Trump Health Downturn?

(Astrology Explored)

As a forensic astrology technique, I often put the event chart in the center and the person’s chart in the outer ring. The Sun, according to Rex Bills in The Rulership Book represents the President, along with the 10th house and the zodiac sign Leo. Trump’s Chiron, “the planet of something wrong,” and Trump’s Jupiter (the king) sits on the ascendant of the event chart. The ascendant is dawn, the first rays of the sun shining at the beginning of the day. Trump’s Neptune (the planet of infections) buries itself further into the twelfth house of secrets. It is in opposition to the day’s Chiron in the sixth house of health. Chiron is in Aries, which is ruled by the planet Mars, the planet of trouble. The president is, indeed, “not out of the woods.”

Now take a look at the aspects to the event Sun which traced in the black lines. That’s a T-Square, and the focal point of that T-Square is the event Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. Trump is much sicker than his doctor is saying, And in my opinion, he’s about to get much sicker.

Trump’s Saturn and Venus sit at the Event Midheaven. This couldn’t be more literal in its meaning. Around noon, Trump’s physical distress will become more pronounced. What are his symptoms likely to be? Saturn rules the bones, seizures, general body weakness, and vomiting. Venus rules the kidneys, the lymphatic system, and bone marrow, The sign of Cancer rules over abscesses, blood serum, coughs and vomiting. Saturn and Venus are in challenge aspect (square) to the event sun which is conjunct his Chiron and Jupiter in Libra.

Aside from a worsening cough, and instances of vomiting, what I see happening is that in fighting the infection, the monoclonal antibodies have become ineffective, and those antibodies interrupted Trump’s own poor immune response so he is not producing new antibodies to fight the infection. Additionally, as the Washington Post reports: “Dexamethasone is not often prescribed toward the start of a patient’s infection, experts say because it can suppress the immune system’s ability to ward off the virus.”

COVID-19 is not done with Donald Trump as much as he wishes it were so.

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