Weekly Astrology Forecast: Significant Transformations

transformation2Astrology for the Week of November 6 to November 12, 2009. This week starts out under the haze of a lazy Venus trine to Neptune and Jupiter, but it hides the underlying powder keg of a T-Square from the moon to Saturn to Pluto to the moon again. Saturn, of course, is still in tension aspect (opposition) to Uranus. Not only we will be living with the Uranus/Saturn opposition most of 2010 but we will be living with a T-square shadowing our intimate and familial relationships. T-Squares highlight these most important aspects of our lives, forcing us to examine our behavior and make changes either to improve the relationship or break away from it. The “empty leg” of this T-Square is the Aries point, representing new life and new growth. The Cardinal nature of this T-Square demands action. Each of the Cardinal signs demands the right to take action within their sphere of influence. Aries wants to lead, Cancer wants to rule the home, Libra wants to influence the social sphere, and Capricorn wants to command the public arena. It is also important to remind you that each of these points signify significant changes in how the light of the Sun affects the activity of those tenanted on Planet Earth. Each of these points are Solstice points marking the passage of the Sun from symbolic birth, growth and symbolic death. Significant transformations await us in the coming year, and for many of us, it is in the area of personal relationships.

Aries—Money pressures mount under the opposition of your Sun to Venus, with those being born in April feeling the brunt of this. Soon a decision is going to have to be made in the handling of your finances, and you are going to have to go one way or another rather than straddling the fence as you’ve been doing.

Taurus—You really, really hate secrets, though it seems like the Universe is aligned against to keep its own and share yours with the world. You should tread lightly this week as the pressure to act is pressure to act impulsively, and this you must avoid.

Gemini—Riding high on your exuberance for life you are apt to go overboard in the expense department. Nothing makes Gemini happier than to spread the wealth, but unfortunately your sense of wealth outweighs the realities of your checkbook. Hide your credit cards.

Cancer—Constrained and overwhelmed with your responsibilities you know something has to give. What is it going to be Cancer, letting go of some of those must do’s or collapsing in the bed from exhaustion? Your choice, but the former is better than the latter.

Leo—Aren’t you the Energizer Bunny this week? Your “two thousand and two things to do” list seems to grow and you drive yourself frantic trying to accomplish all those tasks. Rome wasn’t built in a day, dear Leo, but it did manage to desintengrate fairly quickly once the limits of that civilization’s ability to sustain itself was reached. Take time to nurture yourself.

Virgo—Hah! Now that Saturn has moved off your sign you think the pressure is off of you! Wrong! You are forced to deal with the erratic actions of your family, from them failing to eat their breakfast to leaving their shoes, underwear and backpacks all over the house. A call to order is necessary.

Libra—Saturn has come to visit you, dear Libra, and while its wisdom seems dubious at first, eventually you will emerge stronger and more confident of your abilities. That’s the good news. The bad news is Saturn has come to live with you dear Libra.

Scorpio—Your personal motto this week is “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” meaning that if someone asks you aren’t talking anyway. It would help you to talk over your feelings with someone you trust, but who exactly would that be?

Sagittarius—I said last week you shouldn’t take shortcuts, but you didn’t listen then. Listen now. We all know how warm and wonderful you are, Sag, and we love you for it, but sometimes you just have to walk the talk. Do so for your own sake, if not for ours.

Capricorn—As constricted as you feel by your present circumstances you know that you have to wait before you take action. One of your strong points is persistence, and this you must apply this week in the face of impossible demands. Stay strong.

Aquarius—At least you can say that this year wasn’t as bad for you as some folks you know. This is more of victory than you realize. The Universe does not intend to pound you into the ground, but a tension aspect from the planet of action keeps bringing aggressive people into your sphere. Keep your cool and your wits about you for the next few weeks.

Pisces—Somehow someone has sucked you into some grand social scheme. Whether it is organizing a bake sale or the United Way drive or the company Christmas party, “tag, your it!” is the motto of the day. There is no way to say “no” without looking like you are shirking you social duties, so suck it up and do it. Don’t let details hang in midair.

If you would like a question answered on these pages send your birth date, birth place and birth time along with your question to starrynightastro@aol.com. Sorry, time constraints prevent me from doing readings on anything other than a single question.

Photo created from image under Creative Commons License from Flickr.

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The Astrology of Money: Nicolas Cage–Earns Millions, Has No Money

cagepixWith charges of fraud and incompetence, Nicolas Cage sued his former money manager, Samuel Levin, filing the papers on October 16, 2009. Cage got wind that something was up when the IRS claimed he owed an additional 1.8 million dollars in back income taxes and penalties. In February of 2008 he sued the IRS, questioning their claim, but in September of 2008 he settled with the IRS for about half of what they were asking. Unfortunately for Cage, this did not end the matter with the IRS and they came back with additional claims for unpaid taxes to the tune of 6.6 million dollars. In September of 2008 he retained other financial counseling services, and apparently learned the extent of his deep financial troubles.

