Weekly Astrology Forecast: Significant Transformations

transformation2Astrology for the Week of November 6 to November 12, 2009. This week starts out under the haze of a lazy Venus trine to Neptune and Jupiter, but it hides the underlying powder keg of a T-Square from the moon to Saturn to Pluto to the moon again. Saturn, of course, is still in tension aspect (opposition) to Uranus. Not only we will be living with the Uranus/Saturn opposition most of 2010 but we will be living with a T-square shadowing our intimate and familial relationships. T-Squares highlight these most important aspects of our lives, forcing us to examine our behavior and make changes either to improve the relationship or break away from it. The “empty leg” of this T-Square is the Aries point, representing new life and new growth. The Cardinal nature of this T-Square demands action. Each of the Cardinal signs demands the right to take action within their sphere of influence. Aries wants to lead, Cancer wants to rule the home, Libra wants to influence the social sphere, and Capricorn wants to command the public arena. It is also important to remind you that each of these points signify significant changes in how the light of the Sun affects the activity of those tenanted on Planet Earth. Each of these points are Solstice points marking the passage of the Sun from symbolic birth, growth and symbolic death. Significant transformations await us in the coming year, and for many of us, it is in the area of personal relationships.

Aries—Money pressures mount under the opposition of your Sun to Venus, with those being born in April feeling the brunt of this. Soon a decision is going to have to be made in the handling of your finances, and you are going to have to go one way or another rather than straddling the fence as you’ve been doing.

Taurus—You really, really hate secrets, though it seems like the Universe is aligned against to keep its own and share yours with the world. You should tread lightly this week as the pressure to act is pressure to act impulsively, and this you must avoid.

Gemini—Riding high on your exuberance for life you are apt to go overboard in the expense department. Nothing makes Gemini happier than to spread the wealth, but unfortunately your sense of wealth outweighs the realities of your checkbook. Hide your credit cards.

Cancer—Constrained and overwhelmed with your responsibilities you know something has to give. What is it going to be Cancer, letting go of some of those must do’s or collapsing in the bed from exhaustion? Your choice, but the former is better than the latter.

Leo—Aren’t you the Energizer Bunny this week? Your “two thousand and two things to do” list seems to grow and you drive yourself frantic trying to accomplish all those tasks. Rome wasn’t built in a day, dear Leo, but it did manage to desintengrate fairly quickly once the limits of that civilization’s ability to sustain itself was reached. Take time to nurture yourself.

Virgo—Hah! Now that Saturn has moved off your sign you think the pressure is off of you! Wrong! You are forced to deal with the erratic actions of your family, from them failing to eat their breakfast to leaving their shoes, underwear and backpacks all over the house. A call to order is necessary.

Libra—Saturn has come to visit you, dear Libra, and while its wisdom seems dubious at first, eventually you will emerge stronger and more confident of your abilities. That’s the good news. The bad news is Saturn has come to live with you dear Libra.

Scorpio—Your personal motto this week is “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” meaning that if someone asks you aren’t talking anyway. It would help you to talk over your feelings with someone you trust, but who exactly would that be?

Sagittarius—I said last week you shouldn’t take shortcuts, but you didn’t listen then. Listen now. We all know how warm and wonderful you are, Sag, and we love you for it, but sometimes you just have to walk the talk. Do so for your own sake, if not for ours.

Capricorn—As constricted as you feel by your present circumstances you know that you have to wait before you take action. One of your strong points is persistence, and this you must apply this week in the face of impossible demands. Stay strong.

Aquarius—At least you can say that this year wasn’t as bad for you as some folks you know. This is more of victory than you realize. The Universe does not intend to pound you into the ground, but a tension aspect from the planet of action keeps bringing aggressive people into your sphere. Keep your cool and your wits about you for the next few weeks.

Pisces—Somehow someone has sucked you into some grand social scheme. Whether it is organizing a bake sale or the United Way drive or the company Christmas party, “tag, your it!” is the motto of the day. There is no way to say “no” without looking like you are shirking you social duties, so suck it up and do it. Don’t let details hang in midair.

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