Astrology, Conspiracy Theories, & Calling Them Out

Astrology has enough of a credibility problem. This is why I despise, yes, despise, when an astrologer uses his or her platform to promote conspiracy theories.

Recently, at the above mentioned Facebook group, I called out one such conspiracy theory where the admin promoted Rudy Giuliani’s “October Surprise” that Hunter Biden left his laptop for repair and surprise, surprise there is all sorts incriminating evidence proving the corruption of Hunter and his father. The New York Post had picked up and printed the story.

Facebook and Twitter having been racked over the coals for their handling of foreign disinformation in the last election and due to the dodgy source of the information, decided to post alerts on the story on their platforms.

I called the story a nothing burger.

Mind you, this is the same page that defended the Pizzagate conspiracy theory in the 2016 election. So I replied:

And boy, did that trigger that astrologer.

“Beth Turnage do not insult my intelligence. I was born in the daytime, but it wasn’t yesterday kiddo and don’t tell me that I am not good at presenting facts, because I’ve been doing it for a long time.

All you have to do is to read Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s transits and secondary progressions since the Ukraine crisis of 2014, and the grand cardinal cross of that year and then follow the events and developments through 2015, 2016, 2017 and you will see for yourself – that is, if you are good at reading transits and progressions because all you’re doing is mouthing off about ‘conspiracy theories’ while it is obvious that you did no delineation on these matters yourself.

Do your astrological homework FIRST and mind your mouth because you do not know what you are talking about.

Open an ephemeris – AND READ IT.”

And after this good talking to, he blocked me. That’s one way to get the last word.

Except his premise, that he could tell that both Bidens were involved in corrupt activities is just plain wrong.

When I first learned astrology, my astrology teacher, Barbara Morales, brought out different charts and had us guess who we thought they were. There were some notorious people there, and no, none of us could guess. In fact, you could say that none of us could divine the sinner from the saint.

For instance, take this chart:

Or this one:

Or this one:

Can you tell which one is the serial killer? Which one is an actor? Or the Nobel Peace Prize recipient?

There is no astrologer that is that special or talented that can tell if someone is a criminal or a saint. 385,000 people are born on any one day, all sharing, except for their moon and ascendants, the same planetary placements. They all do not end up in the same place in life. Nor do transits manifest the same effect in people’s lives. For instance Mars crossing the ascendant could manifest as you banging your knee on the coffee table, or involvement in a motor vehicle accident. To suggest that you, as an an astrologer, can divine which one is arrogance.

And so is using astrology as a “proof” of conspiracy theories. All any astrologer has is an opinion, perhaps reasoned and perhaps not so much. At least, that’s my reasoned opinion.

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  1. Jasvir says:

    hi beth
    first of all i would like to congratulate you for calling out these fakers. it is only because of such people that astrology is being ridiculed everywhere. i had never heard of this before but if conspiracy theories are based in astrology all the time, can they be trusted?

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