From the documents filed in his lawsuit against his money manager:

“Defendants engaged in the following grossly negligent conduct:

(a) Failed timely payment of taxes on behalf of plaintiff for several years . .
(b) Concealing Plaintiff’s true financial condition prior to investments and assets being acquired by the Plaintiff . . .
(c) Recommending and facilitating Plaintiff’s investments in exceedingly risky and speculative real estate transactions without disclosing the risks . . .
(d) Recommending that Plaintiff executer personal guarantees on bank loans without advising Plaintiff of the associated risk . . .
(e) Failing to diversify Plaintiff’s investment holdings . . .
(f) Failing to obtain adequate insurance coverage for real estate and other holdings
(g) Over extending Plaintiff’s lines of credit with banks and financial institutions as a result of failing to disclose to Plaintiff of his true financial condition”

The list goes on with charges of overcharging Cage for services rendered, failure to disclose and gross incompetence.

The research has failed to come up with a total of Nicolas Cage’s earnings as an actor though Forbes estimates his earnings in 2008 and 2009 to be 38 million dollars.

Cage had acquired a number of real estate holdings including a Bavarian Castle, and mansions in Rhode Island, New Orleans, and two homes in Los Angeles one of them on which he has a 350 million dollar mortgage. He also owns a private jet. When you quickly run the numbers you get the gist of Cage’s problems. He has far too much real estate bought at the top of a market that has plummeted. Strange as it may seem, he holds far too much mortgage (!) debt for his earning capacity. This is speculation here, but in trying to keep up with these payments, his money manager seems to have neglected other expenses, like insurance payments and taxes. He also filed questionable deductions to make Cage’s tax bite smaller. Unfortunately for Cage, this left him open to audits of his taxes going back three years from the date a return is filed.

Cage sold his Bavarian Castle to his German advisor, and is the process of selling his New Orleans and 350 million Los Angeles property. However, in a down market like this he won’t be able to sell them for the money he paid. Even selling off his property is not going to help him with the 6.6 million in back taxes he owes or with his mortgage problems with the banks.

So what in Nicolas Cage’s astrological money profile has led the multi-million dollar earning actor in such a sad state of affairs. Let’s take a look at his horoscope.

Nicholas Cage was born January 7, 1964 at 5:30 AM PST, Long Beach, California. This information is given a AA rating, from the birth certificate, according to Astro’s Astrodata Bank so we can use the entire chart for our analysis.

When we look at money, we look first to the second house which for Cage is in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. This is not a good placement for a money house, since Aquarius tends to have lots of ideas, but often doesn’t think critically of the long term consequences. For planets, both Venus and Saturn are tenanted here, which should confer the ability to acquire and save money. Saturn in the second house would normally lend a conservative bent to money management. Items of lasting value, like real estate, would appeal to him for investment purposes. However, a challenge aspect from Venus and Saturn to Neptune leads to unrealistic expectations when it comes to money. One can imagine that Cage thinks, “well I earn 20 million a year, I can buy whatever I want.” But that isn’t true. When one of your homes costs you a million a month, and you have a private jet to pay for, expenses start getting a little tight.

As transiting Neptune challenged natal Neptune the fly in the financial ointment was hinted at. As Chiron came to swing over his Chiron and now Saturn, the real financial pain was felt. Since Jupiter is sitting there too, in his second house, at 17 degrees of Aquarius, and now running over it to Saturn, you can expect his money troubles to grow even as he continues to out earn himself. This is a bad year to divest real estate holdings, and it is just too bad he can’t get the banks to modify the terms of his loans. With Pluto riding in his first house running over his planet of commerce Mercury, he most likely is going to have to reorganize his debts through bankruptcy

Whether or not he will recover against his former money manager is doubtful. Again the issue is transiting Jupiter sitting with his natal Venus/Saturn combo challenging Natal Neptune. He may be looking for Justice, but what the courts may find is that Nicolas Cage is the victim more of a contracting economy more than anything else, just like the rest of us. If he recovers anything at all, he will recover just a small portion of what he is asking.


If you would like a question answered on these pages send your birth date, birth place and birth time along with your question to starrynightastro@aol.com. Sorry, time constraints prevent me from doing readings on anything other than a single question.

Photo created from image under Creative Commons License from Flickr.

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November Monthly Astrology Forecast: The Genie Out of The Bottle

genieThis month the Saturn/Uranus opposition breaks up as Saturn speeds through the first round of its seven-year sojourn through Libra and Uranus retrogrades back a pace in the sign of Pisces. This would lend a sense of relief except that Mars in Leo comes up to oppose Neptune and Jupiter in the independent minded sign of Aquarius and the planet of warfare challenges the secretive Sun in Scorpio much of the month.

Early November (the second to be precise) sets a bad tone for fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, for the month as a Grand cross in this modality has them saying and doing things that annoy people mightily. Of course it doesn’t help that they are feeling perpetually annoyed themselves since nothing is working out for them. This is the month to have plan A, plan B and plan C on the boards, as you are going to need all of them just to make it through the month.

