac sign of Pisces in stress aspect to Saturn in Libra talks about real confusion which duties and responsibilities within the collective. Saturn in the relationship sign show the people in administrative authority pay lip service to the needs of the group, but have no clue on how to fulfill them. The fact is that with Saturn in challenge aspect to Pluto, the people who run the government are at odds with the people who run the money systems. This why it is so difficult to find real traction in a real economic recovery. Does it really come down to “show me the money?” I am afraid it does.

In our personal lives the same thing dominates. Are you feeling like you aren’t getting enough? Do you think that people are not valuing your efforts? Are you finally to the point where you want people to “show you the money?” to make it worth it for you to continue?

We are in a count down to Valentine’s Day, which in our country is a day rife with expectations of love and what our significant other should do for us. With the planet of communication, Mercury sliding into the generally unromantic zodiac sign of Aquarius on February 10, we might find some rather unusual displays of affection. Given our general angst about our country, our economy and our personal lives, this might not be a good time to expect that our personal needs will be filled.

The butterfly is the immortal symbol of the soul. We may not get what we want, but as the Rolling Stones tell us, we get what we need. This may be the time to examine your expectations concerning relationships and see if they match what your soul needs to grow.

Tomorrow: Forecast by Sun Sign

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