Weekly Horoscope Forecast: Almost Lucky

Weekly ForecastFor December 16 to December 22

The Sun in Sagittarius is winding down its travels through the zodiac sign of the Archer making friendly energetic connections with relationship oriented Saturn in Libra, the planet of glamour Neptune and the planet of prophetic visions Chiron. Maybe we are looking through rose-colored glasses this holiday season. Because of the economic down trend (read economic depression) many, many people have less and are living a downsized lifestyle. But the losses have happened, adjustments made, the banks and credit card companies paid off and all that is left to do is solidify our positions and try to make ourselves stable again. Maybe its because we’ve been through the worst, we are feeling that we are OK where we are right now, so at least lets enjoy our families. It’s a time where we feel almost lucky.

The day of the winter solstice, four days before Christmas features a basalmic moon in Scorpio. Due the presence of Pluto in Capricorn in early degrees this year we’ve spent the year dredging though issues of financial security. The markets have been (overall) horrible and over ten percent of the people who want to work can’t find jobs. Since Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio, we are finishing up sorting through the muck and mire of why things are the way they are. There is a sense we should put a period on the whole ugly mess and find ways to move on. But because Scorpio is a private zodiac sign this is an internal not an external process. Still it seems a healthy way to wind down 2011 and prepare for 2012. Mars in Virgo supports this moon, so expect to spend a lot of activity tiding up your affairs in preparation for Christmas and the New Year.

Aries–The ram always has itchy feet, ready to split town on a moment’s notice. Many of you will get your wish this year, as you head out to spend some quality time with the folks. Resist the urge to spend so much time with your hometown buddies. Your loved ones want to see you too.

Taurus–You’ve had a pretty good year Taurus, though curiously around the holidays you are feeling you are missing something. Its not that you aren’t getting enough from other people, dear Bull, but that you need to spread around the bounties the Universe has shared with you with others. When that happens you’ll feel more in tune with season.

Gemini–Home for the holidays! Yes! Happy about it, no! Gemini you love a good party but you simply put too much into it to enjoy it. Slow down, don’t expect everything to be perfect and enjoy the people you have around it. If all else fails, a good shot of rum in the eggnog helps.

Cancer–There is nothing you love better than to spend time with your family. However, everyone seems to be too busy to rushing around to spend some quality time with you. Worries about finances dampen your mood as well. Remember, its not what you spend but the thought you put into the gift that counts. And at that Crab you are aces!

Leo–Your extravagant nature may get you into trouble as an expansive mood leads you to spread that plastic around a little too much. You love your family and your friends and you are truly grateful they are in your life. So show them that by spending time rather than your money on them. (Everyone really does understand that Santa had to scale down his operations this year.)

Virgo–You start this week off in a flurry of holiday activity, but of course, you overdo it and are left feeling overwhelmed, cranky and exhausted. Break up what is left to do into small tasks and prioritize the “must dos” from the “that would be nice” jobs. This holiday is meant to be fun, but it will do you or others no good to have you laying wasted on the couch with the flu while others open their presents.

Libra–Is that you yearning for independence? Does relationship king or queen desire to have your own space? What has happened? Has the world ended? No, dear Libra. Its just the Universes way of helping you create balance in your life. Don’t think of this as a time lacking something, but as a time to create more of what fits your life now.

Scorpio–Where you are home for the holidays or keeping some special holiday plans, life right now seems pretty sweet for the Scorpion. You’ve worked hard for the past year, and things haven’t gone your way for much of it but now at least you feel like you’ve wrapped up some important items and now is the time to party. Do so! (Responsibly.)

Sagittarius–It’s just no surprise that the party animal of the Universe arranges to have his or her birthday smack dab in the middle of holiday season. And don’t you like to spread that holiday cheer! Holiday shopping lands you in the middle of electronics departments with charge card in hand. Restrain yourself from wilder, more pricey purchases if at all possible.

Capricorn–Review your investments and downsize the riskier ones. The planet of money, Venus, heads into wild and wooly Aquarius December 21 so that string of good luck you’ve enjoyed lately is not likely to last for you. Investing in and giving gifts made of silver and precious stones strikes the right note this holiday week.

Aquarius–2011 sucked for you and you know it, despite the New Age platitudes you love to spout. However, things have turned turn way again, with your ruling planet, Uranus, moving in a zodiac sign friendly to you and the planet of money moving into your sign. Asks friend in the know the best way to handle practical matters as you are too busy dreaming new dreams to think on a practical track.

Pisces–What can I say, Pisces. This season just drains you. With all the rushing about and trying to nail down things that need to be done, your battery is all out of energy. You are just going to have to let it go, Pisces, and find your way back into the flow. When people ask what you want to Christmas (because no one knows what you’ll like at any given moment) ask for gift certificates for massage sessions. In the meantime, good long soaks in the tub eases frayed nerves.

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