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Weekly Astrology ForecastAries—Wild things run fast, or that’s at least what Joni Mitchell sings. Truth is, Aries, it’s your mouth that runneth over this week, so don’t look surprised when your friends’ eyes glaze over.

Taurus—A bit of luck falls in your lap, though it won’t seem that way at first. You have to polish that bit of coal to get a diamond.

Gemini—Recipe for the week. Open mouth, insert foot. Repeat. This is usually an Aries recipe but this week you have the honors.

Cancer—Relationships provide a special opportunity for growth. That’s a nice way of saying suck it up!

Leo—The family has lots of plans for your paycheck. None of it includes what you want. Surprise!

Virgo—Young people are out and about and wander away from your watchful eye. Pay special attention to their movements as they aren’t about to tell you where they are really going.

Libra—While you have the urge to merge, emotional issues tend to get in the way. Provide some sympathy with that tea.

Scorpio—Take care of nagging minor health issue before it blows up into a serious matter.

Sagittarius—After all these years, Archer, you should understand that when a woman says “go ahead, do it” she means “go ahead, do it and see what happens.” This is your only heads up.

Capricorn—Past loves occupy your thoughts when new opportunities should dominate. Rethink your priorities.

Aquarius—Though opportunities exist to improve your financial situation, you let self doubt hold you back. Don’t!

Pisces—People in authority support your goals, so don’t be waylaid by the derisive comments of jealous people.

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