Astrology Forecast Week of May 21 to May 27, 2010–Over The Edge

over-the-edgeVenus continues her whirlwind tour through the zodiac entering the sign of Cancer on May 21, making a tension aspect to potent Pluto. It will be our emotional responses that are kicked up as Moon ruled Cancer talks about our emotions and Venus talks about our desires. Water sign Cancer is an action oriented Cardinal sign, primarily moved into protecting its soft underbelly, so no matter how obsessively Pluto engages the our love nature we are not prone to express those emotions. It is a kind of Catch 22 that while Pluto magnifies the intensity of our feelings we don’t feel free to express them, boxing them so that they become our singular focus.

We feel this most keenly two days later on the twenty-third when the Moon enters the relationship oriented zodiac sign of Libra. Partnerships are stressed when there is no good outlet for intense emotions. At the last part of the week we best be careful we don’t explode with all that is brewing inside us. This week we all have the potential to go over the edge.

Aries—Much of your life seems shaky and uncertain as you sense big changes are afoot. You are right. Soon the opportunity will present itself to shake you loose from your persistent brain confusion. What you do with your newfound sense of clarity will be up to you.

Taurus—The weekend is not a good time to discuss emotional issues even with your therapist. The best course of action is to get in touch with your deeper and yes, darker side to examine some issue from the past that haunts you. Eventually you will understand why this issue has you ducking some important relationship issues.

Gemini—What was that thump you heard? Was it your social life as it hit the floor? Friends seem curiously absent, the phone mysteriously silent. Don’t worry, don’t panic and here is a lovely white towel for you to hold. This is just the Universe’s way of giving you the break you desperately need so you can recoup your energy.

Cancer—No one does pouty and crabby like you, Moonchild. And in “pensive” you are second only to Scorpio. This week you’ll have marvelous opportunities to display this wide range of emotional responsiveness. Not that we want to see it, but you’ll show us anyway.

Leo—You are swept with an overwhelming desire to be released from the people, places and things that you perceive are holding you back. Check those fantastic ideas at the door as not only are they impractical, they are also a backwards look at the things that have helped you rather than hurt you. Delay major changes until you have a better sense of what it will cost you.

Virgo—This week lends you some deep insight into the psychological motivations of other people and why they do the things they do. Now if you could only understand your own actions–well, you’d have something there. Work on it.

Libra—Balancing the emotional needs of you and your partner is quite a feat as your partner demands more control of how things roll. Sharpen your negotiating skills and don’t give away the store. A short-term peace that forces you to bear the weight of the relationship is not for you in the long run.

Scorpio—A shiny Aquarian and a lovely Cancer crosses your path giving you two different views of your ideal love. Don’t dither on the way to romance Scorpio, because if you stop too long to think, both of these love interests find other ways to occupy themselves.

Sagittarius—Over idealizing your current love could have far reaching consequences. None of us are perfect, Sag, and if you expect this person to fulfill your every wish, you will be disappointed. Practice birth control if you don’t want a baby.

Capricorn—Shared resources takes a beating as either you or your partner overspends the budget. You overreact by pirating the family checkbook and holding it hostage against other further financial incursions. This strategy backfires as the pouting ensues. Someday, you must really learn to share.

Aquarius—No one understands you, Waterbearer and they ascribe all sorts of evil to you, most of which you are innocent. Even smiling at your associates have them wondering what you are up to. Rather than try to explain, bend like a reed in the wind and just do the things you usually do. Be careful in motion.

Pisces—As much as you try to attend to the needs of others, there are just times when you want to be alone. This is one of those times, but I don’t think that is happening. You’ll experience a tendency to fall apart at the oddest times, which will catch everyone including yourself off guard. If you don’t want to develop a reputation as a drama queen try to keep these moments to yourself.

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