Weekly Astrology Forecast: Pie Eating and Button Pushing

Weekly ForecastFor the Week September 10, 2011 to September 16, 2011

Unless you are an earth sign you might be feeling that the Universe is working pretty hard to push your buttons.

If you are Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn the world is a hunk of (insert name of favorite) pie as a Grand Trine forms between Jupiter in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Virgo. You have a choice here to either make some sweeping, life altering changes, or sit on your couches and eat pie. Mind you, with that Jupiter hanging in there eat too much pie and you’ll find it hanging around your waistline.

For the rest of us it is just one annoyance after the other.

Annoyance # 1—Your love life

Venus the planet of love makes an entrance into the partnership-oriented sign of Libra. She makes a stress aspect to Chiron. Imagine a wounded Centaur cavorting with the high priestess of romantic love and you get the picture. Actually this was one character Venus didn’t go to bed with, which was a pretty small soccer field. So the image here is wanting something and hurting because you can’t have it. Or hurting because you do have it. It’s all the same with Chiron.

Annoyance # 2—Your responsibilities.

Saturn in Libra has been tugging at all of us to “play nice” when it comes to our responsibilities and our partnerships. “Can’t we all just get along?” Big fatso Jupiter makes a stress aspect to Saturn asking us to “make an adjustment” to accommodate the other guy. I don’t know about you, but I’m a little tired taking it for the team. I imagine many of you are too. My advice though, suck it up just one more time.

Annoyance #3—Your home

Mars is getting ready to wind up it tenancy in the zodiac sign of home loving sign of Cancer. You may have noticed, with the Eastern seaboard hurricane, flood waters and continuing rain that you’ve had to pay more attention than usual to water issues in an around your home. The aspects make it look like there might be another major blow at the end of this week. I say this because Mars moves into the 29th degree, what we call a critical degree, and it is in stress aspect to Neptune, which makes a friendly energetic connection (sextile) to Pluto. Only anytime Pluto is involved its not all that friendly. That Pluto is at the apex of T-square to Venus and Uranus. Stock up on batteries and haul out your wet-dry vac. I think you’ll need them

Aries—If a sudden love interest captures your attention you might want to tread cautiously. As if Aries could. Pluto making challenge aspects to the planet of love shows that there is more to this situation than meets the eye.

Taurus—Use it or lose it sweetie. If you’ve been holding off on an important communication now is the time to let it fly. This is an important week, if you take advantage of it. Don’t let other people discourage your vision.

Gemini—You’ve got issues, Gemini and you keep mulling them over. While other people seem to be coming out on top you feel mighty dissastisfied you aren’t there too. Whether it is someone or yourself nagging you to do better, the real issue is that you aren’t honoring who you really are. Don’t expect to be something you are not and have everything work out just hunky dory. Just saying.

Cancer—Unlike you, you are willing to do some things that are quite unexpected. Like you, you are anxious things aren’t going to work out. Luckily you have some good friends to support you. Look to them for advice.

Leo—Usually center stage, Leo is a bit put out that your starring role has morphed into a bit part. Be patient dear Leo. You’ll be called to action very soon.

Virgo—All the things you like to do are likely to go well so plan your week well. You might think that you can get “everything” done which is unlikely. Prioritize your week and you’ll come out feeling accomplished and energerized. Overwork yourself and you’ll dissolve at the end of the week into a complete mess. Word to the wise.

Libra—Ooh la lah, Libra! Always attractive to the opposite sex, you manage to be even more appealing. How you choose to handle this energy is up to you. Mind what I said about the Chiron connection. You don’t deserve to fall into a hopeless love affair.

Scorpio—So everything just right and everything will get straight. The stars favor measured and precise actions. Look to the things that need to be improved and implement a plan of action for achievement.

Sagittarius—The Archer always has a lucky star shining on his or her shoulder, but right now that star might miss the mark if you don’t focus on the issues. Look to your significant other for clues.

Capricorn—The Seagoat is always willing to work but this week lulls you with its easy aspects. If you put effort into your work you’ll see the gains for which you’ve been looking.

Aquarius—This week has you working on defining your goals. Just who do you want to be when you grow up? This seems to be the burning question as you beat yourself up for what you haven’t done. This is unproductive, but if you need an outlet for your angst try writing to express your feelings.

Pisces—A sense that a situation has come to a head follows you this week as the full moon for this month is in your sign. You are feeling responsible for someone or something, but also find that things are quite out of your control. Keep a tight watch on spending and try not to do a salsa dance on your own head.

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