Astrology, Synchronicity and an Informal Experiment

Weekly Astrology Forecast(Astrology Explored) One day I was discussing at lunch a piece I was working on about fashion and astrology. “What does astrology have to do with it?” said a person at the table. “Astrology has to do with everything!” I reply.

Carl Jung proposed the theory of synchronicity in the 1920’s, which describes a conceptual framework where separate events, though not related in causal relationships, mesh as simultaneous occurrences that appear to be meaningfully related. With this theory, Jung breathed new life into astrology. Astrology theorists could not pinpoint the physical mechanism that described how astrology works, but at least we could say we saw a relationship between the movements of the stars and the activities on earth that may not be causal but were related in meaning.

In the late 60’s and early 70’s, developments in physics brought new theories to the table that attempted to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity. The result was String Theory, which posits that matter is not composed of discrete particles, but strings that stretch from one end of the Universe to the other, wending their way not just through this dimension but up to fourteen other dimensions. In this model, the Universe is much like a rubber band ball, though with a lot more play in the strings. Thus, should one end of the string should be pinged it would be felt at the other end of the string. With this model of the Universe events that appear related are not just synchronous, they are casual. The problem with String Theory is just that, it is a theory. Up to this point the theory has yet to make quantitative experimental predictions, which a theory must do in order to be confirmed.

So much for a proof for astrology, because if String Theory or its related Brane theory could be proven, there wouldn’t be much doubt to the philosophy that we are all interrelated with the stuff of the heavens.

While I wait for the scientists to prove what we astrologers already know, I am conducting my own informal experiment. Under the good graces of R. J. Julia Booksellers in Madison, CT, I am categorizing a number of the books into the different signs of the zodiac. Next Tuesday night, October 26, 2010, between 7 and 9 PM I’ll be in the bookstore with my recommendations of books for you according to the predominate zodiac influences in your chart. If you happen to purchase any $25 worth of books during that time, based on my recommendations or not, I’ll give you a free 15 minute reading. It should all be good fun and with birth info from your hard to buy for friend or relative might even give you a leg up on your holiday shopping. Come on out and say hello. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

Aries—It is safe to say you are feeling out of your element. It hard to keep a positive attitude under these influences, but you mustn’t let a temporary feeling lead to irrevocable changes.

Taurus—While you are feeling wild and sexy, your significant other is blowing cold air on your amorous advances. Try listening to what he or she has to say.

Gemini—You handle relationships and additional duties with ease. Some say you make it look easy. You say there is nothing to it. On yes there is! Take a bow, Gemini.

Cancer—Someone dumps a whole bunch of work on you. At least your friends are sympathetic. Relationships with children can go well now.

Leo—People in authority and the people around them are particularly difficult for you this week. Just do your work and try to avoid office politics.

Virgo—Later in the week you can have a bit of luck. You might want to apply for that job that you think you haven’t a shot at, or buy a lottery ticket. In any case, the point is to shoot for your dreams.

Libra—Demands between work and home crank up. How long do you expect to go at this pace, Libra?

Scorpio—You have a chance to show higher ups your mastery of a situation. They’ll be impressed, though not show it right away. Communications from home are welcome.

Sagittarius—At the end of the week, Mars moves into your sign, giving you a super dose of energy. As energetic as you are, take care not to overdo.

Capricorn—Later in the week, you find out some very helpful information, which can be instrumental in helpful in carving out some new plans. You find out you were right after all.

Aquarius—Midweek presents a sterling opportunity to convey your views. Public meetings go well.

Pisces—Your love life is swirling with all sorts of intriguing possibilities, but you might find the upkeep more labor intensive than you’d like. Stay away from the married ones. Trouble!

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