Venus heads into sexy Scorpio after the first week revving up romantic visions of hot sweaty nights by the fireplace or corning the coworker with the come hither look in the broom closet.

This whole month plays like a wicked genie has been let out of the bottle. Getting through the month sanely is going to be quite a feat. You might want to keep your psychiatrist and your lawyer on speed dial just in case.

buttonariesBig dreams and big plans drain your bank balance at a rapid clip. There is nothing wrong with living large, but you do have to have wherewithal so that you don’t do without down the road. This may be the time to put finances in the hands of trusted partner so you can concentrate on making big things happen. No fair gripping though when your partner tells you that sadly, no, there is no money for the latest toy you just have to have. Avoid fights over money, which just doesn’t lend itself to sweet make-up sessions after the blow up.
taurus-buttomNormally you are a quiet person, so why this month do you feel the need to take a stand and speak your mind? Don’t do it! The first part of November has never been your cup of tea anyway. If you look back on some of you less sterling moments you’ll find a good portion of them are at this time that is the low part of your yearly cycle. Spend as much time in meditation as your busy schedule allows and do indulge in things that soothe your body as well as your mind. Curb your expenses so that you can have that nice Christmas you so richly deserve.
gemini-buttonIt may come as a shock to you, Gemini, but not everyone has your best interests at heart. Though your magical mental alchemy may enchant and delight, it does not necessarily endear you to others who may consider you charming but somewhat of a lightweight. This month, you get a glimpse of what other people really think about you, and this is unsettling to say the least. Avoid the urge to snap back in kind. You’ll have the tendency to overboard there, and really have egg on your face then.
cancer-button1Those in authority may make big demands on your time, causing you some mental angst. With things all cozy at home you are itching to spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest. However, don’t let your desires override your sense of responsibility. Buck up, Chipper and get that work done so you can spend some stress free time with your loved ones over the coming holidays.
buttonleoIf you could only see your chart right now! It looks like one of those geometric doodles you do on your pad during boring meeting at work, going over and over the same lines for added emphasis. Your chart this month is dominated by a t-square between the planet of action in your own sign, in tension aspect the Jupiter/ Neptune combo that’s been plaguing you all year, which is in turn in challenge aspect to the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. Relationships are tense as you desire to make some forward movement and other people are in a holding pattern. If you push too hard, you can end up blowing it for good, so take a deep breath and count to ten before you say something you’ll really regret.
buttonvirgo1Just because everyone else is fighting, it doesn’t mean you have to get involved too. This would be an excellent time to practice neutrality in the personal arena, as other people will expect you to take sides or act as a go between for their own vicious battles. If you manage to navigate both sides of the fence, you’ll get to hear a lot of delicious secrets on both sides of the battle line/ though what you won’t hear is what they think about you as well. Good thing, because though you normally have a measured approach to life in general this month you could go a little overboard yourself. Practice patience.
buttonlibraWith the planet of duties and responsibilities just crossing over your sign for a seven-year long sojourn you’ve yet to feel the impact that this will have on you. You manage to keep things light and social, though all around you, people are in some sort of battle. This is an excellent time for social and business networking to build up your contact list. Explore social media on the web. If you haven’t yet, set up your Facebook and Twitter accounts and learn the joys of electronic communication which right now comes naturally to you.
buttonscorpioCould you feel any more restless? I don’t think so. You are so done with everything that happened in the past year, yet you have the same circumstances to deal with over and over again, like a bad rendition of the movie “Groundhog’s Day.” Nothing you do meets with anyone’s approval, thought the things people in authority want you to do doesn’t make sense. Friends want you to do wild things with them that you know in your heart of hearts isn’t the best use of your time, yet you risk alienating them if you don’t. It’s a delicate situation, one that needs some finesse. Look deep inside yourself for the answers to your dilemmas.
buttonsagittariusI am going to issue you a stiff warning, and for once Sag, you should listen to it. You’ve been energetic and applying yourself to steadily to the task at hand. Now you see some ways to utilize some short cuts, but don’t! It may look like you’ve pulled it off, but the only thing that you accomplished was giving someone else ammunition to use against you at a future time. What I said about Gemini, goes for you as well, not everyone is interested in protecting your interests. That you must do, and the best way to do it this month is to keep working in a steady and measured pace and resist the urge to speed on life’s highways.
buttoncapricornWhat looks like a golden opportunity is just a temptation to go over board. Ol’ Beelzebub has more than a passing acquaintance with some of the things that make your eyes glitter, and this month you are especially vulnerable to seductive lures that take you down the wrong path. Beware of arrogance, overconfidence and ignoring the advice of your friends. In other words, check that ego at the door and pick up the ticket at the end of the month!
buttonaquariusNo matter what you do you seem to draw criticisms and conflicts. It’s not that you’ve changed, but rather other people seem to perceive a chip sitting on your shoulder. In addition other people seem to want to tell you every secret that they have drawing you into their nasty business. It doesn’t help that the stars prod you to rise to the bait. This month you should practice a circumspect demeanor, patience and keeping your nose in your own business. Think of this month as a character building exercise.
buttonpiscesAffairs of the heart occupy your mind this month. Someone interesting crosses your path, making your heart race and kicking your active imagination into overdrive. Like a teenager you obsess over every glance, every word, and heavens forbid, a stray touch. Is this the one you’ve always waited for? Is this one that will love you completely? No. This is one situation where fools rush in where angels fear to tread. The person that crosses your path could just end up a passing fancy, hardly what passionate Pisces desires.

