Mundane Astrology: Ballot Shortage in Bridgeport

Voting for Dummies(Astrology Explored)

People were waiting in line
and nobody was telling them what was happening,”

State Rep. Chris Caruso said he saw people leaving one polling place without voting.

“This was a major violation of their rights,” he said. “Most of them were African-Americans.”

As the gubernatorial race in Connecticut hung in the balance on November 2, the City of Bridgeport, the most populous city in the state, came to center stage because of a ballot snafu. The voting registrars, in a misguided attempt to save money ordered only 21,000 ballots despite the fact that 69,000 voters were registered in the city and that 38,000 of them voted in 2006 presidential election.

Mundane astrology is the branch of the science of the stars that attempts answers the questions of the fate of nations and cities. Could have astrology predicted such a grand mistake?

The first step when trying to answer any mundane question is determining a date to use as a “birthdate.” For this we look for official documents that establish the nation, state, or city as a sovereign entity. Bridgeport has a long history being established as part of the colonial settlement of Stratford in 1639. Bridgeport was charted as a city by the State Legislature on May 4, 1836 and its city charter was signed a month later on June 4, 1836. In the book, Horoscopes of US States and Cities by Carol Hobson, she lists the June 4th date since it was a legal document that was signed. Multiple inception dates are not unusual for nations, states or cities since there are often multiple events which signal a significant change in the status of a such an entity. The question often becomes which “birth date” best predicts the likely outcome of an event.

Which date then holds up?

The May 4th date gives us a Taurus Sun and Mercury. While economy conscious, Taurus always makes sure there are enough resources to go around. If need be, Taurus will save for a “rainy” day and then as if by magic comes up with the needed resource at the proper time. So clue one here seems to nix the idea of the May 4 date from the beginning. Another indication is a very fortunate grand trine from the planet of money, Venus in Gemini to Saturn 1 degree of Scorpio to Uranus 4 degrees of Pisces. Ups and downs in the financial front would be weathered by reasoning (Gemini), conservation (Saturn) and cutting edge thinking (Uranus). No, this is not the chart of a city that would be caught short.

The June 6 date gives us a Sun in Gemini sitting along side the planet of deep wounds, Chiron. This Sun is in challenge aspect (square) Uranus. That Uranus is trine Mercury and Jupiter in Cancer. Cancer likes to hold on to resources, to save rather than spend, so meshed with Mercury the thinking processes runs along those line. The planet of money, Venus, is in stress aspect to the natal Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of the people, the collective. So here is city that despite being in one of the richest states of the nation, shorts the people in the quest to save that penny! This indeed sound likes the scenario we saw with the shortage of ballots in Bridgeport. Using this chart we see Neptune as in the sky right now sitting on top of the Moon in Aquarius kicking off a sense of confusion regarding the needs of the people.

The second chart then, the one proposed by Ms. Hobson would seem to be one the use in Mundane matters. Unless, of course, you like the first one. in which case manipulative transiting Pluto conjuncts the natal Moon in Capricorn. This would tell us the ballot shortage was a deliberate act to control the vote. But we don’t believe that, do we?

Bridgeport Chartered as a City by State

Date Bridgeport Charted by State

Bridgeport City Charter Signed

Bridgeport City Charter Signed

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