The Astrology of National Elections: Obama, Romney and Void of Course Moon

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Some astrologers are predicting a Romney victory in today’s election by virtue of the fact that he was officially nominated when the moon was not Void of Course (VOC) while Obama’s nomination came during a VOC moon.

A Moon Void of Course refers is a moon that makes no further aspects to any other planet before is changes sign. It signifies that nothing will come of the matter

Debbie Kempton-Smith quotes from A. H. Morrison on her Moon Void of Course page:

“In every presidential election from 1900 through 1972 one of the two major party candidates was nominated with the Moon Void of Course. Every one of the candidates nominated with the Moon Void of Course lost.

“Jimmy Carter’s 1980 nomination came in a Void of Course Moon.”
[ John Kerry’s 2004 nomination and Al Gore’s 2000 nomination came in a Void of Course Moon. —DK-S]

But we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Obama just yet. As Chris Brennan says on The Horoscopic Political Blog:

Obama has historically done pretty well when he has launched things during void of course Moon periods in the past. For example, as my co-writer Patrick Watson pointed out back in 2009, Obama launched his 2008 presidential campaign under a void of course Moon, and that turned out to be one of the most successful political campaigns in modern history.

One could also point out that he announced Joe Biden as his running mate during a void Moon, and he was also inaugurated under a void Moon, although I can anticipate that some might want to argue whether those two things can be considered to have been successful.

The success of his 2008 presidential campaign, which was launched under a void Moon, isn’t really a point that can be argued though.

Obama has a penchant for getting things done under Mercury Retrograde as well.

I wrote in December 2010:

President Obama’s grand slam victory at getting key points of his agenda passed in the final session of a lame duck Congress startled Republicans and delighted Democrats. . . . Indeed the repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is a turning point in our policies toward our military . . . This along with other small victories, getting the government funded for the next three months, authorization of additional months of assistance for the unemployed, extending tax “cuts” for all of us, a food safety bill strengthening federal power to inspect food processing plants; a deal to confirm about 20 of President Obama’s judicial nominations to the federal bench; and ratification of the New START treaty with Russia, is an impressive list of legislative achievements.

And the amazing thing is that all these things were done during Mercury Retrograde.

And surprise, surprise Mercury turns retrograde on election day.
What we may see is this election could be a turnabout redoux of the 2000 year Bush/Gore election. Mercury turned retrograde on that day as well. Republicans may end up grousing about Romney winning the popular vote, while Obama wins the Electoral College vote.

But as far as Obama losing the election because of a Void of Course moon, think again.

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