If you would like a question answered on these pages send your birth date, birth place and birth time along with your question to starrynightastro@aol.com. Sorry, time constraints prevent me from doing readings on anything other than a single question.

Photo created from image under Creative Commons License from Flickr.

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Celtic Astrology: What Halloween and String Theory Have in Common

Physicists have theorized the existence of up to eleven different dimensions, depending on what brand of string theory you buy, four of them with observable space time references that are similar but not the same as ours. While many us have a hard time wrapping our heads around these theoretical physics, the ancient Celts were well aware of the existence of the “Otherworld.” The Otherworld was the haunt of spirits of the dead, gods and fairies, were time flowed in strange ways. Unfortunate people who happened upon portals to these otherworlds and spending an hour or a few nights adventure there might find themselves returned to their own dimension years ahead or years behind of their original entry point, that is, if they returned at all.

Certain places were considered portals to the Otherworld, such as Glastonbury, England, the portal to the land of Avalon, but other souls might happen upon one that appeared suddenly, what some called “fairy paths”. So concerned about these pathways, Celtic builders of new structures would mark the proposed floor plan in the earth and set stones at the corners overnight. If the stones remained undisturbed in the morning then it was safe to build. Still at other times, such as Samhain (Sow’ uin), as the balance from the light time of the year shifted to the dark, the veil (what physicists call “branes”, short for membranes) between this world and the next thins. At this time inhabitants of the Otherworld could pass more easily into this one. This is time where fairies would act out on their mischief on poor unsuspecting mortals, and the spirits of the ancestors would come to visit their families. The Celtic peoples would appease the fairies by leaving cakes and milk by the door and welcome their ancestors by setting a place at the table. At the end of the night’s festivities, villagers would dress up as ghosts and with torches in hand, singing and laughing, would escort their beloved passed to the outskirts of town.

Though some people have referenced Samhain as the Celtic New Year, my personal belief is that the Celts, the ancient Gaelic peoples did not recognize endings and beginnings in the way that modern man, with a timepiece on every electronic device, does. These were an agricultural people, where repetitive tasks were the order of the day, and one day would seem much like another except for change of tasks according to the season. Life flowed from one activity to the next, from the phases of the brightening and dimming of the sun and the moon, from the birth and death of a human being. Death was not an ending, but a change of circumstance, from dwelling in this world, to dwelling in another.

A year ago, this astrologer began a quest on understanding the astrology of the Celts, and sifting through the information at hand have come to this understanding. If we attempted to construct an astrological dichotomy in parallel with our own, it would be a misunderstanding of how these ancient Neolithic, these “new stone age” peoples perceived the world. As modern humans we consider ourselves more evolved than our ancestors, yet the ancient festivals yield an understanding of how this dimension and other dimensions work that our own physicists have only begun to understand in the last one hundred years. Think on this as hobgoblins, fairies, and ghosts, as well as other strange creatures visit your house and threaten you with a trick if you don’t give them a treat on the feast of Samhain, that which we call Halloween.

Photo titled “Fairy Holding Superstring Model of the Multiverse” created from elements from Creative Commons licensed pieces from Flickr, Wikipedia and public information from NASA’s Photojournal. As such you are free to display the work without alteration with appropriate attribution to this page.

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Weekly Astrology Forecast: Surface Impressions and What Lies Beneath

jane-video-phoneSaturn has moved in Libra which signals a shift in the things that restricts our movements. Libra is all about relationships, social connections, justice, in other words “What is fair?”. How do we navigate the ties that bind us to our family, friends and community? The danger with Saturn in Libra is that we might be drawn surface impressions of ourselves and others to wend our way through the social fabric of our lives. Like Jane Jetson putting on fake happy face before she answers the video phone, we’ll only show people what will make us look good. Other people will only look for that in us as well.

Saturn and Uranus continue their opposition, but both are challenged with a square to Pluto. T-Squares are about conflicts with relationships, and here the Plutonian challenge stirs the pot of the simmering brew of keeping things the same and changing them for the better. Pluto kicks into high gear revelations of our personal secrets revealing them for the lies that they are. This is what lies beneath, but not for long!

Aries—Cat fight! As someone moves in to poach your turf, you gear up to do battle. Is it worth it Aries? Sometimes you like to engage in a good fight for the fun of it, rather than anything you’ll gain.

Taurus—With the planet of communications Mercury and the Sun in the sign opposite your Sun, you are feeling that others are talking about you behind your back. Part of being the opposite sign of secretive and paranoid Scorpio is a bit of paranoia of your own. The funny thing is Scorpio has every reason to start at movements in the dark, whereas you have a more sure and certain footing of your surroundings. Remember that.

