Weekly Astrology Forecast: April 9 to April 15, 2010

zodiac-and-starsAries—New starts are especially difficult to get off the ground as you keep being drawn back to old responsibilities and obligations. There is a burning need to transform your attitudes in these areas as you are missing new opportunities by keeping your head in the sand.

Taurus—You want to be more than friends, but there seems to more than one obstacle in your way. It’s easy to keep doing what you’ve done before but to make some progress you are going to have to buck up and bite the bullet no matter how uncomfortable that is.

Gemini-Energetic, you cut through tasks like a knife through butter. Just make sure they are the right tasks as you might misunderstand some instructions. Before you have to do a do over double check what it is you are suppose to do.

Cancer—You are content to let other’s take the reigns as you are happily spinning some lovely dreams and don’t want to be bothered with mundane details. Surprise, you are right in the thick of things, so you better keep your eye to the keyhole if you don’t want to be taken off guard.

Leo—Others seem to bent on derailing your plans, even if they do it with a smile. You would do best play a supportive role in the next big thing coming along, keeping your finger in the pie, rather than try to run the show. You’ll find out why later.

Virgo—Other people seem to have an overblown sense of what you can accomplish. As flattering as this is, you really must learn to set some limits. Whether it is the boss that wants that report “right now” or the child that wants 40 cupcakes baked and decorated for the morning you must use your negotiating skills to keep the stress to a minimum.

Libra—You may feel the call of destiny this week as the stars align to point the finger of God right at you. Since these planets are Venus and Jupiter you are likely to lose your head or your heart if you rush in before taking a survey of the territory ahead.

Scorpio—You are feeling pressure to get everything “just right” and to “get it all done”. If I tell you not to sweat the small stuff, you wouldn’t listen anyway, so prioritize a “to do” list from essential to non-essential tasks and work your way down.

Sagittarius—As long as you keep ignoring the nonsense going around you, you should do just fine this week Archer. You are a whiz at blowing off other people’s problems no matter how much they try to stick them on to you.

Capricorn—You can earn some extra money just as long as you don’t listen to the “advice” of financial counselors who only are out for a fast buck. Keep to your usual steady course in matters of the heart as well.

Aquarius—People think you are Superman or Wonder Woman, able to pull a miracle out of the back end of your cape. Since you aren’t feeling all these superpowers yourself, you are feeling mighty stressed out. Feel free to meditate or just close the door to get some time to de-stress.

Pisces—This weekend it is not just April showers that gets dumped on you. As much as you want to hide your head in the sand, it is just better to face the music and get down to business. Keep at it and in a week or so, things will look better for you.

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