Political Astrology: We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Post

Obama Hope Picture(Astrology Explored) We interrupt our regularly scheduled posts on ancient Christmas traditions to bring you speculations on the U.S Political scene and President Barack Obama.

President Obama’s grand slam victory at getting key points of his agenda passed in the final session of a lame duck Congress startled Republicans and delighted Democrats. Indeed the repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is a turning point in our policies toward our military, freeing our fighting forces of the onus of figuring out whether or not it is OK to let people with alternate sexual orientations die for their country. This lightning rod issue has bedeviled the U. S. Congress and Senate before and since its inception in 1993 as an imperfect solution to a dilemma straddling morality and political correctness. So this resolution to an imperfect solution was a surprise to say the least.

This along with other small victories, getting the government funded for the next three months, authorization of additional months of assistance for the unemployed, extending tax “cuts” for all of us, a food safety bill strengthening federal power to inspect food processing plants; a deal to confirm about 20 of President Obama’s judicial nominations to the federal bench; and ratification of the New START treaty with Russia, is an impressive list of legislative achievements.

And the amazing thing is that all these things were done during Mercury Retrograde.

Now any astrologer worth his or her salt will tell you that any or all of these bills shouldn’t have passed and may be reversed, reworked or repealed. But, but, but, seeing that Obama rallied the legislative troops in the eleventh hour, seeing that Obama made his announcement to run for the presidency while the moon was void of course, that he was sworn into office on Mercury Retrograde, well it just makes an astrologer scratch her head and say, “My stars!”

There is only one group of people for who Mercury in Retrogrades works favorably, those who were born during a Mercury in Retrograde period. And Obama, according to his Hawaii birth date, was not.

This just only works into certain conspiracy theories that Obama’s stated birth date, place and time is not his real one. This wouldn’t be so unusual. For years, Ronald Reagan kept all his real birth data secret from all but his family and his astrologers. But I’m sure I’m not the only astrologer wondering if the data we were given is correct. The astrology says the passage of these bills shouldn’t have happened, but it did anyway under Obama’s leadership. First, last and always I believe the astrology, so something else astrologically has to be going on.

What do you think? Because I don’t have an answer to this one.

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6 Responses to Political Astrology: We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Post

  1. Duse says:

    The answer is really simple, actually.

    Things started, projects began, or contracts discussed before Mercury Retrograde sometimes come to their final conclusion or decision DURING Mercury Retrograde. If you found a property and drew up the contracts when Mercury was Direct, it’s often okay to sign them when he’s turned Retrograde. That’s if, due to delays or such, there’s no other choice. As DADT and the START Treaty have been ongoing situations for months if not years, that they would finalize while Mercury was Retrograde isn’t too surprising.

    As for the Tax Compromise, it too pre-dates the Mercury Retrograde period — actually the Democrats’ movement, or lack thereof, on it pre-dates the recent Midterm Elections –, but that’s one thing I suspect will, in fact, change or shift or alter in the New Year when Mercury is Direct.

    In addition, the time frame AFTER the Superior Conjunction of Mercury with the Sun is oftentimes better when it comes to finalizing agreements or making decisions. Again, it’s best to wait — if you can — until Mercury is direct and out of his Shadow Period, but if that’s not an option, after the Superior Conjunction is okay.

    Also be aware that Tr Mars is approaching the orb — it’s at 10 degrees right now — for a Waxing Square with Obama’s Natal Mars, ruler of what we believe to be his Aries-ruled 3rd House of Contracts, Signed Agreements, etc. So the energy was at his disposal to make this final push.

    Of course one wonders how much HE did and how much Biden and Reid and Pelosi did for him to help all of this happen. But that’s how Washington works.

  2. Duse says:

    Oops, that should have been after the INFERIOR Conjunction — when Mercury is Retrograde — with the Sun. It’s the Superior Conjunction when Mercury meets the Sun again when he’s Direct.

    My apologies.

  3. libramoon says:

    What was passed? New ideas, new bills just brought up? Hell no. Congress finally went back to the work they neglected in favor of politicking. They picked up the pieces that had been dropped along the way, listened to the long playing drumbeat of public concerns, recommunicated. Mercury, that old trickster, is not always about linear movement. Reconsidering, reflecting, reconciling differences …

    from a Mercury retrograde in Capricorn native

  4. Beth Turnage says:

    @Duse, thanks for leaving a comment. I don’t recall seeing you here before, so its gratifying to see new views. However, I’m not so copasetic with “it’s OK to sign agreements if they have been in the works for a while,” so I’ll throw that question open to anyone else who cares to comment. .

    @Libramoon–Congress got back to work? Gee, I think I have a more jaundiced view about our political process. I think the lameduck Democrats and Republicans with axes to grind threw their weight behind some ideas that have been unpopular, but Obama got someone to lead the charge. I just thought that after all these months of gridlock, SOMETHING HAPPENED! Wow! And how strange.

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