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Mars Retrograde: Just What Are You Doing Down There?

(Astrology Explored) Newscaster: Mars stations in Virgo on the day of the Aquarian New Moon. Many astrologers have posted their take on this combo, but Astrology Media Press thought to ask the planets themselves, “What does it all mean?” I … Continue reading

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Yearly Forecast 2010: Blame Mars Retrograde

My latest whipping boy is Mars Retrograde who is stubbornly opposing my Sun. I blame the planet of action for every delayed thing in my life right about now. Oh some things are not so bad, like waiting for the … Continue reading

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Mars Retrograde: When the First Shoe Drops

Its not easy being a fixed sign or having a planet in a fixed sign these days. Those with the zodiac signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius have the planet of action, Mars, to deal with. Folks, Mars here is … Continue reading

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