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Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse: Horoscope below the fold.

(Astrology Explored) A dramatic ring of fire solar eclipse fills the sky in the upper East Coast of the United States and Canada. It begins to be visible at the southernmost edge to 4:12 EDT and ends in Moscow at 11:26 AM EDT.

The exact conjunction of the Sun and Moon is at 6:53 AM EDT, placing its greatest emphasis in the twelfth house of service to others.

Ancient astrologers called the twelfth the house of self-undoing. The natural zodiac sign of the twelfth is Pisces which is ruled by the planet Neptune. Neptune’s dark/light dichotomy is self-indulgence to the point of destruction or service to others. With Neptune, it’s difficult to know which path is which, which is why meditation and self-reflection are necessary to discern the correct path. But generally, you don’t go wrong under Nepture’s influence if you self others selfishly.

The Solar Eclipse is in the sign of Gemini, the sign of communication, commerce, and siblings. Gemini’s ruling planet is swift-footed Mercury. Mercury, in Greek mythology , was the son of Zeus and the nymph Maia, a goddess of clouds, and one of the Pleiades, the seven daughters of Atlas. He was born in Arcadia, near the mountain Cyllene.

A precocious child, a mere five minutes after he was born, Hermes stole a herd of cows from his brother, the sun god Apollo, obscuring their trail by making the herd walk backward. When confronted by Apollo, Hermes denied the theft. The brothers were finally reconciled when Hermes gave Apollo his newly invented lyre and received from him in exchange the herald’s staff. From then Mercury took on the task as the messenger of the gods.

Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, in the sky is now retrograde which adds another layer of meaning to this eclipse. Mercury retrograde indicates difficulties and delays in communications and business affairs. With the eclipse hosting this Retrograde Mercury, its influence can extend through November of this year.

So this eclipse, for the next six months, is about messaging and communication and the difficulty of sending a clear message. Tenanting the twelfth house, it calls you to set aside self-interest and serve others. However, the eclipse square Neptune throws all sorts of shade over how to do this. It is as if we travel a dark hallway feeling our way by touching the walls on either side. Only when we make clear intentions, plan, and then implement them can we emerge with a sense of clarity about our purpose.

June 10, 2021 Solar Eclipse

How this eclipse plays out in your chart is what house hosts the sign on the Gemini on the cusp. To find out this information for yourself go to

If Gemini is on the cusp of the:

First House—Your reputation or self-mage may take a hit due to others or you not seeing issues clearly. Acknowledge your faults, but don’t beat yourself up. You are only human. Forgive yourself and others that speak against you.

Second House—Managing money issues may be very challenging for the next six months. Be cautious in how you handle your money and resources and do not expect extra money to land in your lap.

Third House—Messages to siblings may be fraught with misunderstanding. You may want to take a short course of study, but it may be better to wait until after November to embark on this journey. Return your library books.

Fourth House—Nothing hits harder than misunderstandings within your home. Think twice before you say anything. Your words might hit in the wrong way. If possible, hold off on important upgrades or repairs until after November when you’ll get a better deal or more competent work done.

Fifth House—Issues surrounding romance and children take center stage. Get good advice from professionals, because you are not seeing the issues clearly.

Sixth House—You may be told that your ills are “all in your head.” This is annoying as well as distressing. If you cannot advocate for yourself, find a trusted family member to advocate for you. Don’t put off the inevitable for beloved family pets. As always, these special companions depend on us to make critical decisions for them.

Seven House—Partnerships and key relationships may be tested at this time. It might be better to keep your own counsel than offer opinions. Seek out professionals for severe issues.

Eighth House—Other people’s resources, the goods of the dead, insurance, and taxes are the purview of the Eighth. You may not be able to move forward until you slug through complications. Make sure you put aside enough money to cover tax expenses.

Ninth House—Travel and legal affairs come to the forefront. On both fronts, delays and aggravations may plague your plans. If you are looking to publish, you might find more challenges than usuals. Things clear up in November to move forward.

Tenth House—Career issue jump to the head of the line. You may not be able to progress as you wish. Take your measure and your time before you make changes.

Eleventh House—Your friends may act flaky and you cannot depend on them. Face it, with Gemini on the cusp of the eleventh, most are fair-weather friends. You have ideas for a side hustle but you may need to wait before you act on it.

Twelfth House—Where the eclipse shines brightest is where you struggle to find a clue. You may feel like crawling to a religious retreat and hiding out. This might be a good idea, but most of us don’t have the luxury of chucking their day-to-day responsibilities. Meditation is a good option.

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