Weekly Astrology Forecast: Hold ’em or fold them-the hand of destiny

Weekly Astrology Forecast(Astrology Explored) Astrology for the week of April 22 through April 28

Pluto, the planet of transformation. Saturn, the planet of lessons, and the whole stellium of planets in the sign of Aries continue the cosmic dance of the T-Square sharpening our lessons about relationships with rasp of this difficult energies of this aspect configuration. The opposition of the T-Square is in the relationship axis of Aries/Libra representing “I” versus “We. Pluto applies his special persuasion with the challenge aspect to each of these points.

As the Sun progresses further into the inconjunct aspect with Saturn, a yod, called the finger of God is formed with the Sun, the Moon in Pisces sitting with Chiron and Neptune and Saturn in Libra. With the introduction of the Pisces zodiac sign, spiritual values need to be applied to get the best result. But whatever happens at the end of the week is fated or feels like fate, or aligns synchronistically with fate. However, you look at it, destiny plays a hand. Are you going to ante up or fold yours?

Aries—the pressure is on, Aries and you need to produce! Whether it money, love or a really good story to throw your competitor’s off the scent, make sure you put on your best performance.

Taurus—Happy Birthday Taurus! Well, that’s the good news. The not so good news is that everyone is much to busy to notice. Never mind, Taurus, this weekend favors pursuits that bring you to the attention of authority figures. Can you say “power lunch’? I thought you could.

Gemini—With beautiful spring weather all around all you want to do is to get out and have some fun. Problem is your friends are bummed out by relationship problems. Gather them together and make them party!

Cancer—Duck and cover, Cancer as other people seem to have an agenda bent on shaking you out of your cozy world. Crabbish defenses won’t help you here, so put on your big kid pants, stand up straight and deal with the world straight on.

Leo—A significant other upsets the relationship apple cart early in the week. Yes, you better give them some space, and no, you can’t pout about it. At least you have your posse of friends to salve your lion’s pride.

Virgo—The Sun in copasetic earth sign Taurus helps you to focus on your goals and objectives. Mercury going direct helps to pull your head out of your recent brain fog. So what are you doing reading a horoscope? Get moving!

Libra–Courtesy of the centaur Chiron, the wounded healer and the Sun in Taurus you are the focal point for solving a relationship problem. You never want to take sides, so why not use your innate diplomatic skills to smooth things over.

Scorpio—It’s one thing to be at odds with other people, but it’s an entirely another thing to be at odds with yourself. If you find you aren’t liking the man or woman in the mirror, than maybe its time for a makeover.

Sagittarius—Some people are luckier than others, and this week, that would be you. However, it’s up to you to keep your eye on the ball, or to spot that shiny thing in the sand. Opportunity knocks, but you have to get off the couch to answer that call.

Capricorn—The Sun’s entrance into Taurus helps you to get a better perspective on the people that have been annoying you. If you look at things just a little differently you will find that you are more annoyed with yourself for getting sucked into some negative energy wells. Do something constructive. Plant some flowers. It will help.

Aquarius—This Easter weekend has you working, working, working, which only annoys your loved ones. Do put aside that project for just a little bit to honor the people in your life.

Pisces—Powerful dreams fuels your days and nights. Remember, past hurts only serve as a reminder of what to avoid. They aren’t meant to torture you with old feelings. Transform your perceptions by realizing you have the ultimate power to decide what to do.

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  1. libralicious says:

    nothing for your libra pals?

    • Beth Turnage says:

      Oh dear! Mustn’t overlook the Libras. Look again, I’ve fixed it up. However, the whole introduction is all Libra, all the time. Thanks for reading!

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