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The #Astrology of June 2021 #SolarEclipse

(Astrology Explored) A dramatic ring of fire solar eclipse fills the sky in the upper East Coast of the United States and Canada. It begins to be visible at the southernmost edge to 4:12 EDT and ends in Moscow at … Continue reading

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In honor of #Sagittarius season: 4 planets in the 9th house?

Note: I wrote this answer on Quora and then said, hey, let’s put this on the blog too. What does it mean if I have 4 planets in the 9th house: Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars? I cannot give you … Continue reading

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The #Astrology of the Red Blood Moon Eclipse

(Astrology Explored) WANTED: Reliable end of the world prophecy. False prophets need not apply. Since the time man started to parse the heavens, we’ve used the stars as an excuse to proclaim God’s (or gods’) righteousness will descend upon us … Continue reading

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