Gemini—“Fly me to the moon”, that old Sinatra song, could be your theme song this week. With other people working at cross purposes against you, you first response is to flee the unpleasantries. A mental health day might be a good idea.

Cancer—You have a small breather where the Scorpio Sun provides support for your more tender feelings. Take this time to reenergize yourself with some TLC as Saturn in Libra is going to push you to shore up your money and health with some really stern measures.

Leo—I’ve been feeling badly for you, Leo, this past year, with the planet of confusion and the planet of expansion, Jupiter doing a happy dance on your head. You haven’t been able to get anywhere, though not for a lack of trying on your part. Even with energetic Mars in your sign, you still need to step carefully for the land mines that are scattered in your path.

Virgo—Nothing seems stable so you are in holding pattern right now. Women in your home and your social sphere seem to be living on another planet, unable or unwilling to listen to sense and reason. You can’t do anymore than you have, so don’t

Libra—Lucky you, the planet of duty and responsibility, Saturn, is coming to sit on your doorstep this week.. Light hearted Libra doesn’t enjoy getting down into the nitty-gritty or the how’s and wherefores of how things are done, but now you are going to have to experience first hand what you usually hire someone else to do.

Scorpio—This is an excellent time to set up those online college courses or to plan taking a night class. Scorpio always looks to expand their mind, anyway, and, trust me, this is so much better than spending lonely midnight hours with your auntie’s dusty grimoire.

Sagittarius—Your current energy level and a recent influx of cash has you hopeful for the future. However, if you hope to move up quickly, after such a long slump, you might want to rethink your plan. You need to show a little more to the higher ups before they trust you with bigger assignments.

Capricorn—If you are willing to try a few different things than you might find yourself a bit luckier than if you didn’t. The stars support a little romance, and running off at the drop of a hat to pursue a dream. Don’t let this opportunity slip away because of some misguided notion of how responsible you need to be.

Aquarius—A lucky trine between Jupiter in Aquarius and Venus in Libra has the potential to make money flow in, at last! Don’t let some brain confusion about your family prevent you from doing what you need to do to cash in on this rare situation. At the very least, buy lottery tickets.

Pisces—Did you put all your eggs in one basket? Did you forget to diversify your holdings? Did you forget to take the hamburger out of the freezer? This week has you going back and forth trying to figure out the best way to manage your interests. Slow down and take a deep breath.

If you would like a single question answered on these pages, please send your birth date, birth place and birth time to starrynightastro@aol.com. Sorry, time limitations prevent answers to anything else than a specific question.

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Halloween Costumes by Zodiac Sign 2009

Halloween coming up fast and you are surely thinking about what you are going to wear to the party. As that magical day ticks forward, all sorts of mischief brews in the concoction of Halloween costumes.

Fires signs, Aries, Leo and, Sagittarius men are far too busy to actually pick out a costume. Instead they delegate this task to their significant others, and then complain that the costume is too stupid, silly or dull to wear. They will dig up that silly hard hat that let’s them siphon off beer from two cans on either side of their heads, put on a flannel shirt and some jeans and calls themselves construction workers. Fire sign women want dress up as movie stars, of course.

The earth signs men, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn secretly envy their fire sign friends’ chutzpah, but opt instead to go out as either policemen, firemen or some version of gun toting hunter or cowboy. The real naughty ones will dress up as sailors and then try to act the part. The women opt for Fairy Princess, Cinderella or Snow White, and then wonder why the sailor boys are trying to pick them up.

The water sign men, Cancer, and Pisces, don’t bother to ask their significant others to get a costume, nor do they pick one up themselves. They usually forget there is party to go to until they get home from work and see their honey decked out in full regalia. These are the people who poke holes in the bed sheets and call themselves ghosts, or wrap a towel around their waist and call themselves Egyptians. If the wife gets to them before they can deface the bed sheets, they’ll wrap it around themselves, calling it a toga, then give a fine display of ‘roman fingers all night long. The only exception to this is Scorpio, who still, after all these years, gets a kick out of their vampire cape and teeth, which they always have on hand for those special occasions. The women tend to dress up as Playboy bunnies, Vampira, Mistress of the Dark or a saucy medieval barmaid.

The air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius give a lot of thought to their costumes, but that’s about it. At the last minute they’ll call their water sign friends to get some ideas, and after their wives and honeys pull the scissors out of their hands, make a quick run to K-Mart, Wal-Mart or that temporary costume store on the corner, spend way too much money for the last costume on the shelf and then expect their significant other to be the butt end of a horse or cow. After that idea is nixed, they will wrap themselves in cellophane, or in the case of Aquarius, tin foil, and spend an uncomfortable evening dealing with the consequences of their costume choice. The women will dress up in some version of magical creature, be it fairy, sprite, or angel, which they would have to be after spending an evening dealing with all this nonsense.

