The #Astrology of the Whitmer Kidnapping Conspiracy

Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan
Governor Gretchen Whitmer

(Astrology Explored) Shockingly, the FBI and the Attorney General of Michigan announced 13 arrests in a conspiracy to kidnap and murder Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The men arrested belong to the militia group Wolverine Watchmen.

The extensive investigation, court documents showed, relied on confidential informants, undercover agents, recorded conversations, text messages and social media, with federal agents detailing what it called a plan to violently overthrow the government, which included a conspiracy to kidnap the governor, take her to Wisconsin and put her on trial for “treason.”

The conspirators, the documents said, were frustrated and upset about many things, including the fact that during the pandemic, the state was controlling the opening of gyms. They called Whitmer a “tyrant b—-h” and sought to train and recruit others into their ranks.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel took aim at the Wolverine Watchmen, saying there has been a “disturbing increase in anti-government rhetoric” and she condemned the reemergence of groups that embrace “extremist ideologies” and seek to seize on civil unrest to promote armed resistance.

CNN asked the question, “Does Donald Trump’s incendiary rhetoric emboldened militia groups to take action?” What does astrology have to say?

The first chart is the announcement of the arrest. I’ve compared it to Trump’s “Liberate Michigan” tweet memorialized on his twitter page. We see the sun of the “Liberate Michigan” tweet emerging from the Announcement eighth house. Scorpio, the zodiac sign of secrets, is the natural ruler of the eighth house. The conspiracy is secret no more.

Look at the “Liberate Michigan” tweet. The sun, the heart of the tweet, is in the 10th house, visible to all. Mercury in Aries, the zodiac sign of trouble is conjunct Chiron, the planet of something wrong. Both are in the zodiac sign of war, Aries. Oh, yes, this tweet stirred up trouble and emboldened those people with anger and grievances against the United States. The moon in Aquarius, the zodiac sign of the rebel and misanthrope, sits there in the eighth house sextile the sun in Aries.

Edgar Cayce said, “thoughts are things.” This particular thought stirred up a very dangerous conspiracy. This is the price of “Trump being Trump.”

Photo Image from Wikimedia used licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

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