Weekly Astrology Forecast: Can’t Resist a Last Royal Wedding Update

Weekly Astrology ForecastWill and Kate wasted no time in exchanging I’do’s, the official “I now pronounce you man and wife” was just 20 minutes after the official start of the ceremony. Very much like clockwork, the full roster of the royal family arrived and seated exactly on ssheduule, keeping no one waiting for the moment millions of people around of the world was waiting for, the revelation of Kate’s dress. Kept a tightly guarded state secret, not even the the name of the designer was known.

The dress is as you would expect all Kate. Conservative, yet romantic, the bodice of the gown was sculpted to fit with military precision over Kate’s spare figure. No frou frou, fluffery here, exactly as you expect from a Sun sign Capricorn. Yet the sleeves were all lace and the lace came and fitted over the main shell of the bodice, obviously a nod to her romantic Moon in Cancer.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Royal WeddingOf course with the UK in as much financial difficulty as the United States, with essential services being cut from the public budget, there were complaints about the cost of this wedding. But it seems to me that Princess Catherine picked a dress that no one could kvetch about, beautiful, yet conservative, with a lack of pretense and ostentation.

The designer is Sarah Burton. Fashion commentators state that the style is not what Ms. Burton would normally design, displaying perhaps that Kate had a strong say in the style of the gown. This one would also expect with two personal planets in Aquarius, Mercury and Venus. Despite her new royal role, in personal matters she will always state her strong opinions.

Royal Wedding photo published under a Creative Commons Licence as posted on Flickr

Astrology for the week of April 29 to May 5

Aries—Word to the wise, impulsive moves in love or money are ill advised. Slow down that little red corvette of yours!

Taurus—Spiritual values help you achieve a long cherished relationship goal, if you focus your attention on getting good results.

Gemini—Something from the past brings you good luck. Don’t overlook it because it is not shiny and new.

Cancer—Woman friends are especially helpful in supporting you during a round of shocking events, but you have to ask first!

Leo—As much as you like to spread out the cash, especially for such a worthy cause as your wardrobe, it is prudent to trim a free dollars off what you are willing to spend.

Virgo—There is a little bit of nervous tension in the air. You can’t quite put your finger on the cause. It s because everyone is a little antsy to do something, anything! Plan an outing.

Libra—The weekend is a little iffy with family members feeling itchy for some excitement. Plan some quick day trips to entertain the troops.

Scorpio—You are feeling more lucky than you actually are. If you plan to spend or gamble, do so lightly, so your wallet doesn’t feel the pain.

Sagittarius—This is an excellent time for you to travel, so take off and enjoy some good times. As if you needed any encouragement.

Capricorn–Continue on with your plans for world domination. Just don’t expect to make any friends while you do so. Seriously, lighten up!

Aquarius—The Taurus sun may have you feeling like you are walking in mud, but actually you are moving so quickly, people have a tough time keeping track of you. If you want people to notice you, slow down.

Pisces—Take the weekend to do some serious meditation and relaxation. You’ll need to be rested for the week ahead.

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