Here are some suggestions to ease the angst of costume creation that reflect the inner soul of your zodiac sign.

matadorAries—For the fire sign male that thinks they can charm anyone, what is more appropriate than a a snake charmer’s costume? There are two versions on the above website, one naughty and one nice. Which one do you think they’d choose? For the ladies, a sexy matador outfit appeals to your inner warrior.

Taurus—What can brown do for you? Taurus has no problem mixing the mundane with sublime, so a romp as a UPS delivery man just might be thing for you, though you may have to assemble this one yourself with a brown shirt, pants and cap. Let your honey help you with some fabric paint for the logo. Ms. Taurus can do her thing as a naughty housewife. Imagine the possibilities.

spongebobGemini—If you guys haven’t got it yet, for some strange reason Spongebob Square Pants is a real turn-on for some women. Maybe it’s because he is just so innocent, or maybe he’s just so sappy, but I know some women that watch that cartoon. Gemini, you are just lighthearted enough to carry this costume off. Gem ladies, you can appear as an angel, fairy or butterfly, anything with wings. A ladybug costume might do nicely too.

Cancer—Come on, you know that you always think of yourself as a Barbie doll, don’t you, Cancer. Well this year you can dress yourself as one, all ready to unwrap, though the Barbie Solo Singer costume is more elegant and easier to drive in. Boy crabs pull of Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken with style.

burger-kingLeo—Who else would you show up at the party as the Burger King. No, you have to wear the entire costume, because if you just wear the crown, no one will know you are dressed any different. Lady Leos may want to dig out that Cleopatra costume they’ve been saving for a rainy day.

naughty-nurseVirgo—No one does a naughty nurse better than Virgo looking to unleash to your hands on approach to life. Male Virgins show off their “Dr. Dreamy persona.

prince-princessLibra—You’ll come as a couple, so why not as a medieval prince and princess? You know you want to.

demonScorpio—Time to shed that well-worn vampire cape and branch out to something a little more creative. Female Scorps should check out this Medusacostume, a natural seque to your inner temptress. Stag Scorps can render their inner demons with gusto with a good demon mask.

Sagitarrius—Who else would you be other than the iconic Captain America? No one looks better in Aqua spandex than you. Lady Archer’s playful side is revealed as a racy looking tennis player, typecasting if I ever saw it.

Capricorn—By day you are all buttoned up, hiding your wild side so well, no one knows that you have one. Lady Caps, always on the job anyway, do well as a saucy chambermaid, while guy goats act out as the gambler they wish they were.

facebookAquarius—Time to shed the tie-die redux that clutters your closets and your Halloween costumes. Aquarians never really seem to understand that clothes go in and out of style, which is why you are particularly popular with your friends this time of year. After all these years tie-dye is still a fashion staple for you. Perfect for socially hip Aquarians of both genders is a Facebook home page, made with some foam core board, a blue marker and a steady hand.

Pisces—Ruled by dreamy Neptune, Fish can be anything, but most often show up in the most cobbed together of costumes. Why? They are so busy dreaming about what they’d be, they spend almost no time putting the thing together. One Pisces guy this astrologer knew showed up with a cut up sheet as a diaper, drinking his beer in a baby bottle. Pick anything at all Pisces, other than that, because some memories are too tough to bear. Put on your leather jacket and Fedora and come as Indiana Jones. Lady Pisces, dress up as the gypsy you are.

All Photos published under a Creative Commons License from Flickr.

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The Astrology of Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize & A Lesson From the Past

obama-pix1Just a week after the rejection of Chicago as the host of the 2012 Olympic Games was seen as a waning of the world wide influence of Barack Obama, the Nobel Committee announced this morning that U. S. President was selected as the recipient of the coveted 2009 Nobel Peace prize.

“You could hear the gasps in the room as the announcement was made, “ reported CNN International anchor Jonathan Mann. This award came as a surprise to many. Barely nine months into office, and the Commander in Chief of two wars, and out a candidate pool of two hundred people it seemed a premature honor to offer especially since it is rare for a sitting president to win this award. The last president to do this was Woodrow Wilson in 1919 and previously Theodore Roosevelt in 1906, both in their second terms.

The announcement was made as the Sun, Jupiter and the Moon formed an Air Grand Trine. Jupiter is opposite Obama’s Leo Sun but also sits on his ascendant. Interestingly, this Grand Trine intersects with his progressed Mercury and Mars in the sign of the negotiator, the zodiac sign of Libra.

Sakoian & Acker say of the Jupiter on the ascendant:

‘[These individuals] may assume a role of religious, educational, or cultural leadership.”

But of Jupiter opposite the Sun:

“Unwise speculation, undue optimism, and financial extravagance can cause loss and later embarrassment . . . it presents a test of the individuals’ judgment and discrimination.”

Let us not forget that Neptune by its closeness to Jupiter is in opposition his Sun as well. This aspect Sakoian and Acker says:

“Indicates a sustained period of possible self-deception and psychological confusion”.

Also the Neptune/Jupiter combination sitting on his South Node pointing out karmic lessons to be learned.

