#Election 2022: Trouble’s Coming

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(Astrology Explored) The November 8, 2022 United States Midterm election, of the most significant midterms in our nation’s history. The Democrats are fighting ennui and a general lack of recognition of what they’ve done with a Democratic president in the Whitehouse. The Republicans revel in the inflation rate, which they blame on the president, but is, in fact, the result of Big Oil price gouging the American public.

If you look into history, you’ll find that gas prices always rise before an election where the Democrats threaten to take political control. Why is that? I’ve always said there are two big political forces in the US—Big Banks and Big Oil. Mind you, neither one do the American public any favors but Big Oil will hit Americans hard where it hurts if they think that it will leverage their favored political party to taking governmental control.

Note: I am a Democratic. No. More than that, I swing as far left as they come. You might even say rabid. I happen to believe in the words of the Declaration of Independence—a government for the people, by the people. It infuriates me that the 1% have co-opted the government with campaign contributions they should never be allowed to make. Hell, I don’t even believe in Capitalism, at least not in the form we have now. It is my opinion that unfettered Capitalism preys on the people in terms of depressing wages, inflating prices, and taking tax cuts making their tax liability, percentage-wise, below that of the average American. So, I am not pro-Republican.

Rant and full disclosure over, I’ll get to the heart of this post.

Let’s look at the Eclipse chart, the marker of the events for the next six months.

Horoscope Election 2022

Saturn represents the Democratic party, and Jupiter represents the Republican party.

Saturn loosely conjuncts the US Moon in Aquarius. Jupiter conjuncts Neptune opposite the US Neptune in Virgo. In the eclipse chart, Uranus the planet of upsets sits with the practical Moon in Taurus. Taurus, being ruled by Venus, is the zodiac sign of women’s concerns. And this Moon is opposite the transiting Sun in Scorpio, ruled by Mars, which rules surgery, and by association, abortion. Scorpio likes to control, but Taurus’ resolve. can often overturn Scorpio’s heavy hand.

Now switch gears to the chart’s Seventh and Eighth house. The United States has always used women as a resource, from paying them less than men to expecting them to bear the next generation of workers without compensation. With Jupiter, the significator of the Republicans there in the US chart, the Republicans expect women to play traditional roles. But the eclipse Mars conjoined the US Mars is inconjunct the transiting Venus in Scorpio.

I often use the myth of Persephone to illustrate the Venus in Scorpio concept. Persephone appears the victim of kidnapping and rape, but her story falls apart on examination. Ultimately, Persephone transforms from the relatively minor Goddess of Spring, to the powerful Goddess of the Underworld with a religion that was one of the most powerful of the Grecian world. This story tells us that women will not be kept down, and we won’t reveal our actions or our plans until the last minute.

And then there is this:

Horoscope of the MIdterm election poll close

At the close of the US polls, which is Alaska at midnight Alaska time the day’s ascendant, the light of the first day, shines on the US Saturn.

I’m not worried about whether most Democrats will win their seats. No. What I worry about is the election violence before and denialism that will come after.

See that red Mars line? Yeah, trouble’s coming.

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