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After three months without a grand prize winner, the Powerball jackpot has increased to an estimated $1.6 billion for Saturday’s drawing.

The current jackpot–which has a cash value of $782.4 million–has surpassed the world record amount of $1.586 billion that was set by Powerball in 2016.

So is this coming Saturday the big drop for the Powerball?

November 5, 2022

This is the chart I use to track the Powerball, and it’s worked well, so far. So what do we see here?

We see this Powerball’s natal chart, with a packed 10th house (public image) and a ton of transits to that house. Here we see the planet of abundance, Jupiter, sitting on top of natal Mercury, which is the business of natal Venus has transiting Chiron on it, along with the transiting moon in Aries.

So where will the Powerball drop it’s largess.

I’m thinking there will be two winners, because Mars in is Gemini, and Mars rules the sign Venus is in, which is Aries. Plus the moon and Chiron are in Aries.

And why do I mention this? Because I use an Astro*Carto*graphy chart, more precisely a Davis relationship chart, because that allows me to see where the lines of influence for this lottery play out.

Powerball Astro*Carto*Graphy Chart

Look to the tenth house again to the planets triggering the Powerball’s natal planets. We see Jupiter triggering Mercury. Look to the green line running though Hawaii. There could be winner here. And to the blue line dropping from Washington state to California. Possibly we’ll see a winner here. And then the blue curvy line representing Jupiter slashing through Texas and the midwest. Those are the three places to look for winners. Sorry, East Coast, this is not your Powerball, but don’t let me stop you from placing bets. I could be wrong at any time.

Good luck!

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