#Astrology and the #US Midterms: Not A Runaway Red Wave

(Astrology Explored) The US Midterms turned out not to be the runaway red wave that the Republicans wanted. Nor did the Democrats bat this election ball out of the ball field. It is disappointing to Democrats with their message democracy is at stake didn’t hit home with more of the electorate, many of whom are voting with their pocketbooks. They are caught in the Republican Neptunian delusion demonstrated in the eclipse moon chart.

As of 6:30 AM November 9, 2022, the Democrats and the Republicans are tied in the Senate, and the House while seeming to lean Red is not a lock.

The Eclipse Moon Election Chart

The Eclipse Moon election chart

The eclipse chart almost seems to guarantee a Republican win, but this astrologer has found that the Alaska Polls close chart (as the end of the matter) is more illustrative of election results.

Horoscope of the Midterm election poll close

Alaska Poll Close Chart

And to get an idea of the gains and losses this chart predicts here is the horoscope Astro*Cartography*Chart of the Alaska Polls Close chart.

The lines of Saturn, representing the Democratic party bracket the continental US, while the planet of the Republicans, Jupiter cuts the country in half. While this seems concerning, one small bright spot is the area of Trumplican influence has shrunk from Trump’s chart, which was entirely illustrative of the 2016 election.

Trump sphere of influence

Here the area between the Jupiter (Republican) line and Uranus, where everything upends, is smaller than the area between the Pluto/Mars area claimed by Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

And I leave with you my hasty attempt of photoshopping the 270toWin chart at 6:30 AM on the Alaska Poll Close chart to ponder as we wait for the final results.

Midterms Neck and Neck Astro*Carto*Graphy

What do you think the result will be?

Note: Paid image from Deposit Photos.

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