Weekly Astrology Forecast: Far Reaching Effects

Weekly Forecast(Astrology Explored) The recent controversy over the “robo-signing” foreclosure scandal which has halted foreclosures in some states and may facilitate a 90 day foreclosure moratorium by the governent shouldn’t come as a shock. These news comes just before the new Moon in Libra, which put the focus on new starts in our relationships. Seeing that Moon joins up with Saturn, and Mercury, these relationships features binding contracts in a business context. Mars and Venus in Scorpio expose the machinations of lenders who faultily and even fraudulently processed huge numbers of foreclosures. . Moon in stress aspect to Jupiter and Uranus present some unwelcome surprises that promise to have far reaching effects on our already stressed economy.

Aries—You find yourself being moved to places, physically or mentally, that you don’t want to go. Your most important relationships demand that you make some sacrifices for the sake of what you want, so it does no good to complain. Lighten up! Buy a lottery ticket Saturday.

Taurus—Relationships aren’t going quite as expected, but its not you, dear Bull that is the problem. The truth is other people have things going on that they don’t want to share with you, and you know, sometimes, it’s better just not to know.

Gemini—Other peoples secrets are not your concern, so don’t bother to try to figure out what they are. Children and older people fill up your time anyway, and to tell you the truth, you find you enjoy that more than mucking around in the dark places other people create from themselves.

Cancer—At the end of the week a yard sale or the sale of some old, maybe even antique, items can net you some extra cash. Don’t spill a single tear over this, as you get more money now than you normally would and you’ll still have the memories, which are worth more than the space these items take up.

Leo—Older people and children provide companionship now, as your friends seem be hiding. They are, because they don’t want to risk your disapproval. Next month they’ll reappear looking all innocent, wondering where you’ve been!

Virgo—The Virgin likes to have things neat and orderly in order to feel comfortable. You have the ability now to clean away anything that clutters your life with dispassion. This could be the basement, the attic and or anybody that you deem beyond redemption. Cleaning the house is fine, but cleaning out your phone list requires a little more discretion.

Libra—Romance is problematic. Maybe your sweetheart is here today, gone tomorrow, or maybe you are reassessing your level of commitment. You certainly want more, and there is no reason you don’t deserve it. Don’t settle for less.

Scorpio—Venus in your own sign is retrograde, having you look at the state of relationship status. Hah! You have to have a relationship first! Feeling feisty, you are on the hunt. Watch out world.

Sagittarius—You could be in a few surprises, as your sweetie has decided to spice things up. Always up for a good time, let the good times roll.

Capricorn—If it wasn’t for your patience and stamina, you wouldn’t get anything done. Other people are resistant to your suggestions, thinking them more like orders from a drill sergeant. Medicine goes down better with a spoonful of sugar, so try to offer up some with the medicine you dish out.

Aquarius—Other people are receptive to your message, especially if you offer some helpful hints to solve their problems. No one but Aquarius can look at a situation sideways and come up with something completely different and completely workable. Good job!

Pisces—If your luck has seemed a little screwed up lately, it’s because you are focusing on issues from the past that prevent you from seeing things clearly. The past is behind you, the future isn’t until tomorrow, and today is for the living. Live!

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