The Astrology of the Debtor’s Revolt: Power To The People

The American people have had all that they can swallow with the reasoning that they are the root of the economic troubles of this nation. No longer do the citizens believe that had they managed things better the result will be different. This has its dangers. When you erode the sense of personal responsibility, the people start looking for the cause of the trouble.

Mercury in Virgo turns direct when the Moon is in freedom minded Aquarius on Tuesday. September 29. The moon is at the apex of of Yod, two inconjuncts having the same endpoint. With a Yod, each leg drives their energy into the apex. One leg is Mars in Cancer signaling a need to protect personal interests. The other leg is Mercury, indicating a need to communicate about practical matters.

The moon in socially conscious Aquarius sits as part of a small collection of planets including Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter speaks about law and justice. Neptune speaks about spiritual and moral truth. With Neptune involved this can elevate the situation to the status of a holy war.

Jupiter, the Moon, and Neptune sits on top of the Aquarian Moon in the chart of the United States. The voice of the people is speaks about Aquarian and American ideals of freedom from oppression. Social senses are stirred. Courtesy of Mercury from one leg of the Yod, what bursts on the scene is a slew of communication about these issues. And so, the day before the yod comes to full flower, the video of the debtor’s revolt is reported on news by Good Morning America.

Ann Minch said in a YouTube video Sept. 6 that she was starting a debtors’ revolt and refused to pay any more credit card bills after Bank of America raised her 12.99 percent interest rate to 30 percent.

In an impassioned online declaration, Minch said a victory in her fight was the proverbial first shot of a debtors’ revolution against major banking institutions who she said are abusing the U.S. middle class.

Ms. Minch’s video has inspired a slew of knockoff YouTubes

On Friday, a scant three days after that Aquarian Moon Yod, Michael Moore’s movie “Capitalism, A Love Story” debuts in movie theaters across the nation. Mr. Moore has a long history of documentaries that lampoon the power elite and this one is no different. A video of people who recently saw the film in pre-release has them spouting “Power to the People” a phrase reminiscent of the civil rights era.

In Western Astrology, Uranus sitting on the United State’s planet representing home and hearth, the moon, signals a separation from the home. One need not look any farther in the Chart of the United States to understand why there are and continue to be record number of home foreclosures. When one loses ones home it is a sorrow, when a city, such as New Orleans, loses its homes it is a tragedy. When a nation loses its homes it is an outrage, because it indicates a basic betrayal of the system to take care of its citizens.

As a nation, we’ve spent billions in tax dollars to prop up credit card companies and banks who to ad insult to injury when they jack up their rates or do little to help their customers retain their homes. Except for some whining from our financial institutions about needing more bail out money, its pretty much business as usual for them. When are they going to be held accountable for helping to shovel the U. S. out of its financial mess?

Or do they really want to face a full-fledged debtor’s revolt?


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