Weekly Astrology Forecast: Out of the Blue

Weekly Astrology ForecastAstrology for the Week September 10 to September 16

Sudden things hit us out of the blue regarding love and money. With Venus sliding into Scorpio, we don’t necessarily need to have these episodes to hit the light of day. Just what have you’ve been up to?

Aries—Other people do outrageous things to get your attention. It does no good to hide your latest romantic encounters from old lovers.

Taurus—An old love, or thoughts of one, can haunt you now. You don’t need any changes but you might need an attitude adjustment.

Gemini—Light and breezy Gemini find a little adventure in secret communications with someone you should not be trysting with. Careful now. Don’t let your head run ahead of your heart.

Cancer—You can loosen up a little mid-week and let your honey in on some secret desire. You both can have fun filling it.

Leo—Secrets can open up some relationship wounds. Either be very forthright in what is happening or make sure your secrets are locked up tight so you don’t hurt the ones you love.

Virgo-Quirky Uranus and Jupiter have been sitting in the sky for a while, but this month you feel their effect keenly. You don’t need to run away to fulfill your heart’s desire, just add a bit of unpredictability to your routine.

Libra—You juggle your to do list, but it just isn’t helping. While it pays to play nice, sometimes too nice doesn’t help. Ask for help nicely for help before you demand it angrily.

Scorpio—Throw caution to the winds and toss the dice. You have a unique opportunity to come out on top if you let go of some of things you try to control.

Sagittarius—Sometimes it is best if the spotlight isn’t on you, Archer. Take advantage of this quiet time to get some much needed R and R.

Capricorn—No prison breaks here! Jupiter retreating back into the sign of Pisces scrambles your well laid plans. Wait a few weeks before trying again.

Aquarius—The past continues to be your present. It won’t be until the end of the month before you can break free of restrictive situations.

Pisces—A decision must be made, yet you aren’t sure of the correct course of action. Carefully examine your motives and the motives of another person before you decide to take a leap into an unalterable course.

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2 Responses to Weekly Astrology Forecast: Out of the Blue

  1. Catherine says:

    Thanks Beth for doing the weekly reports. It makes me wonder who’s going to come to me with a business idea or plan.

  2. Beth Turnage says:


    You’re welcome. Now that Saturn has moved off my Jupiter in the 5th house I have more inspiration to start writing again.



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