Weekly Astrology Forecast for Week Ending June 3, 2010

zodiac6Aries—With the planet of individuality marching into your sign, you’ll have a big hankering to do what you want when you want to do it. Problem is other people are not so fond of your freedom loving ways. You may find yourself out in the cold if you don’t keep those home fires burning.

Taurus—You find your voice this week as Mercury pushes past the point of it went retrograde not so long ago. Trouble is you many overwork that voice to prove a point. Walk softly, talk softly if want people not to be overwhelmed. Use your inside voice.

Gemini—The weekend’s full moon has you wondering where all the nonsense is coming from. It’s bad enough that the tension at home is thicker than a Sicilian pizza. This you might be able to deal with. It’s the whining about the little aches and pains that’s getting to you. Set aside some time to pay some loving attention to those closest to you and you just might find that all people need is little love.

Cancer—Why do you feel so pushed against the wall? Because you are, Cancer. No matter how many times you hear you are being told something “for your own good” you know good and well what is best for you. People really are trying to look out for your best interests, though, so at thank people for their concern.

Leo—You may get pushed into the spotlight, but not necessarily for accolades, dear Lion. Work methods are questioned. People feel that you are stealing too much of the show and showing little for it. You don’t quite understand where all this is coming from, but you do need to show some concern for the feedback you receive. Put your listening ears on.

Virgo—Saturn has backpedaled into your sign forcing you to reexamine old issues revolving around duty versus freedom. You may be feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities dumped on you or you are just plain tired from rehashing what you thought was a done deal. Give yourself plenty of alone time so that minor health problems don’t kick because of the stress.

Libra—The stresses of your current relationship have you thinking fondly of an old love. Maybe you think you should get in touch with this person “to catch up.” Don’t. Old loves are always greener than the pastures you tread now. We tend to remember the good, forget the bad and if you were meant to be with that person you would be. Or don’t you remember that restraining order he or she took out on you?

Scorpio—Watch what you say, be careful in motion and in general lie low and keep your camouflage on. You may not be able to avoid every sling and arrow coming your way, but at least you can minimize the incoming missiles. Scope out the lay of the land before you scoot across the land mines. At least keep your mouth shut. Enough said.

Sagittarius—Do you think you could stay home, at least for once? No, of course not. This weekend has you wanting to go, go, go and you are itching for the wide open roads. So take it slow and keep an eye out for the other guy. You’ll get where you want to go just as fast.

Capricorn—You are feeling a little more alone and isolated than usual Capricorn. Other people seem determine to run your show for you and the people at home want you to cater to their needs instead of them to you. Maybe you should spend some time doing something nice for someone who will appreciate the gesture rather than griping about how other people are just annoying you.

Aquarius—You’d like to make a decision, to have something positive happen. No matter what you do, people shoot you down like a metal duck in a carnival shooting gallery. Feeling exposed and confused, the most you can do is make plans about how you’d like your life to go. Night time dreams provide clues.

Pisces—Your usual flights of fancy have you thinking of a love interest close to home. This might not be such a bad thing, Pisces, as your usual pickings have a more exotic, more unstable and sometimes toxic tinge. Dust off the poetry books and go courting.

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