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Centaurs have a racy reputation since being half beast they are governed by their animal natures. But Chiron, has a more divine origin than the other Centaurs, being the half brother of the King of gods, Zeus. Driven by the conflicting dichotomy between animal needs and his higher nature, sometimes Chiron acts in strange ways. Let’s see how he acts when he visits the twelve houses of the zodiac.

Chiron in the first house, Chiron in the sign of Aries–Here is Mr. Personality, who acts out to get attention. Charismatic as all get out, he’s either the life of the party or the bad boy who enjoys the negative press. Fundamentally, Chiron in the first house suffers from, ta da, a lack of self esteem. Enjoy the Conga party, but if he offers an invitation to hell and back, do not RSVP.

Chiron in the second house, Chiron in the sign of Taurus–A screwed up sense of values marks Chiron here, as he fights and scraps and cling to whatever filthy lucre he can latch onto. He is your worst nightmare if you owe him money or he owes you money. Just try and collect! Tortured as Chiron is here, he needs to learn how to love without a having the meter running

Chiron in the third house, Chiron in the sign of Gemini–Chiron here is like the little child running through Grandma’s house tipping over the collectibles. He has to experience everything, now! The frenetic pace of Chiron exhausts everyone but the Centaur, though he is prone to nervous fits when he doesn’t get what he wants. He needs to slow down to be able to communicate with the earthlings, though he rarely does.

Chiron in the fourth house, Chiron in Cancer–Somehow Mommy seems to fall short on the exalted pedestal Chiron wants to put her on. Perhaps Mommy took away the security blanket too soon, or she wasn’t there enough for him. Interestingly enough, in Chiron’s personal myth, his mother rejected him because of his half human, half beast form. (Had nothing to do with Cronus, i.e. Saturn, raping her in the form of a horse, we’re sure.) Chiron had to raise himself and he turned out just nicely, thank you. However, he doesn’t visit his mother on mother’s day.

Chiron in the fifth house, Chiron in Leo-– “See me, touch me, feel me!” Chiron in the fifth house cries. Like Chiron in the first house, he craves attention. But though Chiron in the first doesn’t care what kind of attention he gets as long as he gets it, Chiron in the fifth only wants accolades. If he struggles too much to gain the recognition he so desperately needs, he gets cranky and pouty and turns on the people who scramble to prop up his shaky self image. You just may want to take a whip into that cage if you try to approach this character when he is that mood.

Chiron in the sixth house, Chiron in Virgo–When Chiron visits the house of the temple virgin he turns all weird, thinking that every ache and pain is a debilitating illness in disguise. He has a nagging feeling that he has to fix something, though sadly he barely has a clue on what or how to do it. As he investigates and questions every physical symptom and homeopathic cure, he has you feeling like you are sick too, sick and tired of his whining. It’s also best that you take all tools away from him as he attempts to repair anything in the house. It is faster, cheaper and easier on your nerves if you hire a professional to do the job.

Chiron in the seventh, Chiron in Libra–Chiron seeks to find himself through others in the seventh house, and quite a search it is. Either he’ll run through lovers like chicklets, or give everything to an impossible love. Long relationships are best for Chiron in the seventh house but only as long as it is a relationship of equals.

Chiron in the eighth, Chiron in Scorpio–Mix Scorpionic alchemy with the half divine nature of the Centaur and you get a paranoid, whoring Centaur or a Holy Seer. Nothing is comes in half measure with Chiron in the eighth, but you’ll hardly be able to figure out which is which due to the Centaur’s ability to camouflage himself in this house. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Chiron in the ninth, Chiron in Sagittarius–Like Sir Galahad, Chiron in the ninth is on a quest, whether it be the Holy Grail, holy smokes or something wholly unmentionable. The search is for nothing less than the meaning of life, and if that means a trip through the seamy underbelly of the big city, so much the better. Papa is a rolling stone, baby and if you want to roll with him you best be ready for the fun house ride of your life.

Chiron in the tenth, Chiron in Capricorn–Power, baby. You got it, Chiron here will take it from you. Of all the Capricorn placements, this one is the least compassionate and the most ruthless. You won’t know it to look at him, he smoozes you so well. Don’t be fooled. You are in his world for a reason. If you are the boss, its only because Chiron in Capricorn finds it inconvenient to be the boss. Live up to his expectations. It’s the only way you’ll survive.

Chiron in the eleventh, Chiron in Aquarius–Chiron here lives so outside the box, he’s misplaced the box. He doesn’t even know what the box looks like. For this reason, Chiron in the eleventh, the house of friends, feels very alone. Talk to him about UFOs, angels, fairies and quantum physics and he’ll light right up. Anything else, and you’ve bored him. Watch out for that. You don’t want a bored Chiron in the eleventh on your hands. Trust me.

Chiron in the twelfth house, Chiron in Pisces–Looking for a head trip? Chiron in the twelfth is wiling to take you on one. Everything is a mystical experience, from day tripping in Soho to seeking a guru in India. The challenge is discerning the real from the unreal, though, unfortunately for that exercise, Chiron will have to remove his rose colored glasses.

So now that you have a head’s up on Chiron in the houses, time for you to find out where Chiron lives with you. Get your horoscope at Astrodienst.

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