Astrology and Weather: Nor’easter Bears Down on East Coast

National Weather Service Map Nov 8 Nor'easter

(Astrology Explored) The East Coast, savaged by Hurricane Sandy, is groaning under the announcement that another bad storm, a Nor’easter bears down on them. Though not as powerful as the hurricane, this storm, possibly heavy with precipitation, winds and storm surge has the potential to undo the recovery efforts of this area.

The National Weather Service has excellent maps that tracks the projected path of the storm, one shown above. Though the storm has moved in its path away from New Jersey, it still looks like its going to hit New England.

The question always is, how bad will it be?

November 7, 2012 through November 8 a t-square is in effect involving Venus, Uranus and Pluto. But if you were to look on an astro*carto*graphy map (not shown here) the apparent path of these planets against earth spinning on its axis, what we refer to in short as the lines of these planets are not active on the east coast. While storm activity is in the area it may be nasty and uncomfortable but doesn’t rise to level of being dangerous. It’s not until Midnight, November 8 that a new T-Square forms,this one involving the Moon, Chiron, Neptune and the messenger of the gods, Mercury. The Moon changes sign as this T-Square forms. The lines of these planets run squarely up the east coast, but converge off New England, auguring, perhaps, that Connecticut and Massachusetts will get hit harder than expected. While New Jersey and New York aren’t entirely spared, they aren’t getting the brunt of it.

Where snow or rain will be the the predominant form of precipitation is another question. With Mercury in a fire sign, it seems rain is more likely than snow, at least for the coastal New England. Additional flood damage then is a danger. With the planet of electricity, Uranus, involved, significant power outages are likely as well.

Don’t let those out-of-state power repair crews go home yet. Looks like we’ll be needing them.

Image published is a Public Domain image generated by the National Weather Service.

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