Weekly Astrology Forecast: Redux of Last Winter’s Solstice

Weekly Astrology ForecastThis past weekend’s new moon mirrors many of the themes of last December’s winter solstice eclipse. In this eclipse we saw the energies of the home loving sign of Cancer in tension aspect to Mars and Pluto, war and death in their most concentrated of meanings. Mars also stands for action, and Pluto for transformation, and as we’ve seen since that event action and transformation are the keywords for the first quarter of our year. In the previous sojourn of Pluto through Capricorn, the United States form. France cut the head off its monarchy, and the process of divorcing European royalty from their governments began. This go round, starting with Egypt and spreading through the Middle East is the spirit of revolution, of turning the old order out and ushering a new one. From Mubarak to Quaddaffi, the call went out to hand power back to the people. At this new moon, transformative Pluto sits in challenge aspect to Saturn and Jupiter. The old order of Saturn, the established authority is in opposition to the fresh new players. There are five planets in Aries, the sign of the Ram, ruled by the planet of war, Aries. These are Mars, itself, Uranus, Sun, Moon and Jupiter. If it seems like the whole world is joining in you aren’t too far off.

In other parts the world, the news from Japan keeps leaking through, and the news is worse than we are led to believe. Now there is a the real threat of Plutonium being flushed into the sea as Japan has no place to put an overabundance of the cooling water contaminated with Plutonium. In the Astro*Carto*Graphy map drawn for Washington, DC, for this date, Pluto the planet the nuclear power hugs the eastern coast of Japan. Despite what we are told, we and our children and theirs will have to deal with the consequences of one corporation’s decisions. If it seems like this astrologer is more somber than usual, well nuclear disasters just has that effect on me. But perhaps I can drum up something lighter for weekly forecast.

Astrology for the Week of April 1 to April 7

Aries—An argument with a partner could actually be the turning point you need, If you were looking for a different point of view or a different place to jump, this would be the time.

Taurus—You’ll be able to pull off a good deed for a partner that needs some help. Its good to build up the karma bank.

Gemini—The quick thinking of a good friend can help you resolve an issue from the past. Don’t think this is the end of the issue though. Consider it a reprieve.

Cancer—Let other people handle their own relationship problems. You’ve got more than enough on your plate right now.

Leo—A friend might have a good tip on how to earn some fast cash. Do it quickly, because this opportunity won’t last long.

Virgo—You are having a problem seeing love and money issues clearly. If you look closely, it is because of some hurt from the past that keeps you from moving forward.

Libra—The end of the week brings not just a meeting, but a date with destiny. Female friends can help you achieve your goals.

Scorpio—You can exploit a situation for material gain, but the question is, should you? Other people are wise to be cautious of your proposal.

Sagittarius—At the end of the week you have an opportunity to cash in on a lucky break. Lucky you!

Capricorn—Even work hungry Goats get overwhelmed. You want to smell the roses instead of tilling the garden. Send that love note, then get back to work!

Aquarius—You get boost from all those planets in the friendly sign of Aries. Your mind solves problems quickly and you move through your days the same way. Make sure you bet plenty of sleep to recharge your batteries.

Pisces—You are looking for that special romantic spark and you do not seem to be getting it from your partner. The danger for dreamy Pisces is that you start looking at that grass greener on the other side and that you should avoid.

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