Weekly Astrology Forecast: June 4 through June 10–Things that Go Boom

zodiac-and-starsUranus, the planet of the new and unexpected, of the wild and the wacky, of the electronic and the eclectic, has shifted into the zodiac sign of the pioneer, Aries. The first sign of the zodiac, the Ram is governed by the planet of war, Mars. Jupiter, the planet of social justice follows on the heels of Uranus into the sign of the god of war.

Uranus rather likes being in the sign of Aries, finding a simpatico with the fast and footloose Ram. Uranus often likes to deliver lightning strikes, and Aries likes things that go “boom” often delighting in a childlike glee in hearing the noise.

Aries natives key words are “I am” and they make sure people know it. These souls come into the world with an inherent sense of leadership. Yet in the continuum of the zodiac signs, Aries, is ‘me’ centered and as the signs move along in the heavens the attitude of each sign progresses to a more universal attitude. Thus Aries is at times considered a “younger” expression of Universal energy. It is a conumdrum of the Universe, then, that “young” Aries so often has the mandate to lead. They often have a posse of devotees that he or she can take to heaven or to hell, depending on how far they are evolved, but they will be leading somebody somewhere.

It is not unusual, then, that when a planet moves into the sign of Aries, the issue of leadership and what it means becomes important. With the planet of the Collective, Uranus, in tension aspect to the planet of duty and responsibility, Saturn, it will be our leaders and their actions and the consequences of those actions that we examine. Do not be shocked when sudden and unexpected revelations are made in connection with any important leader. But is it enough to trash our leaders? After all by either conscious design or a lack of action we have installed them in their positions. In the United States we are free to choose who we will follow.

During the Age of Pisces, the idea of noble sacrifice was the template on which leadership hung. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the stories of King Arthur and Camelot, modern leaders like Gandhi, Sister Theresa, and Martin Luther King speak to the need of the collective to have leaders that have the best interests of the people at heart. Here in final days of the Age of Pisces, we have a great need for our leaders to fulfill that archetype. Uranus in Aries will point that out, and there even may be fireworks as it does.

Aries—Though it is not your style, “duck and cover” should be your motto right now. You are processing a lot of new insights about yourself, and in looking inward, you barely have the forethought to look ahead of yourself.

Taurus—Keep your mind on your work and your hands to yourself. Anything else will just result in some uncomfortable moments.

Gemini—Your ruling planet, Mercury, moves into your sign this week, giving your motor mouth a green light. Stop, look and listen! Play nicely with your friends and keep your mouth shut around the boss.

Cancer—All the world loves a lover, Cancer. I am reminding you of this because if you don’t make some decisions in this area, you may lose the chance for some serious adoration. Take a chance.

Leo—This is an excellent time to network with friends and associates, to “fish” for what’s out there social and professionally. Soon Venus will move into your sign giving you a chance to improve these areas. Fish or cut bait!

Virgo—Workplace demands stresses your nervous system. Venus in Cancer helps you ease the tensions in your body with workouts at home. Warm up with some snuggles with your workout partner.

Libra—For Venus ruled Libra it is all about your relationships. This week you’ll see just how much when your sweetie places work above you. If you don’t want to blow up the relationship, you really will need to chill and find something else to occupy your time.

Scorpio—Master of camouflage that you are you are feeling rather happy that all eyes are focused elsewhere. The result is that get you plenty of wiggle room to scope out some intriguing love interests and settle into some new work routines.

Sagittarius—Open mouth, insert foot. Repeat. Yep, that’s pretty much how it goes this week. Sorry.

Capricorn—A new found sense of freedom is at exhilarating. Slow down so that you don’t trip yourself up as you head out the door. Though it is unlike you, you may say the wrong thing, so think about what you say before you say it.

Aquarius—Decisions need to make about work and love. Strangely these two elements combine to provide a path to your destiny. You’ll look back on this time as one of the most exhilarating of your life even if you are terrified now.

Pisces—Who are these strange people and why do they want you to do things their way, you know, “the right way.” Pisces swims away when the fire gets too hot, but this time around only cool logic is going to sway others to your point of view.

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