Weekly Astrology Horoscope: Venus in Gemini—I will, I will, for now.

zodiac-and-starsApril 30 to May 6

The planet of our desires, Venus, has tripped into the sprightly sign of Gemini. I guess after her sojourn in the zodiac sign of earthly delights, Taurus, she needs a little break from all that good food and good lovin’. Here she is witty, urbane and so very interested in the social scene. For an Air or Fire sign, Venus in the placement lights up their social if not their love lives, and a wealth of new contacts, business and romantic can come floating their way. The problem though, is that Gemini likes to keep things light, and not commit to any one thing or person. Ruled by the planet that represents children, Mercury, the soul under Gemini’s influence is rather like a child themselves, playful, but not mindful of the consequences of their actions. If you meet someone and you want to make an emotional connection, it is best to wait until Venus reaches the sign of Cancer, which at her recent whirlwind speed will reach Cancer on May 19. Until then, be friends and be friendly. Venus in Gemini will respond in kind.

Aries—If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with. Well not really, but that will be your rationalization. What a flirt!

Taurus—This is an excellent time to gather those deep psychological insights into your own behavior. Trouble is, no one wants to listen to them, so what is the point? The point is sometimes you just have to work things out for yourself.

Gemini—Mercury is retrograde, which is bad for you. Venus is in Gemini which is good for you. The phone is ringing. Pick it up. It isn’t the love of your life, but you might have a good time anyway.

Cancer—Slowly but ever so, you are working your way past old habit patterns that are holding you back. You simply must look beyond the past to embrace your future. This is your wake up call, because Venus will soon be in your sign, and what will you do then when the perfect opportunity comes to you?

Leo—No one listening Leo? Then for heavens sake, shut up and do some listening of your own. No one wants to hear your outside voice inside. Plan a vacation. That will take your mind off your bruised ego.

Virgo—Déjà vu, my Virgo friend. Again, old structures seem to melting away like sugar candy in a rainstorm. Don’t cry, Virgo, because you’ve yet to see the prize hidden away in your box of Cracker Jacks. Faith.

Libra—Let’s just say you know other people are full of it. Let’s just say you are pretty well unhappy with all of it. Let’s just say that maybe its time you realize you are getting back what you give. Too harsh? Sorry. Now you try it.

Scorpio—After that dark night of the love life you’ve suffered for the past few months, suddenly not one but two new opportunities emerge. What to choose, whom to choose? Scorpio, just let things happen. Do you have to control EVERYTHING?

Sagittarius—Some days you are a hit and run lover, and these would be those days. So many interesting possibilities cross your path, its hard to choose just one. Typically Sagittarian, you don’t and mayhem ensues. Have you bought a new pair of running shoes lately?

Capricorn—Some good business opportunities cross your desk, which keep you cogitating on future possibilities. At least something in your life is interesting; since your love life is well, lackluster.

Aquarius—Oh good! You get to work harder! Aren’t you pleased? Of course not, and your bosses should wipe that smile off their face as they hand you their work, if they know what’s good for them.

Pisces—You’ll have to be patient with the rest of the humans this week, Pisces as your grand visions mess with their sense of reality. If it weren’t for your magic the world would be a colder, darker place, but now is not the time to remind people of that.

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