Weekly Astrology Forecast: Week of April 16 to April 23

zodiac6Aries—The surge of energy you felt with the recent new moon carries you forward in considering new plans and ideas. With Mercury appearing to be going backward in its orbit you may be forced to retrace your steps and rethink your previous position. Why do you think that its? Well, dear Aries, as usual you have skipped ahead a few pages in the Book of Life and now you have to go back to read what you missed.

Taurus—You have some wonderful plans that no one is going for. This is not the time to start new projects anyway, so it is best to use this time to go over your plans and add the dash of practicality for which Taurus is noted. In the mean time, watch your movement in motion and take things slower rather than faster.

Gemini—Someone hands you a whole lot of work that surprisingly you should accept. Handling this challenge with grace (and without complaint) sets the stage for future opportunities. Make no mistake; higher ups are watching you to see how you react.

Cancer—Your relationships get a little bumpy. OK, a lot bumpy. Somehow you are one that is expected to change. Reach out and envision what you would like to happen instead of holding back and expecting the worse to happen. You might be surprised at the results.

Leo— The planet of communication appears to be going backward in its orbit. It is also making difficult aspects to your Sun. Forgot your snappy answers and your “aw shucks” explanations. No one is buying it right now.

Virgo—Those of you born at the beginning of your Sun sign are enjoying a surge of popularity and happy times with friends. Take care not to push your views on them, because you are feeling especially persuasive. The other have is experiencing a redux of last year’s sturm and drang of talking on other’s responsibilities. If you haven’t sorted out yet that you should let certain things go, then you are getting what you deserve.

Libra— There are all sorts of difficulties in trying to “seal the deal”. The problem is not so much you as other people can’t get their stuff together. Good thing too, because that “really good deal” isn’t so good, after all. Don’t be persuaded otherwise.

Scorpio— People are talking out of both sides of their mouths. Lucky for you, your super sensitive BS detector senses something is up. Be circumspect on the favors you hand out to other people.

Sagittarius—Past actions have a way of coming to bit you in the rear. I can go on and tell you that this a karmic lesson about how to handle responsibility but you wouldn’t listen anyway. Mind you, burying your head in good times isn’t going to get your anyplace, so maybe you should put your nose to grind stone anyway.

Capricorn— Mercury retrograde is cramping your deal making style. People are pushing you to move ahead when you want to think things over. What you should say; “I’ll pass.”

Aquarius—Everyone is talking at you and no one seems to be listening to your point of view. It is like trying to talk in a room full of toddlers. It’s not your style to babysit the children, but this week this is exactly what you are doing. Just don’t let them know that, because they think they are being perfectly reasonable and we wouldn’t want to set off any tantrums, do we?

Pisces—You are wending you way through a difficult process involving groups and organizations. Don’t be surprised if it you that is expected to jump through hoops when it is other people who should. Patience.

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