May Monthly Forecast: Limited Time Offer

Gods of MarsFor much of this month five of the ten traditional planets reside in the action adventure zodiac sign of Aries. This astrologer, having her progressed Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aries now understands the incessant energy flow that drives Aries and the people around them crazy. Fire based Aries needs to keep moving, needs excitement and stimulation, is bored with inaction, and tires like a sprint runner after the initial burst of activity. This is why you see so many of them on the couch after you finally prod them to do something. It is why they are filled with great ideas that someone else has to finish.

With Aries, things can spin out of control. This is why it is good that Saturn is at the opposite point, to provide a counterbalance to the whirling top of Aries all action, all the time. With that counterbalance we maintain our balance so we can make good use of this potent energy.

For those of us with a significant point in one of the fire signs, this is the time to make things thing happen. For others of us that have significant points in the male zodiac signs this is the time to grab an opportunity or make one happen. This is a limited time opportunity so get to it!

Aries—Dear Ram, we love your fire and your zest for life, your enthusiasm and
your considerable charm. This is why we put up with you when your turn churlish
and expect that the Universe revolves around you. But lately you might be
getting the sense that people are more than a little impatient with you. This is
because the Universe does not revolve around you. The word “relationship” has at
the base of its meaning the idea that two people interact cooperatively. Your
partner wants a little more than listening to you go on endlessly about your day
while he or she is trying to watch a television show. And when you demand to “do
something” and then refuse to get up out of the bed, you can hardly expect your
partner to simmer with enthusiasm about planning an entertainment for you. So
the word to the wise is this, pay more attention to you partner than you do to
yourself. Things will go better for you. Trust me.

Taurus—Your birthday month is the start of a new period in your life. There are
two ways you can go about this. Either you wail and gnash your teeth, despairing
of the loss of things you considered fixtures in your life, or embracing change
with open arms. Of course you worry mightily that these changes will affect the
significant relationships in your life, and how can they not? However, midmonth
you’ll discover that the problems you fear are only a manifestation of your
fears. When Mars moves into your sign you’ll feel free to do what you want and
with Venus following shortly after, you’ll have the money. Have fun!

Gemini—You never need an excuse for doing your own thing, Gemini, but this
month, the planet of unpredictability pushes you over the edge. You find all too
easy to ignore the protests of friends and family who feel like they are being
left in the dust. Maybe you find a new honey with whom you spend your time, or
maybe you fall full tilt in a major project, but the final result is that you
feel perfectly justified in pursuing your own interests. Have a care, Gemini,
because none of us is an island, and you don’t want to be the odd man or woman
out when you decide you want to return to the fold.

Cancer—If you feel like the world is against you, well, you are right. The fact
is, for the past year, your back has been pressed against the wall with Pluto
demanding that you change you modus operandi. This month will be a huge reminder
of that. Your relationships, your value system and communication methods will be
tested. But don’t worry, dear Crab as practical support come a friend or love
one who is always there for you.

Leo—When the going gets tough, Leo gets going. You are able to marshal your
forces in response to a challenge from authority figures to up your game.
Present this as an opportunity to shine rather than an onerous duty to perform
and you’ll get better results. But don’t let the pressure get to you and lead
you to overindulge in any of your vices, including using an excessive amount of
hair gel. Moderation is the key to all things, something you should remember
during this heady month.

Virgo—There truly is a silver lining to every cloud. This month you’ll be
examining some emotional wounds that might arrive in some scary nightmares.
Rather than being distressed you should treat this as an opportunity to explore
the foundations of your fears. The best part of all of this is that you find you
actually have some great support among family and friends as you thresh out
these issues. Learn to lean on others instead of being the person everyone else
turns to. You might find that to be a bigger blessing than you realize.

Libra—In strength training you lift weights to make yourself stronger. What
happens as a physical process is that in lifting those weights you create small
tears in your muscle that your body repairs with stronger tissue. Consider this
a strength training month in your relationships. The little slights, and strains
and moans that come from trying to sort through issues are the avenues through
which you can greater insight as to what you do and don’t want in your most
intimate relationships. Make changes accordingly.

Scorpio—Is your life just suspended or are you feeling like a deer in
headlights. Maybe its because you’ve been so much into your own game, you’ve
forgotten to reach out to others. While keeping camouflaged is your best
survival skill, making yourself an island is not. Communicate with friends and
family and let them know that in fact you haven’t dropped off the face of the
earth. They’d like to know that.

Sagittarius—Many times the Archer views work as the nasty four-letter word it
is. However, this month, you might consider it the ticket something worthwhile.
Hopes, and dreams, goals and aspirations become a wide vista for you to explore.
Well you can’t help it if a colleague let the ball drop and you picked it up to
slam dunk it in the hoop, can you? Not everything is by chance, so scoop up this
opportunity before it sinks out of your sight.

Capricorn—You have some decisions to make. Either you work on pressing
relationship issues or you take up those sterling love and money opportunities
that loom in front of you. While Capricorn is not afraid of hard work, it is
true that you are a little squeamish when it comes to making those compromises
that will make a relationship work. You just don’t want to give up little bits
of yourself just to satisfy another. Its not that you are selfish, it’s just
that you innately know you are no good to you or others if you aren’t 100%.
Somehow either you have to convince the other person of this. No fair avoiding
the issue by using a health problem that is much more minor than you want it to
appear to be.

Aquarius—Do you have some nice safe hobbit hole where you can spend some time?
While the first part of the month isn’t so bad for getting things done, the last
part is absolutely frightful. No matter what you think, do or say, you seem to
be stepping in it somewhere. Worse yet, this would be the time you pick up your
latest banner and run with it, while forgetting to put on your gym shorts. The
only comforting thing about the last part of the month is that your partner
absolutely does understand how hard it is to be you. Thank gawd for small
favors. If you can practice some meditation or do some gentle yoga or tai chi
you’ll be better able to retain some composure against your tattered nerves.
Otherwise stock up on the Cheetos and mallow bars and burrow into that hobbit

Pisces—For gentle Pisces relationships are usually fraught with danger. No only
are you likely to through a veil of glamour over your latest lover, you often
misunderstand your intended’s intentions leaving you to pick up the freight of
the emotional damage. However, this month, while several planets in practical
Taurus nicely aspects your Sun, you get a taste of what it is like to be
grounded in a relationship and you like it! Issues seem much clearer, there is
some stability in your finances, and all around you have the sense that someone
is caring for you! So what are you waiting for? Don’t let Piscean indecision
muck this up. Lock in a good thing while the planets favor this endeavor.

Photo published under a Creative Commons License from Flickr

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  1. Hieronimuss says:

    For Sagittarians you wrote: “Hopes, and dreams, goals and aspirations become a wide vista for you to explore.” It’s true, Jupiter Aries activated me creative drives into unexpected directions….and now some work is required.

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