The Astrology of Accidents: African Painted Dog Mauling Not Only Death At Zoo

African Painted Dog

African Painted Dog

(Astrology Explored) On Sunday at around 11:48 AM a two year old boy tumbled fatally into the exhibit of African Painted dogs at the Pittsburgh zoo. The wild dogs, eleven in number, described by zoo officials as in “pack mentality” were especially aggressive in their attack, with one dog having to be put down before zoo personal could gain access the child.

The unidentified toddler was pronounced dead at the scene.

The ongoing investigation is trying to determine whether the child died from the eleven foot fall into the pit, or from the attack itself. It is reported that the child’s 34 year old mother had placed the child on the wooden railing surrounding the enclosure and almost immediately he lost his balance and fell.

African Wild dogs have a bite force equivalent of 142, the highest of any carnivore, including big cats and bears. Due to a loss of habitat through human encroachment they are an endangered species.

While this is the first visitor death in the history of the 114 year old zoo, it is not the only death involving animals. Ten years prior an animal trainer Mike Gatti was killed by a 20 year old elephant while on an exercise walk with him and her 3 year old calf. The mother elephant had stopped near the Northern Shores Cafe on the grounds. When the keeper attempted to prod her along she butted him and pinned him to the ground with her head, crushing him. Described as the most docile, well behaved elephant at the zoo, her behavior as called atypical even though head butting of keepers is quite common by elephants.

But even though these incidents appear random, and they are separated by time, the The The similarity of astrological patterns of between both incidents is striking.

The chart of the Pittsburg zoo itself is an afflicted one. This chart is a sunrise chart and the date of the opening of the zoo is taken from Wikipedia.

The Sun, the life force of the chart, Neptune the planet of illusions, Pluto the planet of transformation and Mercury sit together in a stellium in the astrological sign of the twins, Gemini. The stellium is in direct opposition to another stellium of Chiron, the planet of “something wrong”, Uranus, the planet of unexpected events and Saturn, the planet of troubles.

This last collection of planets, Chiron, Uranus and Saturn, constitute one leg of a Yod, called the finger of God. This configuration often augurs events that seem like fate or destiny. The other leg is Jupiter and the apex is the natal Moon/Mars combination. Because it is a sunrise chart we do not have the exact position of the moon, since the moon only moves 1 degree for every two hours, this moon remains conjunct to Mars through the day.

This Yod is important because of the symbols involved. The moon represents mothers; Mars, trouble. Is it just coincidence then that both incidents involves mothers, one human, one elephantine?

This Yod is the set-up, but its the transits, the planets as they move through the sky, that set it off. The transit for both tragedies are similar.

If you look at the charts below you will see three areas that are highlighted in yellow. The first thing to notice is that in the outside wheel Jupiter in the Fatal Mauling chart sits on the Natal Pluto. Pluto is known as the planet of transformation, but in tis most literal meaning it is the planet of death. In the Employee Death chart, the North node of the Moon, which is said to act like Jupiter in the chart is in relatively the same position as Jupiter the Fatal Mauling chart.

In the Fatal Mauling chart Mars sits opposite the Natal Chart Pluto. Chillingly, in the Employee Death chart, Transiting Pluto is opposite the Natal Pluto. Pluto is said to be the higher octave of Mars. In fact, Pluto has supplanted Mars as the ruler of the zodiac sign Scorpio. Some astrologers still consider Mars to be the co-ruler of Scorpio.

In the Employee Death Chart, Chiron, the planet of ‘something wrong’ is in stress aspect to the Natal Pluto. Often with Chiron we know something is wrong, but we can’t put on finger exactly on it. This is exactly the case with this employee death, since no real explanation was found for the elephant’s behavior.

In the Fatal Mauling Chart transiting Pluto is in stress aspect to Natal Pluto.

Finally, fast moving Mercury, in transit touches the same afflicted Chiron, Uranus and Saturn combination in the zoo’s natal chart. Fast moving planets are said to be triggers of events, the domino that pushes all the others to fall.

It certainly seems that despite this 114 year zoo’s otherwise excellent safety record, its chart is so afflicted that injuries and possible deaths within the zoo can happen at specific times. If only zoo officials would be aware of this and plan extra precautions at this time, further tragedy can be avoided.

Note: The Pittsburgh Zoo chart is based on information from Wikipedia and is set for sunrise since exact time of zoo opening is not known. The dates and times for the events are from news reports.

Image published under a Creative Commons License as explained by Wikipedia.

Horoscope chart of fatal mauling at Pittsburg Zoo.

Horoscope chart of Employee Death at Pittsburgh Zoo

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