Called not just national leadership but world leadership as well, Obama, with his oratory of hope and change, peace and promise, has captured the imagination of many. This a theme that reverberates in our leaders via the United States Aquarian moon. When Jupiter enters Aquarius there seems to be a push in expanding relations with other countries. Richard Nixon achieved much during his presidency in international relations, opening relations with China and keeping a lid on the unstable Middle East. Yet,very much like Obama, during this time, Nixon’s South Node was running over his natal Jupiter, indicating the same kind of Karmic lesson with power. We all know how that ended up.

Your thoughts?

Photo published under a Creative Commons License from Flickr.


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The Harvest Moon: Remembering the Future

harvest-moonThe Celtics were a people that reconciled opposites, day and night, dark and light as the continuum of the same forces that bound the lives of men and gods together. Unlike us, with our 9 to 5 routines, the Celts viewed Time as fluid, as having the ability to flow back on itself. The Druids called prophecy “remembering the future/”

Also, unlike us, the Celts found the seeding of things in the darkness. A Neolithic people of the land, they were keyed to the rhythms of life and death, the fertility of the land and of their tribes, and the phases of the Moon. As the Sun dipped below the horizon, the moon rose, and literally, a new day began.

Instead of being the end of the day’s activities, sleep and dreaming were the start of the daily cycle for Celtic peoples. It was the natural time for adults to spend some alone together, as children slept and the adults got to the business of making their brothers and sisters. The darkness was associated with planting seeds for future growth.

The Celtic worldview centered on balancing the dark and the light. As such, the Four Fire festivals, Olmelc, Beltane, Lughaan, and Samhain, all festivals celebrating the cycle of life, were not celebrated at the solstice points, but at the midpoints of them. The view of balancing dark and light is evident with the start of their monthly calendar, which they marked at the Full Moon. The seed of the dark new moon had flowered, and like the Sun at Midday, the fullness of the power of the moon was on display. Poised in mid cycle, between new and old moon, the Full moon was ripe with future promise of the seed planted in the darkness.

This past week, the full Harvest Moon, marks the fullness of the fruits of our past efforts.
It is the month the Celts called Samonois, the seed-fall. It is a time of preparation for the cold and the darkness as we remember what the future will be. In a few weeks, we will be at the time of the fourth fire festival, what we call Halloween and which the Celts celebrated as the New Year.

Photo published under a Creative Commons License fromFlickr

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The Eighth House: Transformation and Transcendence

tranformationAll the natural water houses, the fourth, eighth and the twelfth houses are naturally difficult to understand. When we talk about matters concerning the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, we are wading into the waters of emotions and of the soul. These are the houses of our private lives: the houses of our secrets.

The fourth house is our house of family, of intimacies exchanged within shared living spaces, of family secrets. The twelfth house is the house of our connection with the wider Universe, our psyches and the intersection of body, mind and soul. The eighth house is where we deeply explore the mysteries of the Universe, how we process our earthly experiences to gain spiritual knowledge.

The natural ruler of the eighth house is Scorpio, which is ruled traditionally by Mars and in modern times by Pluto. While the fourth house is tenanted by a cardinal sign and the twelfth a mutable, the eighth carries the fixity of purpose of Scorpio. Part of the Scorpio strategy is to “hide in plain sight” of not revealing the seething emotions of this sign. He does this in order to avoid having his emotional nature exploited.

As does all the the water signs, Scorpio senses reality in multiple dimensions. Cancer naturally understands the mundane emotional multi layer geography of family life, and Pisces understands herself as a citizen of an incredibly multilayered Universe. Scorpio stands in the doorway between the mundane to the Universal. Scorpio senses that there is more to life than the five senses to present and he naturally seeks to attain arcane knowledge to validate this perception.

The modern ruler of the eighth house is the powerful planet Pluto. Discovered in 1938 it was, until recently, the last of the modern planets. It defined the boundary of our solar system for most people.

The Greek God of the Underworld has a history rich in personal drama. The son of Saturn, he was swallowed at birth, along with his siblings, by his father, to avoid a prophecy that Saturn would be overthrown by one of his children. Freed by Jupiter, he formed an alliance with Jupiter and powerful Neptune to depose Saturn as King of the Heavens. In drawing lots for the dominion of the world, he drew the Underworld, where he ruled dispassionately, presiding over the fate of souls dispatched to his realm by death. Unlike his philandering brothers, his heart was engaged only once when he spied the beautiful daughter of Mother Earth, Ceres. Breaching the crust of the earth, he kidnapped the girl and forcibly made her his wife. The earth has not been the same since. It was transformed from an evergreen paradise to a barren place by Ceres’ grief over the loss of her daughter. At the intervention of Jupiter an agreement was brokered where Persephone could be with her mother half of the year. Since then the earth experiences four seasons with Spring and Summer as the time Persephone spends with her mother.

