The Astrology of Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize & A Lesson From the Past

obama-pix1Just a week after the rejection of Chicago as the host of the 2012 Olympic Games was seen as a waning of the world wide influence of Barack Obama, the Nobel Committee announced this morning that U. S. President was selected as the recipient of the coveted 2009 Nobel Peace prize.

“You could hear the gasps in the room as the announcement was made, “ reported CNN International anchor Jonathan Mann. This award came as a surprise to many. Barely nine months into office, and the Commander in Chief of two wars, and out a candidate pool of two hundred people it seemed a premature honor to offer especially since it is rare for a sitting president to win this award. The last president to do this was Woodrow Wilson in 1919 and previously Theodore Roosevelt in 1906, both in their second terms.

The announcement was made as the Sun, Jupiter and the Moon formed an Air Grand Trine. Jupiter is opposite Obama’s Leo Sun but also sits on his ascendant. Interestingly, this Grand Trine intersects with his progressed Mercury and Mars in the sign of the negotiator, the zodiac sign of Libra.

Sakoian & Acker say of the Jupiter on the ascendant:

‘[These individuals] may assume a role of religious, educational, or cultural leadership.”

But of Jupiter opposite the Sun:

“Unwise speculation, undue optimism, and financial extravagance can cause loss and later embarrassment . . . it presents a test of the individuals’ judgment and discrimination.”

Let us not forget that Neptune by its closeness to Jupiter is in opposition his Sun as well. This aspect Sakoian and Acker says:

“Indicates a sustained period of possible self-deception and psychological confusion”.

Also the Neptune/Jupiter combination sitting on his South Node pointing out karmic lessons to be learned.

Called not just national leadership but world leadership as well, Obama, with his oratory of hope and change, peace and promise, has captured the imagination of many. This a theme that reverberates in our leaders via the United States Aquarian moon. When Jupiter enters Aquarius there seems to be a push in expanding relations with other countries. Richard Nixon achieved much during his presidency in international relations, opening relations with China and keeping a lid on the unstable Middle East. Yet,very much like Obama, during this time, Nixon’s South Node was running over his natal Jupiter, indicating the same kind of Karmic lesson with power. We all know how that ended up.

Your thoughts?

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