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astrologers-mailbox-copyGreetings. I was born on 9-18-56 at 8:27 a.m. in Bradford, PA (McKean Co.), US. This week’s astrology forecast for Virgos talks about examining motives. I’m on my soul search for next life path. In which direction do I look/head/place my feet? In other words, when will I know the town/job/person is right for me? So far, no options on the horizon. Thanks!

You are feeling “stuck” in place, rather like a fly caught on fly paper, and this is due to influence of Saturn, the taskmaster, the voice of duty and responsibility, hence your feeling of “no options on the horizon”. Transiting Saturn is sitting on your Sun, while your progressed Sun is sitting on your Natal Saturn.

Let’s talk about progressions for a moment, because past the first Saturn Return at age 29, trying to talk about a chart without considering the progressions is rather useless. It’s like trying to print a full color photo when one of the ink colors in your printer cartridge has run out. We all realize that the planets are in motion constantly. While the birth chart is the snapshot in time that captures our essential personality, how the planets moved after that date show how we evolve as individuals. In the most commonly used progressions, called Secondary Progressions, each day after you are born represents a year in your life. As artificial as this seems, the technique works. Carol Rushman, in her book “The Art of Predictive Astrology”, says that progressions are essential in predicting the timing of events.

Key to the timing of events is the position of the progressed Moon, which for you is running through your fifth house of romance and in the sign of freedom loving Aquarius. If you look you will see the progressed Moon is within 4 degrees of transiting Neptune and opposite within 5 degrees of your Natal Pluto. This lends a Scorpionic intensity to your emotional landscape while at the same time blurring the line between fantasy and reality. While I suspect you have always found yourself drawn of obsessive and mostly hopeless love relationships due to your Natal Moon in Pisces opposite by a wide margin your Natal Pluto, you may find yourself drawn once again into this habit pattern. Mainly, the big problem here is that while you have intense feelings for another person, you are feeling alone and misunderstood. The Progressed Moon in Aquarius is begging you to stop defining yourself by your relationships with others and to start defining yourself by your relationship with yourself. If you are wondering why you are feeling stuck, it is because you are wrestling and (I suspect) resisting this issue.

There are a few things to do here. First, I recommend strongly that you seek out the help of a good counselor, someone who you feel comfortable in confiding your deepest thoughts. If you are in therapy now, the recommendation is that you switch therapists.

Second you should start writing, a journal or a blog would be good. You need to help yourself understand the intensity of your emotions and putting the thoughts into a concrete form will help you do that.

Third look into vocational training (or a few classes) to punch up your job skills. As stuck as feel now, there are big changes due in your life and you need to be prepared for them when they come.

As I’ve said before, a full reading is beyond the scope of this column and there is more I would say in a counseling session, but hopefully this will get you started in on the right track in sorting out key issues in your life.

Good luck,



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