Weekly Astrology Forecast: Surface Impressions and What Lies Beneath

jane-video-phoneSaturn has moved in Libra which signals a shift in the things that restricts our movements. Libra is all about relationships, social connections, justice, in other words “What is fair?”. How do we navigate the ties that bind us to our family, friends and community? The danger with Saturn in Libra is that we might be drawn surface impressions of ourselves and others to wend our way through the social fabric of our lives. Like Jane Jetson putting on fake happy face before she answers the video phone, we’ll only show people what will make us look good. Other people will only look for that in us as well.

Saturn and Uranus continue their opposition, but both are challenged with a square to Pluto. T-Squares are about conflicts with relationships, and here the Plutonian challenge stirs the pot of the simmering brew of keeping things the same and changing them for the better. Pluto kicks into high gear revelations of our personal secrets revealing them for the lies that they are. This is what lies beneath, but not for long!

Aries—Cat fight! As someone moves in to poach your turf, you gear up to do battle. Is it worth it Aries? Sometimes you like to engage in a good fight for the fun of it, rather than anything you’ll gain.

Taurus—With the planet of communications Mercury and the Sun in the sign opposite your Sun, you are feeling that others are talking about you behind your back. Part of being the opposite sign of secretive and paranoid Scorpio is a bit of paranoia of your own. The funny thing is Scorpio has every reason to start at movements in the dark, whereas you have a more sure and certain footing of your surroundings. Remember that.

Gemini—“Fly me to the moon”, that old Sinatra song, could be your theme song this week. With other people working at cross purposes against you, you first response is to flee the unpleasantries. A mental health day might be a good idea.

Cancer—You have a small breather where the Scorpio Sun provides support for your more tender feelings. Take this time to reenergize yourself with some TLC as Saturn in Libra is going to push you to shore up your money and health with some really stern measures.

Leo—I’ve been feeling badly for you, Leo, this past year, with the planet of confusion and the planet of expansion, Jupiter doing a happy dance on your head. You haven’t been able to get anywhere, though not for a lack of trying on your part. Even with energetic Mars in your sign, you still need to step carefully for the land mines that are scattered in your path.

Virgo—Nothing seems stable so you are in holding pattern right now. Women in your home and your social sphere seem to be living on another planet, unable or unwilling to listen to sense and reason. You can’t do anymore than you have, so don’t

Libra—Lucky you, the planet of duty and responsibility, Saturn, is coming to sit on your doorstep this week.. Light hearted Libra doesn’t enjoy getting down into the nitty-gritty or the how’s and wherefores of how things are done, but now you are going to have to experience first hand what you usually hire someone else to do.

Scorpio—This is an excellent time to set up those online college courses or to plan taking a night class. Scorpio always looks to expand their mind, anyway, and, trust me, this is so much better than spending lonely midnight hours with your auntie’s dusty grimoire.

Sagittarius—Your current energy level and a recent influx of cash has you hopeful for the future. However, if you hope to move up quickly, after such a long slump, you might want to rethink your plan. You need to show a little more to the higher ups before they trust you with bigger assignments.

Capricorn—If you are willing to try a few different things than you might find yourself a bit luckier than if you didn’t. The stars support a little romance, and running off at the drop of a hat to pursue a dream. Don’t let this opportunity slip away because of some misguided notion of how responsible you need to be.

Aquarius—A lucky trine between Jupiter in Aquarius and Venus in Libra has the potential to make money flow in, at last! Don’t let some brain confusion about your family prevent you from doing what you need to do to cash in on this rare situation. At the very least, buy lottery tickets.

Pisces—Did you put all your eggs in one basket? Did you forget to diversify your holdings? Did you forget to take the hamburger out of the freezer? This week has you going back and forth trying to figure out the best way to manage your interests. Slow down and take a deep breath.

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