The Eight House itself is rich these dramas, sex, death, rape, loss, and dramatic transformations. In a world that the Buddhists insist is only an illusion, it is where we deal with endemic change to our world and our beliefs, where we enter as one thing and emerge another. It is where we are stripped to our essential essence then forced to build a new reality for ourselves. In the end it the place of transcendence were we emerge from this painful journey with a new understanding of how the Universe works.

Photo published under a Creative Commons License from Flickr

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Monthly Astrology Forecast for October: Put On Your Thinking Cap

For most of the month an underground sense of destiny, whether filled or unfilled pervades the America psyche. Mars and Saturn point its energies to the Jupiter, Neptune conjunction, forming the configuration known as the inconjunct. Jupiter and Neptune , as the apex of the Yod is recieving the energy from two planets, one urging action and other cautioning restraint, so like a two headed snake, we aren’t sure where to go, but we know we need to get there! Pluto has formed a powerful challenge to Saturn, which represents our limits, demanding that we push the envelope, regardless of sense and reason. Later this month a stress aspect from Mercury to Uranus can twist communications into something more ominous than they should be. It is not enough to listen, we must think clearly and use all our reasoning skills to make wise decisions. As the Sun slides into secretive Scorpio we will need all need to put on our thinking caps and employ our intuitive skills to discern the not only the actions but the motives of others. We will not be pleased.

buttonariesYou are looking for love in all the wrong places. Why do you have your sights set on someone with a virginal quality that you lack? Maybe it’s the lure of conquest of the unattainable. Before you insist that someone surrenders his or her love to you, perhaps you should consider who exactly is doing the conquering.
taurus-buttomThis a very good time to dust off that financial portfolio and take a hard look at what is working and what is not. Your insights in these matters right now couldn’t be keener, so sharpen your pencil and get ready to make some moves that strengthen your financial position.
gemini-buttonFortune smiles upon you this month Gemini, with lucky trines from Jupiter in Aquarius and the Sun in Libra. The natural inclination during trines is let things happen naturally. You can go this way if you want to. The best way, however, to use a trine though is to get out there and grab the brass ring. It’s worth the effort to get off that couch..
cancer-button1This isn’t the best time to try to get your way in relationships. People just want to just get along, and you want to get what you want. Unfortunately for Moonchildren the one you love just isn’t into love and cuddles right now. Not only will you have to put up, you’ll have to shut up too if you want to keep harmony in the home.
buttonleoHave you paid those traffic tickets? If you haven’t you should. Legal matters are apt to prove troublesome if you haven’t taken some pro-active matters to head off trouble. Listen to friends, associates and your lawyer to get the best results.
buttonvirgo1Oh the drama, Virgo as this month presents you with challenges on multiple fronts! People drop in unexpectedly, and your significant other is giving you the fish eye. Small appliances break down and light bulbs go dead just as you are about to flip the switch. You are expected to drop everything and attend a group function with only hours notice. The list goes on. What the real reason for all this turmoil is that courtesy of certain planetary alignments you are filled with electrical and magnetic energy that overheats everyone’s circuits. Take a bath and ground those impulses! Trust me, we will all be glad you did
buttonlibraYou get to be funny and original and a real crowd pleaser this month. On top of it, money drops into your lap from out the blue. Things are going so well for you that you annoy other people with your good fortune. While it is easy to ignore these kind of people, in the long run it is best to be charming and generous with them so that they too can become part of the long list of your admirers.
buttonscorpioThings keep coming at you from out the blue and it’s beginning to wear you down, Scorpio. You like to pride yourself on your deep inner and intuitive knowledge of how the world works, and you are caught by surprise at the stuff that keeps happening. Your singular strength of will keeps you going, but damn!
buttonsagittariusThings are popping and hopping for you this month, Sag. You’ve got your best buds by your side and your old friend Mr. Jupiter is slinging some opportunities your way. It’s just the way its suppose to be right? Well, Archer, you might find yourself in deeper than you expected as there is some fine print to those golden opportunities that puts a whole new spin on things.
buttoncapricornYour have your eye on a new situation but it is not happening yet. There are some some communication issues to settle and the finances just aren’t right. Hang in there, Cap. Next month, you’ll be able to put some plans into place that will help you achieve what you want.
buttonaquariusNot that the world revolves around you, but you feel that it does. Whether you are the CEO of the company or stay at home Mom, you are in big demand. This month has a bigger “to do” list than most other months. And heavens help you if you miss item 2001 on your “2002 Things To Do List”. You can end up feeling unappreciated as other people assume that you can handle it all which you can. But geez, someone should hand you at least a mochachino for it
buttonpiscesIf you are looking for love, you may find it at an electronics store. Not that you’d be falling in love with an actual human, but then again dear Pisces, you aren’t exactly discriminating about the objects of your affection. Isn’t this what your BFF been telling you? And right now, you have the wild hair to follow your instincts for “self actualization”. However, the pull to live life on more practical terms is very strong, so maybe you should reach out and touch someone of the flesh and blood variety.

If you would like a question answered on these pages send your birth date, birth place and birth time along with your question to starrynightastro@aol.com. Sorry, time constraints prevent me from doing readings on anything other than a single question.

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