Astrology and Fashion: Saturn in Libra Equals Denim!

denim2Sssh! Few know this, but in my college years I studied Fashion Design. As a budding fashionista I learned about the pendulum of fashion, of how hems lines and skirt styles go up and down, in to out and then all back again in a fairly regular cycle. So it was no surprise to me to see an article proclaiming denim to be fashionable again, after years of being out of the fashion spotlight. Yet as an astrologer I was curious as to why it is now that denim should get the shout out this spring from designers like Ralph Lauren and being promoted by chains like the Gap.

The zodiac sign concerned most with fashion is Venus ruled Libra. And Libra is in Saturn right now. Hint and clue! Could the planet of durability, Saturn, have something to do with denim’s popularity or lack of it? As it turns out, denim enjoys an upsurge of popularity in high fashion circles when Saturn is in Libra, and falls out of favor when Saturn is in other signs. When Saturn was in Libra in the 50’s, denim was the sign of the rebel and after Saturn went into Scorpio, schools started to ban the wearing of jeans on campus. In the sixties and seventies when Saturn swung through Aquarius to Virgo, and jeans were popular with teens, but it wasn’t until the early 80’s, when Saturn was in Libra once again that jeans became high fashion as famous designers started to put out lines of jeans with their names on them.

In the nineties denim fell back to fashion staple, though hardly high fashion, as more versatile polyester and natural fibers such as silk replaced denim on the runways. Sales of jeans struggled despite well-funded ad campaigns and the industry suffered slides in sales. Now however, Saturn is in Libra once again, bringing its fashion darling to the spring runway shows.

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