Weekly Astrology Forecast: The Drumbeat of the Heavens

drumbeatsAstrology for the Week of March 12 through March 18

Astrologers have been going on about the Cardinal Grand Cross that appears on and off in the heaven through out this coming year but especially prominent this coming summer for a variety of good reasons. The very nature of the Cardinal mode of expression demands that action be taken. That it is locked into energy that places the planets in challenge and at odds with each other suggest situations that threaten to explode with pent up energy. Since Pluto in the zodiac sign of Capricorn is involved this suggests a nuclear process, a chain reaction of events that shake the very foundation of our lives and our souls. It is all heady and dramatic stuff, the material that dire predictions are made of. Considering the wide world we live in no doubt that some of it will come true.

But this astrologer is more concerned with the Cardinal T-Square in the heavens, locking Pluto the planet of transformation, Saturn the planet of duties and responsibilities in the relationship oriented zodiac sign of Libra and now Venus, the planet of romantic love, in the dreamy zodiac sign of Pisces.

There is an assortment of planets that follow Venus in the sky right now, so even as Venus moves out of the tension aspect to Saturn, another planet will follow in its place, a sort of “boom, boom, boom” that highlights yet another aspect of the challenge of transforming our ideas about relationships, which I believe is the real theme of this year. Forget about the financial crisis, two wars on two different fronts, the mounting national debt, record unemployment and all the rest. What really occupies our attention is our relationships.

Venus in the primary slot right now has us focusing on our desire natures. This can take a variety of forms, from secret love affairs to ignoring our relationships in favor of money earning opportunities. Something has got to give, and with Pluto involved, most likely it is your resolve.

Around the middle of next week Mercury moves into position and either communications opens like a dam or clams up. The issues are forced upon you and cannot be ignored.

Maybe the Universe is giving us some time to recover because the next step is in the middle of June, when we are hit with a double whammy of Uranus joining Jupiter. Saturn temporarily slips back into the zodiac sign of Virgo, which is looking for perfection and actively involved in the T-Square finds it lacking. Uranus wants freedom and Jupiter the planet of expansion eggs him on. Things aren’t perfect, fine! Let’s motor on Uranus says, “I’m too good for you anyway!” But again Pluto trumps all odds and you are drawn back to examine what went wrong.

“Boom, boom, boom.” Do you hear it? It’s the drumbeat of the heavens.

Aries—Sometimes Aries, you don’t see the forest for the trees. Loving good times are possible if you stop resisting the things you have to do to make a relationship work. If you do, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how it will all work out.

Taurus—Overdoing physical activity could stress your bones and possibly even your spine. The Universe is calling on you to rest, so do it, for heaven’s sake!

Gemini—You are feeling especially flirty caught as you are between a playful Venus in Aries and an amorous Mars in Leo. Take aim carefully with your witty barbs, Gem, because you might land in the sights of someone who is far more serious (and skilled) in the games of love than you are.

Cancer—I don’t know whether to feel sorry for you, or slap you upside the head. You are feeling especially cranky because you want some thing you think you can’t have. Maybe if you talk about with someone, you find a different perspective.

Leo—Won’t do much sense to tell you anything right now Leo, since it is full steam ahead, whether or not you have a full load of fuel. Do chill down for the weekend though, as there are likely to be tricky relationship waters to navigate then.

Virgo—You should be used to this by now. People are flaking out on you again. Nagging will only make it worse, so maybe you should consider telling people how that makes you feel rather than pointing out how badly they have failed you. Might work.

Libra—You are the sensible one in the relationship right now, but demanding that someone buckle into harness with you isn’t going to work. Try giving some lead to the lease of your relationship needs. As they say, “If you love something, set it free.”

Scorpio—Cut the “I only fall for people who are unavailable” nonsense. How many times do you need to spin your wheels on that one? Instead create a vision of the loving relationship you desire and hold it as a hologram in your heart. Until then, same old, same old.

Sagittarius—“To hot to handle” is your theme song this week. Everything is rock and roll. Finally.

Capricorn–When fireworks fly in the relationship department you are caught seriously off guard. The love of adventure calls out to your sweetie, and if you aren’t there to share in the fun, you could find yourself on the outside looking in. Make some time to share some time if you want to avoid this.

Aquarius—With Mars direct in your opposite sign, there are sure to be some fireworks, some of it in the workplace. Its not all bad though, if you take some time to shower some attention on that someone special. Then some fireworks of the more pleasant variety can be showered on you.

Pisces—You’re a butterfly, Pisces and as beautiful as you are, you demand in your oh so sweet way to take you as your are. However, other people want to see a little more substance to your protestations of love, so give already!

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As printed in the Shore Line Times.

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