The Astrology of Celebrities: You Will Be Missed Alan Rickman

Screen shot 2016-01-15 at 8.52.15 AM(Astrology Explored) The public at large can’t catch a break as another iconic and well loved actor, Alan Rickman, passed on at age 69. The reported cause of death was cancer.

I was going to write about his chart but another blogger Twilight did such a fantastic job I’m just put in a link here to the article she wrote several years back.

Below is his natal chart, progressions and transits for sunrise the day of his birth. Like just about all of the UK, we don’t have a birth time for Rickman since that country does not deem it important to record that information.

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In this sunrise chart Rickman’s moon is in the eighth house of transformation and death, with Mars in Scorpio is hovering over the moon. Because theoretically Rickman’s moon could be Libra or Scorpio Mars there is like a signpost. Carol Rushman, author of The Art of Predictive Astrology, says she likes to use Mars for rectification. She says:

Mars rules our energy. It is often referred to as the timekeeper of the zodiac.

Here it connects with the moon, which represents endings, and since it is the moon we are not sure of, it is possible His moon was at 5 degrees Scorpio. This places Leo on the Ascendant, a placement that common with actors, and with Aquarius on the cusp of his house of partnerships. His significant other Rima Horton, with who he was together since they met when he was nineteen, is an Aquarian.

Here is that chart, though, of course, it is only speculative:

Birth Chart for Alan Rickman

A speculative rectification chart for Alan Rickman

















Notice how the meaning of the death chart is retained. Now the natal moon in Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto, is in the house of endings. The transiting moon is in the eighth house, the house of transformations.

Regardless of the chart, progressed Mars now met his Natal Pluto.

R.I.P. Alan Rickman. You will be missed.

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© Marie-Lan Nguyen / Wikimedia Commons

Alan Rickman posing for pictures at the stage door after a performance of Ibsen’s John Gabriel Borkman at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

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  1. TwoBull says:

    Hi Beth. It’s not true that birth times are not recorded in the UK – well, not all of it! No record in England but Scotland has always done so. I don’t know about Wales and Ireland.

    • Beth Turnage says:

      Thanks for telling me about Scotland. I couldn’t find out information about Ireland or Wales either, so maybe someone will let me know. But still, since Mr. Rickman was born in England we don’t have an official birth time. (Sigh)

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